Ocean Sands - Q

Neighborhood of Corolla, NC
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Ocean Sands - Section Q is one of the beautiful oceanside subdivisions that make up Ocean Sands in Corolla, a community located between Pine Island and Whalehead. Ocean Sands - Section Q features 4-7 bedroom vacation homes situated along the oceanside of NC 12, just feet from the beach and minutes from the the heart of Corolla, where visitors can explore, dine, be entertained, and experience first-hand the laid-back yet exciting way of life on the northern Outer Banks.

Ocean Sands - Q

About Ocean Sands - Q

Guests staying in homes in Ocean Sands - Section Q will enjoy close proximity to the beach as well as convenience to shopping, dining and activities. Walk or bike into the heart of Corolla from Ocean Sands - Section Q. Corolla’s bike and pedestrian path runs alongside NC 12 from Ocean Sands - Section A to Monterey Shopping Plaza.

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The tennis courts at Ocean Sands Community have undergone resurfacing and will be temporarily closed until mid-June to allow for the completion of the necessary maintenance work. Outdoor hard courts are located in Ocean Sands D, F, and H.

Beach Access
Trash & Recycling
In-Season Trash Start Date 5/1/2023
In-Season Trash End Date 9/30/2023
Trash Days In-Season Wednesday, Saturday
Recycling In-Season Wednesday, Saturday
Off-Season Trash Start Date 10/1/2023
Off-Season Trash End Date 4/30/2024
Trash Days Off-Season Wednesday
Recycling Off-Season Wednesday
Please roll receptacles to the curb the night before the scheduled collection day.
Community Rules

Please note that booting and towing will be enforced for prohibited vehicles. Note that a boot will cost the vehicle owner $225 and towing will cost the owner $225+, prices are an estimate and subject to change. The vehicle owner would pay the towing company directly for the release of their vehicle. If a renter would like to use a trailer to transport materials that is fine, but they must be removed before night fall on check-in day.

Handicapped parking is located at beach accesses in sections F (Sea Oats Ct & Salt Spray Ct) and H (Skimmer Arch & Tern Arch). Handicapped placards must be displayed. Any vehicle without visible placard may be towed or issued a county/state citation. Overnight parking is NOT permitted.