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Outer Banks 4x4 Beaches and Vacation Rentals

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Welcome to OBX 4x4 Beaches, NC

At the northern end of Highway 12, where the pavement ends and the sand begins, Outer Banks vacationers can enjoy an exclusively rare perspective. A place where you can drive on the beach between the sand dunes and the shoreline and view wild horses playing in the surf, the 4x4 Beaches offer an unforgettable experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Vacation Rentals in OBX 4x4 Beaches

  • Carova Beach
  • Less than 500 feet
  • 4 beds (2 MBR)
  • 4 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$840 – $4,495/wk

  • Carova Beach
  • Oceanfront
  • 8 beds (7 MBR)
  • 9 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$2,490 – $11,895/wk

  • Swan Beach
  • Semi-Oceanfront
  • 8 beds (4 MBR)
  • 8 baths (2 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$1,485 – $6,750/wk

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Just south of the Virginia border, this eleven-mile stretch of beach is collectively known as, "The 4x4 Beaches." Unlike EVERY other Outer Banks town...there are no paved roads, no shops, and no restaurants. A four-wheel-drive vehicle or all-wheel-drive vehicle with at least 7.5 inches of ground clearance is needed to access vacation homes here, as visitors actually have to drive on the sand to get to their rentals, an exciting and unusual endeavor for many who choose one of the spectacular vacation rentals on the 4x4 Beaches for the first time.

4x4 4x4

This uncomplicated area is made up of dense maritime forests, marshy soundside coves and protected nature preserves. Home to the wild horses of Currituck County, The 4x4 Beaches make the extraordinary possibility of catching a glimpse of these unique creatures practically commonplace.
One of the last and least developed areas of the Outer Banks, vacation rental homes on The 4x4 Beaches range greatly in size, available amenities and cost. This one-of-a-kind coastal area is the perfect vacation spot for families looking to spend more time together, artists seeking inspiration and solitude, and for those seeking a more adventurous beach vacation. Twiddy invites you to experience the hidden treasure of the Outer Banks...the untouched, wide-open rarity that is The 4x4 Beaches.

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