How Investors Can Use The Emerging Capital Asset Pricing Models For Vacation Rentals‬


“The vacation rental home market entered a new phase entirely.”


5 Things to Know About Booking a Summer Rental‬


“Travel is rebounding in the United States with gusto, as vaccination rates rise, restrictions loosen around the country and would-be travelers act on their eagerness to reunite with family and friends.”

The New York Times

A local’s guide to driving on the beach north of Corolla: Chill out and be nice‬


“Even experienced beach drivers get stuck or have mechanical problems, so be kinder and more patient.”

The Virginian Pilot

Renters Beware: 15 Warning Signs Of A Bad Leasey‬


“In many cases, a good lease also discusses the process to resolve discrepancies.”


Leading a Thriving Small Business with Clark Twidd‪y‬


“As President of Twiddy & Company, Clark Twiddy faces numerous challenges associated with leading a growing small business. Enjoy listening to this terrific leader candidly share from his experiences.”

Leadership Upside Podcast with Chuck Carringer

Four Tactics for Rebuilding Your Client Base


“We’re going to listen ferociously to our customers and ask them how we need to be different. And then we’re going to do it.”

Bank of America

What Investors Don’t Understand about the Short-Term Rental Industry


“The best perspective on the vacation rental community right now as an asset class is to think about a vacation home not as a commodity but as an operating company doing what all operating companies do―seeking to maximize revenue and minimize costs.”

VRM Intel

How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level


“Assess the strengths of your trusted relationships in the digital and technology space beyond the sales pitches.”

Thrive Global

Understanding How The Pandemic Changed Travel Insurance Demand


“In essence, more people are buying travel insurance right now than at any other time and it’s a great chance to pause for a moment as rental property owners and operators to understand how consumers are thinking about coverage, how they are not thinking about it and what this trend means for traveling in the future – beyond the pandemic.”


How Real Estate Pros Can Prepare For Future Environmental Regulations


“Broadening your personal stakeholder community is a great start.”


15 Technology Trends Disrupting Real Estate Today


“While initial introductions are always more effective in person or on the phone, the ability to rapidly respond to texts (within five minutes) at scale is a competitive advantage.”


We Spoke to Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Company


“We’re moving quickly to include new technology and new engagement platforms but here’s the good news — this is still a people business and our culture remains our top priority.”


Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Company On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level


“Start with knowing your customers not just as data points but as people — if you don’t have a robust and in-depth feedback system to stay in touch with your customers, that’s a starting point.”

Authority Magazine

Marketing Students Analyze Data to Help Family Business During Pandemic


“Each year, the natural beauty of North Carolina’s Outer Banks attracts more than a million visitors.”

Haslam College of Business

15 Ways To Build A More Resilient Hospitality Business


“Get a sense of strategic forecasting. Think red, yellow and green revenue outcomes at specific dates in the future. Then work backward from those outcomes in terms of investment and cost structure decisions today.”


A New Year Could Spell Scarcity Of Available Vacation Rentals


“In fact, with the lengthening impacts of the pandemic, many vacation destinations may be faced with marketing scarcity rather than availability.”


'Crazy' interest surges in NC beaches; Iconic RTP site demolished; Durham mall to be transformed


“As a North Carolinian, though, I'm happy to see our tourism sectors greeting new visitors and new homeowners in what is hopefully a long-term trend for North Carolina.”

Triangle Business Journal

9 Ways the Pandemic Will Change Travel in 2021


“Cancellation policies in the vacation rental market have not changed, But we’ve seen a significant uptake in travel insurance.”

The New York Times

11 Qualities Of Successful Luxury Property Managers


“A personal relationship based on trust is key.”


Airbnb's IPO Prospectus Shows Potential Impacts Industrywide


“I believe this is a unifying moment for an industry looking to grow. ”


Clark Twiddy: How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies


“Listen — and I mean authentically and ferociously — to your customers. If you listen closely enough, they will show you the way.”

Authority Magazine

Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Co. – Digitizing Southern Hospitality with Data Science Key to Surviving the Pandemic


“If you boiled our business down two words, the first word is trust, and the second word is listening. That's our core competency. So when the pandemic hit, we trusted the information we had, and we trusted our ability to listen to our stakeholders.”

Small Business Trends

3 Reasons Your Family Should Spend the Offseason on the Outer Banks


“This time of year is all about gathering together with those you love, and there’s no better place to do that than the Outer Banks.”

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Five Top Gun Moves For New Vacation Homeowners To Make The Most Of Their Investment


“The sharpest investors, as always, will seek to make the expert moves early that lead to superior results and also avoid the common traps that frustratingly lead to common outcomes.”


16 Things Every Prospective Commercial Real Estate Investor Should Consider


“Like any other asset class, your investment in commercial real estate will carry risk congruent with a return. There are few, if any, ways to separate that relationship.”


Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Company: 5 Ways That Businesses Can Help Promote The Mental Wellness Of Their Employees


“The emotional well being of our people has never been more important in recent history. For our company in the travel and tourism domain, as we sailed into this economic steel curtain we first made it clear that no matter what our people were going to be our first priority.”

Authority Magazine

Are unemployment numbers really a good indicator any more?


“The unemployment measure, in an increasingly knowledge-worker economy, has outlived its usefulness as a reliable economic indicator because it doesn’t reflect an embedded skill. It’s simply linked to hours of work done as opposed to the kinds of work needed.”

The Virginian Pilot

10 Key Things Investors Ought To Know About Green Building


“I think one particular way in which a green building becomes commercially sustainable is through an understanding of potential federal or state tax credits for various projects.”


How a Vacation Rental Company Used Data Analytics to Decrease Vacancies by Twice the Rate of Its Competitors During COVID-19


“We decided to avoid the temptation to completely cut off marketing based on what we had learned from 2008. Instead we stayed engaged with our guests and asked our data analytics team to help us make every last dollar count.”

Hospitality Technology

Three Considerations When Deciding To Jump Into The New Residential Real Estate Market


“One challenge to avoiding the inevitable common traps of new opportunities is the ability of decision-makers to make expert moves early.”


16 Common Mistakes Brokers Make When Opening Their Own Firms


“One common mistake is trying to compete on all things all the time as it's tempting to do the same things other firms are doing.”


Economic Vibrancy Still Very Much a Long Game


“In short, the Outer Banks has always been resilient in the face of larger economic adversity because our elected officials, on behalf of our citizens, have made far-sighted strategic decisions with scarce resources to invest in the surest possible insulation against the ebbs and flows of economic turbulence — infrastructure.”

The Outer Banks Voice

Is This The Golden Age Of The American Family Vacation?


“In fact, rural vacation rentals in general have seen a surge across virtually every continental market this summer season.”


How I Did It: Used Technology To Reopen Our Business During The Pandemic—And Maintain Great Customer Service


“While the required closure and new realities amid the pandemic presented big hurdles for our business, they’ve motivated us to innovate and make changes that inevitably will help us to continue providing unmatched customer service.”

Spectrum Business Insights

Clark Twiddy of Twiddy & Company: How We Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy


“Our business has always been a direct reflection of our understanding of exactly what our customers want today and expect from us in the future. We’re going to stick close to our customers, listen relentlessly, and design the future of our Company around what works for them and what works for our team in a way that’s sustainable, efficient, and impactful to our purpose.”

Authority Magazine

How to Survive and Thrive in the Post-Coronavirus Economy


“The companies that will survive and profit on the other side of this crisis are those that understand their customer and the data in their business.”

Small Biz Daily

The New Normal: Adapting to a Changed Reality


“As the professional community begins to work its way through the COVID-19 curve and the associated rolling economic calamity induced by the virus, we all begin to wonder what our lives and livelihoods might look like in what will inevitably be a changed reality.”

VRM Intel

The Latest Trend in Vacation Rentals: Long-Term Stays


“Twiddy and Company, which manages 1,100 vacation homes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, said it was seeing an “unprecedented” number of long-term bookings.”

The New York Times

Americans Prefer Beach Vacations And Road Trips In 2020


“A new survey conducted by Twiddy & Company, a vacation rental company on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, found that while much of the American population is ready to travel now or are comfortable traveling before a vaccine is available, only 7 percent are willing to travel internationally and 72 percent prefer to drive.”

Travel Agent Central

The Professional Vacation Rental Manager’s Crisis Playbook


“In a situation where so much is unknown—whether that’s a natural disaster, global contagion, financial conflagration, or simply man-made problems—it’s useful to have a simple, understandable, and uncomplicated group of guideposts to help move the team forward together.”

VRM Intel

NC's Tourism Industry Ground To A Halt Amid Pandemic


“Few people right now have a better sense of what would-be Outer Banks vacationers are thinking than Clark Twiddy. His family’s business, Twiddy & Company, manages about 1,100 rental homes on the Outer Banks.”

WUNC North Carolina Public Radio

The Alphabet Recovery Question on the Outer Banks


“The hardest business questions remain centered on the comeback–what kind of pent-up tourism demand can we expect in terms of our core economic driver that provides the tax base for our quality of life?”

The Outer Banks Voice

There's a New Mini-Documentary Series Titled Icons of the Outer Banks and We Can't Wait to Watch


“We are proud to share this important documentary series that illuminates and celebrates these individuals who’ve had such an enormous impact on the area’s history and identity.”

Southern Living

Dogs Like Beach Vacations Too


“Twiddy & Company has approximately 350 pet-friendly OBX vacation homes that allow dogs of all ages and sizes.”

The Bark

Mini-documentary series on iconic Outer Banks residents debuts online


“From Walter Raleigh to the Wright Brothers, the Outer Banks was built on the shoulders of visionary men and women who worked tirelessly and, in many cases, sacrificed much to make this area a place locals love to call home and vacationers from around the world visit year-after-year”

OBX Today

Twiddy & Co. unveils mini-documentary series


“Twiddy & Company, a premier vacation rental company on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, has announced Icons of the Outer Banks, a new mini-documentary series that tells the stories of the fishermen, historians, lifesavers and trailblazers who have played a significant role in shaping the area’s past, present and future.”

The Outer Banks Voice

Airbnb's impact on homesharing: A new asset class


“As home operators, we have an opportunity to move beyond “niche” language and begin to translate home operations into something more broadly considered financial language.”

Triangle Business Journal

“Candis R. Richardson Memorial Scholarship” fund established


“On September 30, College of The Albemarle (COA) Foundation and Twiddy & Company Realtors signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create an annual scholarship called the “Candis R. Richardson Memorial Scholarship.”

The Outer Banks Voice

How Did the Outer Banks Get So Famous, Anyway?


“This is the short version of how the Outer Banks—a small and isolated string of barrier islands on North Carolina’s East Coast—grew from a collection of remote sand dunes and sleepy fishing villages to become a world-famous vacation destination in a relatively small amount of time.”

VRM Intel

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