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Corolla, NC Beach Vacation & Rentals

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Welcome to Corolla, North Carolina

The ease and splendor of the uncomplicated yet vibrant way of life in Corolla saturates the entire area from the ocean to the sound. A Corolla vacation rental on the Outer Banks will transport you to a place that celebrates the unique history, stunning landscape, extraordinary wildlife, and the easy-going joyful lifestyle of the people who live there.

Featured Vacation Rentals in Corolla

Let us help you find the perfect home for your trip to Corolla!

  • Whalehead
  • Semi-Oceanfront
  • 6 beds (2 MBR)
  • 5 baths (1 half)
  • Sunday Check-In

$1,000 – $7,250/wk

  • VillagesOcean Hill
  • Less than 500 feet
  • 4 beds (2 MBR)
  • 4 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$700 – $3,895/wk

  • Pine Island
  • Oceanfront
  • 10 beds (10 MBR)
  • 13 baths (3 half)
  • Sunday Check-In

$5,000 – $40,450/wk

Explore Corolla

Twiddy and Company has over 550 Corolla, NC vacation rentals on the OBX, each of which lends access to this tranquil, yet spirited coastal community in the Northern Outer Banks, and make for an ideal vacation destination.

Only 40 minutes from Kitty Hawk by car and just minutes away from the famous 4x4 Beaches. Corolla rentals offer visitors wide, soft-sand beaches, an impressive variety of quaint shops, acclaimed restaurants, a renowned golf course, luxurious spa, recreational activities, and Outer Banks historic area attractions - all within 5 - 10 minutes of Twiddy's fine Corolla vacation homes.

Ranging from 3 - 28 bedrooms and available in all price ranges, our Corolla vacation homes in the Outer Banks are an optimal choice, whether you’re seeking a classic beach getaway or an elaborate oceanfront mansion situated in a vibrant resort community. No matter what you're looking for, at Twiddy we're committed to helping you find the perfect relaxation destination in one of Corolla's breathtaking communities.

Corolla Corolla

Corolla's Maps

Looking to see where Twiddy homes are in relation to your favorite attractions? Want to know more about the layout of the town? Our maps below provide a helpful visual overview of the landscape, which can be a great resource in selecting the perfect home and planning your trip!

Check out the aerial map which showcases where our Corolla vacation homes are in relation to other popular sights and amenities. Looking for driving directions or layouts of each town? Check out our road map to learn how to get around Corolla as well as our downloadable directional maps which provide an in-depth layout of each town.

Corolla Travel Guide

An exciting array of activities & restaurants can be found just minutes away from any of our Corolla beach houses. Corolla vacations provide you with the unique ability to customize your vacation to fit your particular style & preferences. Our guides can not only help you plan and navigate your trip, but also show you the rich culture and history of the community.

Twiddy’s Commitment to Corolla’s History

In the mid 1800’s, several small communities dotted the northern Outer Banks where present-day Corolla is located. The earliest residents were fishermen and hunters who tended gardens and raised livestock that ran wild along with the Spanish Mustangs that can still be found roaming the beaches today. Early Corolla inhabitants would travel by boat to the mainland, where most people preferred to settle, to sell goods they would grow, catch or find washed up from the many shipwrecks off the coast.

With the inclusion of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, which was built in 1873, Corolla Village's turn-of-the-century restored private homes, schoolhouse and chapel, come together in present day to provide an authentic peek into what life was like on the island as it slowly developed. Twiddy’s Corolla rentals are scattered among these historical landmarks, offering visitors the opportunity of exploration amidst sunny beach days, shopping excursions, delicious meals and peaceful starry nights.

Learn more about Twiddy’s commitment to Corolla by checking our two of our restoration projects, the Historic Corolla Village and the Corolla Schoolhouse.