Ocean Sands - H

Neighborhood of Corolla, NC
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Whether you’re looking to entertain or to unwind, the vacation homes in Ocean Sands - Section H in Corolla are perfect for both. Bring the family, your friends or your employees to stay in one of the vacation homes in Ocean Sands - Section H and enjoy unique accommodations and beautiful ocean views in a serene, natural setting boasting plenty of space and privacy amidst unobstructed views of both land and sea. These 5-8 bedroom vacation homes combine convenience, comfort, and exciting amenities with some of the best coastal living in Corolla to create the ultimate beach vacation.

Ocean Sands - H

About Ocean Sands - H

Walk or bike into the heart of Corolla from Ocean Sands - Section H. Corolla’s bike and pedestrian path runs alongside NC 12 from Ocean Sands - Section A to Monterey Shopping Plaza. Shopping, dining and activities are just minutes away. The beach can be accessed via one of the two community beach walkways.

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The tennis courts at Ocean Sands Community have undergone resurfacing and will be temporarily closed until mid-June to allow for the completion of the necessary maintenance work. Outdoor hard courts are located in Ocean Sands D, F, and H.

Beach Access
Trash & Recycling
In-Season Trash Start Date 5/1/2023
In-Season Trash End Date 9/30/2023
Trash Days In-Season Wednesday, Saturday
Recycling In-Season Wednesday, Saturday
Off-Season Trash Start Date 10/1/2023
Off-Season Trash End Date 4/30/2024
Trash Days Off-Season Wednesday
Recycling Off-Season Wednesday
Please roll receptacles to the curb the night before the scheduled collection day.
Community Rules
  • No street parking
  • No RVs or campers
  • No boats
  • No trailers
  • No golf carts

Please note that booting and towing will be enforced for prohibited vehicles. Note that a boot will cost the vehicle owner $225 and towing will cost the owner $225+, prices are an estimate and subject to change. The vehicle owner would pay the towing company directly for the release of their vehicle. If a renter would like to use a trailer to transport materials that is fine, but they must be removed before night fall on check-in day.

Handicapped parking is located at beach accesses in sections F (Sea Oats Ct & Salt Spray Ct) and H (Skimmer Arch & Tern Arch). Handicapped placards must be displayed. Any vehicle without visible placard may be towed or issued a county/state citation. Overnight parking is NOT permitted.