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Company Overview

In 1978, Twiddy & Company Realtors opened its first office on the Outer Banks in Duck Village. In 1982, the business expanded to include a second office in Corolla. As the company grew, the restored Kill Devil Hills Lifesaving Station was moved to Corolla to serve as an additional office space. A new office building was constructed in 1995 and expanded in 2003.

Twiddy & Company reflects the ideals, values, and vision of its Founder, Doug Twiddy, who has set the standard for excellence in professional real estate services in the northern Outer Banks area.

Doug’s philosophy was always that Twiddy & Company and rental property owners are business partners pursuing mutual goals. He believed creating success for our company, clients, and customers were achieved only through the combined efforts of a team of competent, experienced and motivated professionals who fully endorse the founder’s values of integrity and personal service. Doug’s sons, Clark and Ross, support these objectives that Twiddy & Company takes extraordinary measures to ensure high employee morale and retention.

As an Outer Banks vacation rental company, our mission is to provide superb property management to our homeowners and an exceptional Outer Banks vacation experience to our guests. Only when both are satisfied do we have a successful relationship rewarding to all parties. This relationship is the basis for Twiddy & Company’s long-term success, which depends on owner satisfaction, repeat guests and business referrals.

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135 full-time employees, which grows in-season to 300+ employees


Employees that live on the Outer Banks or in the surrounding area


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Our Culture

People make the difference. We believe in concepts like treating each other with respect, cooperating, working as a team and providing superior customer service. We don’t approach these concepts as optional, they’re crucial to our success. Each person makes a difference. They leave their footprints throughout our company’s community. Our achievements boil down to individual contributions. Good things being done person by person. When you look behind the scenes at Twiddy & Company, you will find a collection of people who are smart, talented, friendly and committed to our company’s values. They are a collection of souls working hard to move the company forward.

Though Twiddy & Company has grown and evolved, our company culture continues to honor our founders’ principles. On behalf of our homeowners and guests, the working family of Twiddy aspires to:

Deliver Southern Hospitality Today to Create a Propitious Niche for Tomorrow. 

Every day we are striving to improve the level of quality in every part of our business. We are celebrating what is right, fixing what is wrong, and doing our part to make things better. We challenge each person to go beyond getting it done or getting it done quickly. We want to get it right.

We have a responsibility to deliver an exceptional experience with every interaction and will seize every opportunity to create a positive impact with the intent of building long-term relationships.

Each day we are building a reputation – a reputation that is viewed by our employees, our customers, our business associates and our competitors as a cut above all others. We hope that together we have created a company so remarkable that each person feels they are making a good exchange of their day. It is a workplace where people grow and get better knowing they are part of something good and worthy of respect.

Local to Outer Banks, NC

Many of the smiles you see on belong to the people who work at Twiddy & Company. If you'd like to work at Twiddy, check out our Careers & Internships page or, if you are in college, apply for our scholarship.

The Founders' Principles and Our Commitment

Twiddy & Company was founded in 1978 by Doug and Sharon Twiddy. In service to their belief of principled leadership and on behalf of our Owners and Guests, the Working Family of Twiddy aspires to deliver an exceptional experience with every interaction and will seize every opportunity to create a positive impact with the intent of building long-term relationships.

  • There is no “They” at Twiddy – only “We”
  • We listen intently with curiosity and seek to fully understand
  • We maximize our talents and expertise to add value
  • We strive to continually determine if improvements can be made
  • We communicate our intentions to all stakeholders
  • We act with a sense of urgency and ownership of the outcome
  • We recruit and retain smart, talented people who embrace our unique culture
  • We are a family business, and we treat each other with care and respect
  • We strive to do the right thing
  • We stand by our commitments, and our word is our honor
  • We operate with transparency and heart
  • We operate in an environment that promotes personal ownership without casting blame
  • We demonstrate professionalism in all of our interactions
  • We are a learning organization that embraces the use of data and technology to create a competitive advantage

Our Mission

In service to their belief of principled leadership and on behalf of our owners and guests, the working family of Twiddy & Company aspires to: deliver Southern hospitality today to create a propitious niche for tomorrow. We have a responsibility to deliver an exceptional experience with every interaction and will seize every opportunity to create a positive impact with the intent of building long-term relationships.

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Our History

Doug Twiddy started Twiddy & Company in 1978. The following year a tiny office was built based on a one-bedroom house plan - a backup strategy in case the business didn’t succeed. The first Outer Banks oceanfront lots sold for $17,500, and there was a lot of effort in persuading people to buy. When the Twiddy’s decided that they needed to get into the rental business, four families were convinced to give them a chance.

In 1979, the paved road ended after what is now Sanderling; there was no paved road to Corolla. Almost every year after that there was a new road paved between highway 12 and the ocean. Communities like Sand Dollar Shores, Poteskeet, Tuckahoe and Nantucket followed. The value of property appreciated. The company added a part-time employee.

U.S. Lifesaving Station
Corolla Twiddy Office 4x4 Twiddy Sales Office

In 1981, the first Twiddy & Company office in Corolla opened next to Winks and the post office, and in 1985 the road to Corolla was paved. Twiddy reinvested in the business by adding a new employee or expanding the offices every year. After adding on to the Duck office five times, the original structure was demolished in November 2007 and rebuilt in step with Twiddy & Company’s 30th anniversary and with a vision for 30 more years.

In Corolla, we first operated out of the U.S. Lifesaving Station that was moved to Corolla. Later, the current office was built and expanded. Wash Woods Coast Guard Station, built in 1917, was purchased and restored by the Twiddy’s beginning in 1988. Preservation of its various structures has continued over the years and Wash Woods currently serves as a 4x4-area office for Twiddy & Company’s real estate sales. Since 1978 we have grown to over 150 full-time employees and a real estate sales team, and now represent over 1,000 homes in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla and the 4x4 beaches.

Twiddy & Company is still a privately-owned family business with a staff that works hard to extend the hospitality and values that have been the cornerstones of the company. There have been remarkable changes. The constant has been the ritual of a family beach vacation. Not much beats the anticipation of a week at the ocean. Sharing moments on vacation that collect family histories and speak of a life well spent.

We Are Outer Banks Locals

Twiddy & Company employees are a group of local residents who live and work on the Outer Banks. When you call our offices, you speak to a person right away; a person who drives down Duck Road every morning on their way to work. When you need local recommendations, rest assured, you will be getting them from experienced locals who live just down the street. The Outer Banks is our home.