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Company Overview

In 1978, Twiddy & Company Realtors opened its first office on the Outer Banks in the Village of Duck. In 1982, the business was expanded to include a second office in Corolla. As the company grew, the restored Kill Devil Hills Lifesaving Station was moved to Corolla. A new building was constructed in 1995 and expanded in 2003.

Twiddy & Company reflects the ideals, values and vision of its Founder, Doug Twiddy, who has set the standard for excellence in professional real estate services in the northern Outer Banks area. Doug’s philosophy has always been that Twiddy & Company and rental property owners are business partners pursuing mutual goals. He believes creating success for our company, clients and customers is achieved only through the combined efforts of a team of competent, experienced and motivated professionals who fully endorse the founder’s values of integrity and personal service. In support of these objectives, Twiddy & Company takes extraordinary measures to ensure high employee morale and retention.

As a rental management firm, our mission is to provide superior management services to our vacation home owners and an extraordinary vacation rental experience for our guests. Only when both are satisfied do we have a successful relationship rewarding to all parties. This relationship is the basis for Twiddy & Company’s long-term success, which depends on owner satisfaction, repeat guests and business referrals.

Twiddy by the Numbers


Our guests are likely to recommend Twiddy to a friend


150 Full-Time employees which grows in season to 300+ employees

Historic Sites

9 historic structures restored Outer Banks, North Carolina

Paper Saved

More than 1/2 million sheets of paper saved as we go green

Twiddy’s History and Steps Forward

Doug Twiddy started this business in 1978. The following year a tiny office was built based on a one bedroom house plan - a backup strategy in case the business didn’t succeed. The first Outer Banks oceanfront lots sold for $17,500, and there was a lot of effort in persuading people to buy. When the Twiddy’s decided that they needed to get into the rental business, four families were persuaded to give them a chance.

In 1979, the paved road ended after what is now Sanderling; there was no paved road to Corolla. Almost every year after that there was a new road paved between highway 12 and the ocean. Communities like Sand Dollar Shores, Poteskeet, Tuckahoe and Nantucket followed. The value of property appreciated. The company added a part-time employee.

In 1981, the first Twiddy & Company office opened next to Winks and the post office in Corolla and in 1985 the road to Corolla was paved. Twiddy reinvested in the business by adding a new employee or expanding the offices every year. After adding on to the Duck office five times, the original structure was demolished in November 2007 and rebuilt in step with Twiddy & Company’s 30th anniversary and with a vision for 30 more years.

In Corolla, we first operated out of the US Lifesaving Station that was moved to Corolla. Later, the current office was built, and expanded. Wash Woods Coast Guard Station, which was built in 1917, was purchased and restored by the Twiddy’s beginning in 1988. Preservation of its various structures has continued over the years and Wash Woods currently serves as a 4x4-area office for Twiddy & Company’s real estate sales. Since 1978 we have grown to 100 full-time employees and a sales team, and now represent over 1, 000 homes in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla and the 4-wheel drive beaches.

Twiddy & Company is still a privately-owned family business with a staff who works hard to extend the hospitality and values that have been the cornerstones of the company. There have been remarkable changes. The constant has been the ritual of a family vacation. Not much beats the anticipation of a week at the ocean. Sharing moments on vacation that collect family histories and speak of a life well spent.

Duck Rentals Then

Duck Rentals Then

The Original Duck Rentals office.
Duck Rentals Now

Duck Rentals Now

Our newly renovated Duck Rentals office.
Company History


Smiling faces to greet you at check-in.
Company History

Our Maintenance Team

Our hardworking maintenance team.


People make the difference. We believe in concepts like treating each other with respect, cooperating, working as a team and providing superior customer service. We don’t approach these concepts as optional, they’re crucial to our success. Each person makes a difference. They leave their footprints throughout our company’s community. Our achievements boil down to individual contributions. Good things being done person by person. When you look behind the desks and phones and computers at Twiddy & Company, you will find a collection of people who are smart, talented, friendly and committed to our company’s values. They are a collection of souls working hard to move the company forward.

Every day we are striving to improve the level of quality in every part of our business. We are celebrating what is right, fixing what is wrong, and doing our part to make things better. We challenge each person to go beyond getting it done or getting it done quickly. We want to get it right. Each day we are building a reputation – a reputation that is viewed by our employees, our customers, our business associates and our competitors as a cut above all others. We hope that TOGETHER we have created a company so remarkable that each person feels they are making a good exchange of their day. It is a workplace where people grow and get better knowing they are part of something good and worthy of respect.

Many of the smiles you see on twiddy.com belong to the people who work at Twiddy & Company. If you'd like to work at Twiddy, check out Careers & Internships page or if you are in college apply for our hospitality scholarship

What People Say

Twiddy & Company places great value on providing our guests with a quality vacation experience and memorable hospitality. The ratings and comments offered on our guests’ departure surveys are a driving force in our business; they reinforce what we do well and point out areas in need of improvement.

Last year 94% of our guests indicated that they would recommend Twiddy & Company to a friend or colleague! Following are some of the comments we received . . .

Our Guests

Everything from the house to the customer service was incredible.


Everyone is friendly when you go into the office with a question and they have a smile on their faces. They are polite and willing to do whatever needs to be done to help their customers.

Owen & Jewel

I must say this was the most positive experience I've ever had. The staff is courteous, kind and thoughtful, not to mention responsive.


Our Twiddy experience is always enjoyable. We've been coming with my parents for 20 years, and this was the first reservation under my name without them. Clearly, the tradition will continue. Your staff is all very helpful and cordial.


Twiddy makes the vacation process a breeze!! We have been vacationing OBX for over 15 years and Twiddy is our "go to" vacation experts!!! Your website is also the best and most user friendly . . . we'll be back soon!


Your service was well above any standard!! We had a medical emergency with one of our group and your help was outstanding. You have a customer for life!!


We have used many different companies over the years and found that Twiddy to be the best of all the rest!


You guys were great - knocked the ball outta the park!


It was all awesome! We have rented places in Italy, Costa Rica, and the USA through various companies and Twiddy provided the best service, by far, of any. Thanks for helping make our holiday so enjoyable.


The customer service at Twiddy is the best I have seen in any industry! They are kind, helpful, patient, & quick. It made our vacation more enjoyable to know someone was always there if we needed anything. We felt as if we had stepped back in time being greeted at the door. We were in and out in less than 1 minute for check-in and check-out was about 10 seconds. Thanks again for helping us have a great vacation!!

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Our Owners

We had a tire that was low on air and Ben from Maintenance stopped and helped us. He even paid for the air he put back in our tire! He was wonderful and very helpful!

Owner of B685, “The View”

Twiddy is the BEST! I am so pleased my rentals and Twiddy is a wonderful company. They do a GREAT Job renting my home!

Owner of T21928, “At Last”

As of today, all of the available weeks for rent this summer are rented. This is the earliest in our eight-year rental history that we have achieved this. We just want to thank all the folks at Twiddy for the great partner you continue to be. Please pass this on to the rental and operational professionals.

Owner of P134, “Nirvana Neverland”

Thanks for all you and the Twiddy crew do for us owners. The website was awesome during the storm, both myself and family logged onto to it several times a day to see the status. I cannot say enough on your service.

Owner of J51071, “The Other Banks”

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the bookings for this upcoming season.

Owner of BFS49, “Seaside Serenity”

The house booked fast. I was pleasantly surprised. It is all the great work that you and your staff do. Thank you again.

Owner of V12245, “Under the Carova Sun”

First, we would like to thank all of you for a successful summer once again in renting all weeks of the summer. We definitely cannot do this without you.

Owner of GOL47, Changes in Attitudes”

Mission Statement

The mission of Twiddy & Company is to meet or exceed guest and owner expectations in order to maximize rentals and sales. Create a friendly, professional work environment, which fosters teamwork, fairness, individual growth and longevity. Remain innovative and creative in our business style.

Twiddy in Social Media

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Historic Preservation

Doug and Sharon Twiddy have witnessed incredible change on the Outer Banks since starting their real estate business in 1978. While active partners in these changes, the Twiddy’s have distinguished themselves by their commitment to historic preservation on the Outer Banks.

To date, they have carefully restored nine historic structures, including the Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station, circa 1878, and Wash Woods US Coast Guard Station #166, circa 1917, which is situated on the four-wheel-drive beaches.

Originally located in Mamie, NC, post office was moved to Duck village in 1989 and used as a retail shop. In 2000, Twiddy & Company moved the post office to its current location, where it was restored and now serves as a private office.

Much of the Twiddy’s focus has been on Corolla Village, where a community of restored homes has been repurposed into retail shops, office space and a NC BBQ joint. These Corolla Village Restorations include sites such as the as the Gray-Lewark House, which was built in the early 1900’s, restored in 1998 and is now Lovie’s Salon & Spa.

Work on refurbishing the old Corolla Schoolhouse to its original form began in 1999, and in 2002 the schoolhouse began housing educational exhibits focusing on the history of Corolla village. In 2004, the Twiddy’s transformed the space into the Corolla Wild Horse Museum. In August of 2012, the building welcomed Corolla schoolchildren as the Water's Edge Village School. Students from kindergarten through 8th grade attend the state-approved charter school. 

The Friends of the Outer Banks History CenterThe Twiddy family’s interest and involvement in local history and preservation continues through the time and financial support they dedicate to local and state organizations. Clark Twiddy, Twiddy & Company’s Chief Adminstrative Officer, is currently the Chairman of The Friends of the Outer Banks History Center, which supports the state-organized History Center in its efforts to catalog and preserve a variety of areas related to Outer Banks History. Clark is also on the Board of Directors for Preservation North Carolina, North Carolina's only private nonprofit statewide historic preservation organization. Its mission is to protect and promote buildings, landscapes and sites important to the diverse heritage of North Carolina.

Sharon Twiddy works with The Whalehead Preservation Trust in Corolla, whose responsibility to preserve, protect and interpret the historic architectural, cultural, decorative, ecological and social significance of The Whalehead Club. This restored hunt club and its surrounding grounds are open to the public for tours, exhibits, educational programs and events.

It’s important for me to do what I can to preserve the local history. Our children, grandchildren and visitors deserve to have actual landmarks where they can get first hand appreciation for Corolla’s heritage.

Sharon Twiddy in North Beach Sun article, “Old Corolla Schoolhouse Being Preserved”, Summer, 1999


Gone Green

Innovation and efficiency are at the heart many of Twiddy & Company’s environmentally-friendly business practices. Servicing our owners and guests requires multiple administrative, maintenance and housekeeping tasks and our efforts to do them efficiently permeate each facet of the business.

Our paperless contract processes save an estimated 100,000 sheets of paper per year, spare the planet the carbon that would be produced in their transport and delivery, and ultimately reduce waste. Guests complete their Vacation Rental Agreement (lease) online and homeowners receive and sign their Rental Management Agreements electronically.

In early 2008, Twiddy began replacing the common incandescent and reflector flood bulbs in our vacation homes with energy-saving CFL bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) save a significant amount of energy, which is compounded by the number and size of homes that we maintain in our rental management program. Although initially more expensive than incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs offer considerable savings over the long run because they use 1/3 the electricity and last up to 10 times as long – as many as 10,000 hours. Dominion North Carolina Power estimates that over the life of a CFL, one can save up to $57 in energy costs.

In 2015, Twiddy stopped printing the traditional Vacation Planner, with the adoption of a more robust website, making searching for the perfect vacation home even easier online. Additionally, the printed Guest Directory was retired after the final publication in 2018.

Twiddy’s housekeeping crews use a collection of centrally dispensed cleaning products and refillable bottles to reduce packaging waste. With hundreds of crews in force and each with multiple types of cleaning products, we are saving a lot of high-density plastic from ever-burdened landfills. In addition, the housekeepers use reusable microfiber towels instead of paper towels to reduce consumption and waste.

In addition, our day-to-day office practices include recycling, paper-conscious printing and copying, filtered drinking water (vs. bottled) and the use of recycled and biodegradable paper products. The Twiddy team continues to find ways to work smarter and reduce our environmental impact.