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Friday, September 22, 2023 10:31 AM

For precautionary measures, we are currently under a Tropical Storm Warning due to the potential impacts from the area of low pressure off the coast. Here is what the Outer Banks may experience:

  • There is a possibility of heavy rainfall leading to localized flooding.
  • Expect gusty winds up to tropical storm strength.
  • High surf conditions with a high risk for rip currents on Friday, extending through the weekend.

In anticipation of the weather conditions, please take these steps.

  • Secure Outdoor Items - If you have any outdoor items such as beach chairs or umbrellas, we recommend securing them in the outdoor shower or first level of the home to prevent any potential damage from wind gusts.
  • Wind-Driven Rain Leaks - The event may cause wind-driven rain leaks around windows, sliders, and entry points. These areas cannot be resolved until weather conditions improve. In the meantime, we suggest placing towels at the point of entry to soak up excess water and have a container ready to catch any actively dripping leaks. It is immensely helpful to text our team photos if you encounter a leak by texting 252-888-2598.
  • Power Outages - In the event of a power outage, please have your vacation home address handy and report it to Dominion Power at 888-667-3000. Power outages in homes with wells may result in temporary loss of water. For after-hours property emergencies, contact your Twiddy Team at 252-457-1100. 
  • Beach Erosion - Exercise caution when approaching dunes and beach walkways, as erosion from the weather may create areas with steep drop-offs from the dune to the beach.
  • 4x4 Travel Caution - If you are staying on the 4x4 beach, we strongly recommend planning your travels during times close to low tide. When using ramps, please exercise caution due to blowing sand, and avoid driving through water of undetermined depth. You can check the Tide Chart here. We also ask for your patience as these weather conditions may cause service delays for Twiddy Staff and local service providers.

Stay informed about the latest weather updates by visiting WOBX News, Twiddy Weather page, National Hurricane Center, Dare County website, or other trusted weather sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before and after the storm?

In preparation of a storm event, plan accordingly by stocking a supply of non-perishable food items, drinking water, a large cooler with ice, at least one flashlight with batteries, first-aid kit including medications, and other necessities.

Local Gas Stations and Grocery Stores can be found in the following locations:

  • Nags Head/Kill Devil Hills - Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Stop N Shop, Shell, Kangaroo Express
  • Southern Shores/Kitty Hawk/Duck - Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Han-Dee Hugo’s, BP
  • Corolla/4x4 - Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Shell, O.B. Gas & Convenience, Winks of Corolla

In the event of a total power outage, please report this to our local power provider, Dominion Power, at 866-366-4357 from the home's landline telephone if possible. Power outages on the 4x4 beaches may result in temporary loss of water, as these homes feature water service through private wells with electric pumps.

Storms often produce wind-driven rain and may cause leaking around windows, sliders, and doors which typically cannot be addressed until weather conditions improve. Until appropriate measures can be taken to assess a leak, we advise you to place towels at the point of entry to soak up excessive water and to place a container under any active drips.

To report damages after a storm event, contact Twiddy directly via our mobile App or email to avoid extended hold times. Reporting specific locations and details of the damage, including photos, may help expedite our assessment and/or repair. Be aware that persistent and strong on-shore wind may cause sand to blow into pools and salt to buildup on oceanfront windows. Sand will not affect the chemical balance or function of the pools and windows may have to be assessed after conditions improve.

When is the hurricane going to hit?

If a hurricane is imminent, please refer to the following local media outlets for up-to-date information regarding mandatory evacuations:

Television Stations:

The Weather Channel (cable channel 16)
Outer Banks TV (cable channel 12)
Local NC TV (cable channels 7 and 9)
Southeast VA TV (cable channels 3, 10 and 13)
Local Public Access TV (cable channel 19)

FM Radio Stations:

92.3, 93.7, 94.9, 95.3, 99.1, 102.5, 104.1 or 105.7 FM

Local Websites:

Dare County
Currituck County

When will you be evacuated and how will you be notified?

If a mandatory evacuation is issued by the Emergency Management Service, you must comply. Twiddy will use commercially reasonable efforts to contact each occupied home by phone, text and/or email and advise guests of the proper departure procedures. If a voluntary evacuation is issued by the Emergency Management Service, we strongly urge you to comply.

Once evacuations are issued, traffic will become extremely heavy as visitors and residents evacuate the island. Be sure to fill up your gas tank prior to evacuating the area; travel times will be extended due to the high volume of traffic. Local authorities will actively assist evacuation traffic. Blue “Evacuation Route” signs mark the recommended path of evacuation during a hurricane.

How will you know it’s safe to return and that your house is not damaged?

To verify the evacuation has been lifted, please visit the following websites:

For homes located in Duck, Southern Shores, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head: Dare County
For homes located in the 4x4 beaches and Corolla: Currituck County

Once the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, available Twiddy staff will begin assessing the condition of vacation homes so that information regarding habitability may be posted on the Twiddy website. Our website www.twiddy.com will be updated as frequently as possible with applicable information. The expediency and accuracy of such communications are dependent upon the assumption that the mandatory evacuation has been lifted and our office, software and electrical systems are still intact. The availability of staff is dependent on their safety and availability in the wake of the hurricane.

You may only return to the area only after you have verified that the evacuation has officially been lifted and we have confirmed that your vacation home will be habitable upon your return.

Will you be refunded by Twiddy & Company Realtors or Generali Global Assistance in the event a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered?

Generali Global Assistance Insurance coverage was offered at the time you booked your vacation rental. If purchased, you will have received your Generali Global Assistance Insurance Description of Coverage prior to your vacation. Once a storm has been upgraded to Hurricane status, the event is considered foreseeable, meaning the insurance plan can no longer be purchased to cover losses that may be suffered from that specific storm. Generali’s plan provides coverage for a number of events that may be encountered during hurricane season, such as mandatory hurricane evacuations, interruptions of essential services (water, electric, gas, etc.) at the vacation home, road service interruptions, flight delays and/or cancellations, and the guest's personal home being made uninhabitable by hurricane or other natural disaster. Please follow the state authorities’ guidelines regarding a mandatory evacuation.

Will you be refunded if you do not have Travel Insurance?

You will not be entitled to a refund from Agent, Owner or the insurance company if you refused to purchase the Travel Insurance policy.

What does Generali Global Assistance Insurance cover if there is a mandatory evacuation?

What if a mandatory evacuation is issued during my trip?

You should consider seeking accommodations out of harm's way. Generali reimburses for reasonable additional accommodation expenses incurred during the mandatory evacuation period. The limits for reimbursement can be referenced in the Travel Delay coverage section of the Description of Coverage. 

You can seek reimbursement for trip days that can't be used because of a current evacuation order. The coverage to reference is Trip Interruption. 

What if the mandatory evacuation order is lifted during my trip?

If you have more than half (or more than seven days) of your trip remaining, there typically isn't coverage for the rest of your unused arrangements if you decide to go home and end the trip early. If you have more than half (or fewer than seven days) remaining on your trip when the evacuation order is lifted, the plan can provide coverage for the remaining portion of your trip. 

If the evacuation order is lifted and you have more than half (or more than seven days) of your trip remaining, there typically isn't coverage for the rest of your unused arrangements if you decide to go home and end the trip early. If you have more than half (or fewer than seven days) remaining on your trip when the evacuation order is lifted, the plan can provide coverage for the remaining portion of your trip. 

What if you stayed home because of a current evacuation order?

Once the evacuation order is lifted if you have more than half (or more than seven days) of your scheduled trip remaining, there typically isn't coverage for the rest of your unused trip cost if you decide not to travel. If the evacuation order is lifted and you have less than half (or fewer than seven days) remaining on your scheduled trip, the plan can provide coverage for a full cancellation. 

What if the mandatory evacuation order is issued a few days before my trip?

If the evacuation order is still in effect when the trip is supposed to begin, and your scheduled trip is less than seven days long, you can claim for a full cancellation. 

If the evacuation is still in effect when your trip is supposed to begin and remains in place for half of the scheduled trip or more, you can claim for the total of your unused trip cost. You can also claim for a full cancellation if you have seven days or less of your reservation remaining when the evacuation is lifted. You may reference the Trip Cancellation coverage in these situations.

Please pay attention to the evacuation order's status when deciding whether or not to cancel your plans.

What if the mandatory evacuation order is in effect now but my trip is scheduled for the future?

A current evacuation order usually isn't a covered reason for guests to cancel their future trip. If the evacuation order is lifted before your scheduled arrival, the policy typically won't provide coverage. You are encouraged to pay attention to news updates on any current storm or hurricane that could impact your trip. 

How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, complete the Hurricane Claim Form and send it to CSA with a copy of the rental agreement and any other supporting documentation. Be sure to include any receipts for additional expenses incurred as a result of the mandatory evacuation. This helps to evaluate your claim even faster.

How do I contact Generali?

If you have purchased travel insurance and have specific questions about coverage or claims, please call Generali directly at (866) 999-4018. Referencing plan code G-332CSA may assist in directing your inquiry.

For questions or assistance, please call Generali directly at (866) 999-4018 or email Generali at claims@csatravelprotection.com and reference plan code G-332CSA.

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