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Over 45 Years of Enduring Partnerships and Unmatched Local Investment Expertise on the Outer Banks

Congratulations on your decision to invest in America’s Seashore–the Outer Banks has been famous for both the quality of our natural environment and the enjoyment of our property owners for hundreds of years. As the sixth most visited state in America, our remarkably strong visitor economy has driven a reliable revenue consistency across time for generations of vacation rental homeowners.

As you begin your investment journey, your decisions begin both with what you value as an investor and what you believe as a market operator. You’ve got worthy strategies, to be sure, and strong options to choose from all depending on your definition of a life well lived.

For almost half a century, some of the most sophisticated vacation rental homeowners in America have chosen Twiddy & Company because of the quality of our advice. We’re able to meet those expectations through a remarkably talented group of people who have honed their specific skills across many years in a competitive industry. From the very first thought of a purchase, through the operation and use of your home, to a disciplined and considered exit strategy, the Twiddy & Company team pursues a differentiated, personal, and integrated approach to long-term success on your behalf.

45+ years

Industry Experience

8+ years

Average staff tenure

7 local offices

on the Northern Outer Banks

Experience the Twiddy Difference

At Twiddy & Company, we redefine rental management as a continual partnership deeply rooted in our shared commitment to delivering an exceptional vacation experience for your guests and maximizing the financial returns on your investment. Throughout this journey, we collaborate closely with you, offering expert insights to guide decisions for your valuable home asset.

From strategic marketing to exceptional home services to exclusive and generative technology, every facet of our approach is meticulously orchestrated to safeguard your investment. Working seamlessly with our guest services team, we not only care for your property but also curate an unparalleled vacation experience for your guests.

Corolla, NC
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Alison Robertson
Director of Business Development

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Join us in redefining a life well lived on the Outer Banks. Elevate your experience with Twiddy & Company.

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What sets us apart

An Integrated and Client Focused Asset Management Mindset Operating In Concert With a High Quality and Proven Portfolio

Our experienced team of professionals optimizes your investment over time through a holistic home approach to a complex and changing market. Beyond traditional rental management, we offer insights into market cycles, reinvestment opportunities, real estate best practices, and personalized strategies for long-term success.

Innovative and Unique Data Sets Complementing Highly Experienced and Local Professionals With Years in the Business

Guiding generations of homeowners through a range of market cycles, we ensure both strategic revenue generation and unparalleled operational service delivery all aligned with your financial goals.

An Organizational Structure Proudly Built On Fiduciary Responsibility, Differentiated Delivery Capability, and a Track Record of Trust

Twiddy & Company is your trusted agent, committed to your success and satisfaction as a homeowner–you are the client.

Twiddy's Exceptional Homeowner Experience

As you consider a wide range of potential partners on the Outer Banks, you’d be right to look for what separates one firm from another.

There’s revenue generation, to be sure, and also complex operational delivery. There’s risk management, in addition, and strength of local partnerships. There are things like pricing power and also things like quality home presentation. Lastly, there are intangible considerations like trust, reputation, and local commitment.

Twiddy invests in the quality staff, infrastructure and marketing muscle of a large company, without losing a personal touch with owners. We feel appreciated, educated and supported through what is truly a partnership. Their team members are competent, responsive, unfailingly friendly and professional, even in the peak of the season. It's our fifth season with Twiddy, and the bloom is still on the rose!

Brenda G, owner of E127

10 Pillars of An Exceptional Homeowner Experience

Built over almost half a century working with thousands of homeowners and millions of guests, here’s what we believe are the hallmarks of a truly remarkable ownership experience.

Across market cycles, outcomes, and shifting economics, the foundation of communication and responsiveness are simply pivotal in any successful business relationship, especially in a dynamic rental management program. Our homeowner team is available seven days a week, offering support in-person, over the phone, via text, or email. Homeowners gain access to exclusive insight, sourced from first-party data, via a secure portal built by our in-house development team, streamlining access to your crucial investment property information.

We make navigating the vacation planning process effortless for your guests through Twiddy & Company's comprehensive website and outstanding personal hospitality. Prospective and repeat guests can explore homes based on preferences, view photos and videos, check rates and availability, and access area maps. Our user-friendly interface provides in-depth property descriptions, amenities, and floor plans. The website also features valuable resources, including local guides, pre-arrival reminders, and interactive elements like live webcams. In each step of their search, our full-time local team in Duck and Corolla are available to them, in their chosen medium, in seconds.

The vacation rental market is more competitive than ever. It is crucial that you can compete in terms of agile marketing and focused revenue management. At Twiddy & Company, our in-house marketing experts help increase visibility and keep your home booked at top dollar rates based on proprietary data sets that go back decades. We achieve this by constantly monitoring market trends, leveraging data-driven insights to maximize your rental income. In practice, through things like strategic search engine optimization, generative pay-per-click campaigns, predictive email marketing, and accurate statistical analysis, we employ cutting-edge marketing and probability techniques to enhance vacation home rentals in a way simply not available anywhere else in America.

We’ve learned, over time, that it’s not enough to think about a homeowner. Differentiation means that we think like a homeowner, across the spectrum of responsibility and investment, balancing returns against risk, all with an eye toward compounding returns over time. That’s local asset management done well, and together our team has over a millennia of experience on the ground perfecting it all by listening to you, understanding your values and beliefs, and putting them into action.

At Twiddy & Company, we're committed to delivering tangible results, and our primary objective is to find the perfect pricing structure for your home. Our relentless pursuit is to maximize your rental income potential through time-tested revenue strategies based on our “3P” model of pricing, presentation, and positioning. Our team of pricing experts and revenue strategists have immediate access to a wide range of market trends and in turn form the agile adaptability of our pricing philosophy. We meticulously populate your calendar with bookings at the most competitive rates, and as needed, we dynamically adjust rates to secure the highest number of bookings for your investment.

Twiddy & Company, as a brand, is known far and wide across the East Coast of the United States–chances are you know quite a few friends and colleagues who have stayed with us in some cases since they were children themselves. Those relationships are key in making sure we’re listening closely to your guest experience and can make smart adjustments to deliver exactly what they’re looking for, in their chosen channel, in their chosen time, based on what they’ve told us they value in their experience. It’s tough to underestimate this ability over the long-term; while one can buy many things, a reputation is only earned the hard way over time.

One pronounced difference that Twiddy & Company offers is our intentional commitment to service logistics in and around the Northern Outer Banks. Simply put, no other firm maintains the capability to deliver a prompt and effective service response to you and your guests. Whether it’s reliable cleaning, security inspections, wide arrays of maintenance options, or simply technical expertise it’s all around the corner. See for yourself the next time you’re in the area; you’ll see those clean blue trucks driven by friendly professionals on your road frequently acting at the behest of homeowners and their guests.

It’s no longer enough to simply do business and do nothing else. At Twiddy & Company, it never has been. We’ve made it a founding hallmark to make sure that as we grow as a business, we invest back into the communities that we share with our visitors. Whether that’s simply incomparable office campus locations in both Duck and Corolla, extraordinary efforts over time at historic preservation, capital commitments in affordable housing, or even our commitment to the quality of our own staff experience, we work to set an example that we hope guides us in our next fifty years. By comparison, we’re locally owned, locally operated, and locally rooted–we live it. We don’t, by comparison, outsource it.

One of the first inevitable questions in your search, and rightly so, is one of cost; after all, it was Warren Buffet himself that said both emotions and expenses were the enemy of equity. As you consider different philosophies around commissions and fees, experience teaches that these things should, over time, represent two things broadly–first, an alignment with your best interest and second they should represent a differentiated capability you’ve purchased in the market.

While it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, and that’s a great decision in many cases, experience also teaches that, over time, you get what you pay for in terms of quality, consistency, and commitment. Start at your values as an investor and your beliefs in the market; then choose the philosophy that most closely aligns with your own.

Twiddy & Company’s extraordinary team is compensated based on a percentage of rents, aligning our interests with yours–we hang our hat, intentionally, on our fiduciary responsibility to you. Motivated to maximize rental potential, our transparent commission and fee structure covers rental program management, marketing, accounting, and housekeeping.

At Twiddy & Company, we go beyond traditional rental management to offer a comprehensive approach focused on optimizing your investment. On the foundation of a personal relationship with you, we combine your guest experience with operational service delivery, strategic asset management, rock solid risk management and reliable accounting, with simply great people on the ground in Duck and Corolla. Our intent, in building a business that way, is to make your experience simply one you’ll never regret. Our hope, over time, is that your conclusion upon reaching the end of your Outer Banks journey is that you’ll look in the mirror and simply say that you loved every step of the way. That’s our intent, and that’s a great reason to choose Twiddy & Company.

Your Local Experts for a Successful Partnership

Our seasoned expertise forms a secure foundation for your investment.

Our record of consistency has been autjoered by both experienced homeowners and by our own dedicated professionals at Twiddy & Company, with a combined experience of over 1,050 years in the local market. Beyond our management services, our commitment to your success is deeply rooted in personal connections and local insights. Trust a team that understands the heartbeat of the Outer Banks and is invested in forging a lasting and prosperous partnership with you.

Katie Wheeler
Director of Asset Management

Originally from Maryland, Katie found her way to the Outer Banks and interned with Twiddy during her summers in college. After graduating from James Madison University in 2008, she came on board full time and started in Guest Services. After a few years, she moved to Owner Services and is proud to work with such a dedicated and passionate team.

Pam Geyer
Owner Services Manager

Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Pam has called the Outer Banks home since 2004. Working at Twiddy since 2009, her background in hospitality and guest services assisted her with a smooth transition to her current role, Owner Services Assistant Manager.

Chris Trimble
Lead Revenue Strategist

Chris first joined the Twiddy family during the summer of 2017, working as a Financial Analyst intern. He transitioned into his role as a Pricing Data Analyst in Owner Services in January 2018 after graduating from La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his MBA.

Alison Robertson
Director of Business Development

Alison's passion for the rental and real estate sales markets on the Outer Banks made her the perfect choice to head our Business Development team. Alison now works with Twiddy's Owner Services, Asset Management, and Real Estate Sales teams to assist homeowners newly joining Twiddy & Company -- ensuring a smooth transition, a proper introduction, and a wealth of experience to everyone she encounters.

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