Sea Gull Beach

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Sea Gull Beach

Neighborhood of 4x4

Vacation Rentals in Sea Gull Beach

  • Seagull Beach
  • Less than 500 feet
  • 4 beds (2 MBR)
  • 4 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$1,725 – $3,575/wk

  • Seagull Beach
  • Oceanfront
  • 5 beds (3 MBR)
  • 5 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$1,270 – $6,725/wk

  • Seagull Beach
  • More than 1000 feet
  • 4 beds (1 MBR)
  • 3 baths
  • Saturday Check-In

$960 – $4,495/wk

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About Sea Gull Beach

Situated on the wonderfully unique 4x4 Beaches, Seagull Beach offers vacationing friends and families the opportunity to enjoy time together on the coast without the distractions of a bustling neighborhood environment. A four-wheel drive vehicle is needed to navigate the beaches where Seagull Beach rental homes are located. Located closer to the beach access ramp, Seagull Beach is a small collection of homes located approximately 2.6 miles up the beach. While there are no roads, restaurants, or shops in Seagull Beach, what you will find is a breathtakingly beautiful shoreline, roaming wild horses and a positively ideal vacation environment.

All the traditional tranquilities and familiar sights you love about the beach are found in Seagull Beach, along with a few unusual elements that make this area so special. Wild horses, protected nature preserves and vacationers and locals traveling the beaches to and from town are just a few. Guests often choose to drive their 4x4 vehicles down to the beach, park and enjoy a day of “tailgating” fun in the sun.

Penny’s Hill, on the southern end of Seagull Beach, offers guests an additional area to explore. The giant sand dune is located between the ocean and the sound. A climb to the top offers guests a unique opportunity to experience the panoramic natural beauty of the Outer Banks.

Sea Gull Beach Amenities

No amenities.

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