The Dream Oceanfront Home in ocean-beach 4x4


Accessible by 4x4 only. Come live "The Dream" and discover the magic of the Outer Banks. This 18-bedroom home has views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound and is perfect for weddings and large family gatherings. This home is also located in front of Penny's Hill, which is the second largest sand dune in North Carolina.
Your group will have fun in the sun while splashing in the enclosed and completely private pool area. This home is full of amenities including amazing views from its 21' elevation, a baby grand player piano, multiple TVs, restaurant steamer, and extensive outdoor decks. So come have fun, relax, and create your own magical dreams. Approximately 2.3 miles up the beach.

Small dogs welcome (2 max., no cats). No additional fee or deposit required.
Special events welcome in 2015 for an additional $2,000; 30'x50' tent allowed on the 1800 sq. ft. deck. Permanent tent stakes have been installed for a 30'x50' tent only; due to permanent tent stake placement, tent rental exclusively from Ocean Atlantic Rentals at 1-888-627-3836. (Please note that Twiddy does not provide or facilitate tent rentals.)
Please contact our office if you would like to make arrangements for a Special Event reservation.
We are currently accepting Advance Property Holds for all available weeks in 2016 in this vacation home. The Advance Property Hold fee is $500.
Click here for satellite parking information.


Unit Number
The Dream
Ocean Beach
Check in Day
Check-in Office
Distance to Beach
12 Full 2 Half
Parking for 18
Pool Size
Private Pool Dates
Special Event Fee
Partials Accepted
Call for Rate
4x4 Required




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2015 Rates

4/19/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/26/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
4/26/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/3/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/10/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/10/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/17/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/17/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/24/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/24/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/31/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/31/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/7/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/14/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/14/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/21/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/21/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/28/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/28/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/5/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/12/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$17,955 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/12/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/19/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/19/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/26/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/26/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/2/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$18,955 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/9/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/16/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/16/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/23/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/23/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/30/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/30/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/6/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/13/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/13/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/20/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/20/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/27/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/27/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/4/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/4/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/11/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/11/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/18/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/18/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/25/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/25/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/1/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/1/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/8/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/8/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/15/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,545 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/15/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/22/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,545 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/22/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/29/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/29/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/6/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,545 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/6/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/13/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,545 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/13/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/20/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,545 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/20/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/27/2015 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$5,830 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/27/2015 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$5,830 [WEEKLY RATE]

2016 Availability

1/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
1/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
1/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
1/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
1/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
1/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
1/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
1/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
1/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
2/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
2/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
2/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
4/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
4/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
4/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/1/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/8/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/15/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/15/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/22/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/22/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/29/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/29/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/2/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/9/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/6/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/4/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]



Amenities for 2015
Unit Number R11487
Name The Dream
Neighborhood Ocean Beach
Check in Day Sunday
Check-in Office Corolla
Location Oceanfront
Distance to Beach Oceanfront
Bedrooms 18
MBRs 5
Baths 12 Full 2 Half
Parking Parking for 18
Pool Private
Pool Size 14x30
Private Pool Dates 4/26-10/11
Special Event Fee $2000
Pets Allowed
Hot Tub
Poolside Cabana
Linens Provided
Towels Provided
Pool Table
Wet Bar
Satellite TV
No Smoking
Whirlpool Tub
Private Well
Ping Pong
Welcome Program
Partials Accepted Call for Rate
4WheelDr 4x4 Required
Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Standard Amenities
Street Address 1487 Ocean Pearl Rd, 4x4, NC 27927


Sandra 3/29/2015

John 11/2/2014

The Dream is an exceptional house. Meet all our needs for hosting a wedding and rehearsal dinner. Never felt crowded.

Albert 10/26/2014

Great house, Great location. This house more than met our needs. But when they say 4X4 they mean it!!! We did rent 4X4 vehicles and I am very thankful we did. Highly recommend Twiddy and this house.

Darlene 7/20/2014

Janet 6/29/2014

Brittany 6/1/2014

Great house and perfect setting for a wedding!

Dan 5/4/2014

Q & A

39 Questions Asked By Guests

  1. Does the dream come with toilet paper, tissues or paper towels? If so how many. Thanks

    Asked by Jen 3/6/2015

    Answer Jen, R11487 currently participates in the Welcome Program. The Welcome Program provide guests with a Vacation Starter Kit for their arrival. Enjoy the convenience of starter household supplies such as detergent, a garbage bag and paper towels, all in a Twiddy reusable grocery bag. Additionally, soap, shampoo and toilet paper will be placed in every bathroom. Homeowners enrolled in the "Welcome Program" want to take care of some of the necessities so you may begin to relax and enjoy your vacation.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/7/2015
  2. What would be the closest hotel that could accommodate wedding guest not staying at the house?

    Asked by Cheryl 2/19/2015

    Answer Cheryl, there are 2 hotels in the Corolla area. They are the Hampton Inn & Suites and the Inn at Corolla Light.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/20/2015
  3. Is the hot tub available for use the first week of November, even after the pool is closed on 10/11?

    Asked by Laura 2/2/2015

    Answer Hi Laura, the hot tub is a year round amenity that will be serviced prior to your arrival.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/3/2015
  4. Do you require use of Ocean Atlantic Rentals for all rentals or just for the tent rental?

    Asked by Nicole 1/16/2015

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Nicole! Ocean Atlantic Rentals is only required for the tent rental at R11487.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/16/2015
  5. On the second level are there any bedrooms that you have to go through to get to another one or are they separate rooms?

    Asked by Judy Price 12/4/2014

    Answer Great question, Judy! No, there are no bedrooms on Level 2 that are only accessible by another bedroom. There is a bedroom on Level 1 that is only accessible from another room. This is bedroom #18 on the Level 1 floor plan.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/5/2014
  6. Is there a place we can have a fire outside? Do you have ramps for step to make it handicap accessible? Thanks

    Asked by Susan 11/29/2014

    Answer These are great questions, Susan! Open fires/bonfires are strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, we do not have ramps for the stairs. R11487 is not a handicap-friendly home. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/29/2014
  7. how late is pool open and is it heated?

    Asked by lisa liston 8/24/2014

    Answer Lisa, the private pool at R11487 is available the weekend of April 24 - October 11, 2015. This pool does not offer the option of being heated.

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/8/2014
  8. What type of coffee makers are there? Trying to plan for the types of filters needed. Also, are the washers HE?

    Asked by Sandy 9/2/2014

    Answer That's a great question, Sandy! The coffee makers are the standard drip style coffee makers and the washer and dryers are regular, non-high efficiency.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/15/2014
  9. Are there TV's in all 3 bedrooms on the top floor or just in the master suite?

    Asked by Katie McDonald 10/9/2014

    Answer Katie, R11487 does currently provide a television in all 3 of the Level 3 MBRs (K, K, K), however, televisions are not a guaranteed amenity and are subject to change at any time.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/10/2014
  10. How long does it take to drive from the Dream property to the main/paved road,and then how close to a good sized grocery store and shopping.

    Asked by Deb 10/3/2014

    Answer Deb, R11487 is approximately a 10 minute drive to the paved road and then another 5-10 minutes to the closest grocery store. Please note there is a gas station approximately 1 mile from the 4x4 entrance rate (next door to our Corolla office) that has necessities such as milk, break, toilet paper, etc.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/8/2014
  11. Can you help me identify if there are cake pans, cookie sheets a hand mixer and cup cake pans equipped in the house or will we need to bring those items?

    Asked by Ray McDonald 9/26/2014

    Answer Ray, every Twiddy home comes with a fully stocked kitchen. The home will include an adequate supply of items such as dishware, glassware, silverware, cookware, bake ware, pots and pans, skillets, cooking utensils, blender, mixer, toaster or toaster oven, microwave, BBQ tools, etc.To view our list of standard amenities, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/27/2014
  12. how many pets are allowed?

    Asked by angela 9/6/2014

    Answer Hi Angela, this home allows guest to bring 2 small dogs, no cats.

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/7/2014
  13. Do you know what type of mattress is in the master bedroom of The Dream? Thank you!

    Asked by Ashley 7/11/2014

    Answer Unfortunately Ashley, we do not keep a record of mattress types in our homes, as that is something that could be subject to change!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/13/2014
  14. How many ovens and stoves are in the kitchen and is their a beer meister available, Thank you.

    Asked by Caroline 6/13/2014

    Answer Caroline, the kitchen in this home provides two cooktops, three ovens, three dishwashers, three refrigerators, three microwaves and a restaurant steamer, but no beer meister or kegerator!

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/16/2014
  15. Hi! Are all those chairs on the deck definitely at the house? Just want to make sure we don't have to bring our long beach chairs if you have them already!

    Asked by Natasha 5/28/2014

    Answer Hello Natasha! Yes, the pool and deck furniture is provided.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/29/2014
  16. Hi! I'm very interested in having my wedding during September 2015 and was wondering if this house is available at all then? Thanks! Tiffany

    Asked by Tiffany Loring 5/26/2014

    Answer Tiffany, property R11487 is presently booked for all of the September 2015 weeks. Please call our Wedding and Events group for more information!

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/27/2014
  17. Is there a crockpot in the kitchen? Also, is the coffee maker a Kurig? Thanks.

    Asked by Natalie 5/22/2014

    Answer Natalie, crock pots are not a standard amenity for our homes. We would recommend bringing one with you if you plan to use it during your stay. No, R11487 currently provides a standard drip style coffee maker.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/24/2014
  18. Is an iron and ironing board available to use?

    Asked by Debbie 4/4/2014

    Answer Great question, Debbie! All Twiddy homes are equipped with an iron and ironing board! For more information on standard amenities provided please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/4/2014
  19. Is there an icemaker in the house?

    Asked by Kelly 3/24/2014

    Answer Yes Kelly, our most recent property report lists an ice maker and an ice machine!

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/25/2014
  20. I have an all wheel drive Chevy Equinox. Would I be able to drive it to the house? Or do you have to have a 4 wheel vehicle.

    Asked by Sherrie 3/14/2014

    Answer Sherrie, there are no paved roads on the northern Outer Banks beaches—travel is over loose sand roads and actual sand dunes. All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles are not recommended for this area due to low ground clearance and traction concerns—our experience shows that AWD vehicles in this area are problematic at best. 4x4 vehicles with off-road ground clearance are recommended with reduced air pressure for beach travel. Please consult your vehicle manual and manufacturer for specific information.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/14/2014
  21. When visiting the house during the wedding weekend, there was no pull out couch on the rec room first floor. Has this changed recently? Because looking at your previous questions answered - 2 months ago it was there.

    Asked by Brittany 2/7/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Brittany! There have been no recent updates to the bedding at R11487. We have confirmed that there is a queen sleeper sofa in the Level 1 rec room.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/8/2014
  22. What is the nearest airport to this house

    Asked by Lee 2/1/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Lee! The closest major airport to the area is Norfolk International Airport. For additional information, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/1/2014
  23. Where is the pullout bed couch?

    Asked by Jessica H. 12/22/2013

    Answer Great question, Jessica! The Queen sleep sofa is located in the Level 1 rec room. In pictures 25 and 26, you can see the sofa next to the foosball table.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/23/2013
  24. Does this home have an elevator?

    Asked by Paula Huffman 12/13/2013

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Paula! No, this particular home does not provide an elevator.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/13/2013
  25. What hotels are close to the house, and how long would the drive be from the hotel to onsite parking? What malls and shopping centers are in the area?

    Asked by LaTrice 10/27/2013

    Answer Hello La Trice! There are no commercial businesses in Carova such as malls and hotels but you can find them in Corolla just south of where you would be staying. The Dream is appox 2.3 miles up the beach; to enjoy our local shopping centers and restaurants in Corolla you would need to travel about 5-6 miles from the home.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/28/2013
  26. I was looking to have my family reunion at one of your wonderful vacation rentals, but we would not need the rental for a whole 7 days. would we be able to rent just for a weekend? Friday to Sunday in the months of July - Oct

    Asked by Shaton Brown 10/1/2013

    Answer We would love the oppurtunity to host your family reunion, Shaton, but this property does not offer partial stays. Your family would be able to come and go at your convenience, but the home would have to be reserved from Sunday to Sunday.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/1/2013
  27. I see that this rental is only accessible by a 4 x 4, are there other means for wedding guests get to and from the property? Are you aware of how weddings have gotten around this in the past?

    Asked by Miranda Vasquez 9/16/2013

    Answer Miranda, our guests who have their weddings at our Special Event homes, must arrange the transportation for their guests; we do have satellite parking at our Corolla office for a fee of $5.00 per day, and we can provide you with shuttle information and ideas. Please give us a call to speak with one of our Vacation Specialists in the Wedding and Events group!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/18/2013
  28. Are there enough plates, silverware, glasses in the house for house capacity (39)? How many refrigerators/freezers are in the house? Is there a stereo in the house with a sound system?

    Asked by Rebecca 9/13/2013

    Answer Yes Rebecca, we make sure each of our kitchens have enough utensils, plates, and glasses to accomodate each person that the home sleeps so you will have plenty to go around! The first floor has a full size freezer and refrigerator and there are three refigerators in the second floor kitchen! Stereo/CD players are one of our standard amenities that we provide, for a list of all advertised amenities click this link:

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/17/2013
  29. We would love to have our wedding here, Is the tent set up on the deck? Also in addition to the tent rental are pool cover dance floors allowed to be used?

    Asked by Latrice 9/7/2013

    Answer Hello Latrice! Our local rental company Ocean Atlantic Rentals confirmed that the 15 x 16 pool can be covered and turned into a dancefloor and there is room to accomodate a 30 x 50 frame tent. Feel free to give our office a call for details!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/13/2013
  30. Is The Dream ever open for visitors to do walk-throughs?

    Asked by Kate 9/3/2013

    Answer Yes Kate, please call us to make arrangements; we are available seven days a week from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/5/2013
  31. how close if the nearest boat launch and is there an off beach parking for our boat?

    Asked by future guest 8/15/2013

    Answer There are two public boat ramps in the Corolla area. One is located at Carova Beach Park (Mile Marker 21) in the 4x4 area and the other is located at Currituck Heritage Park (by the lighthouse). There is no overnight boat parking on the paved road in the Corolla area.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/17/2013
  32. What are the dimensions of the porch/deck right outside the doors to the pool area?

    Asked by Phil 8/11/2013

    Answer Phil, the level 2 deck area closest to the house is a trapezoid shape with bases of 15'6" and 39' and a height of 24'. The deck area to the east of the pool measures 55' x 32'6".

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/13/2013
  33. Do you know if there is a kitchen aid mixer in the dream? I want to make a wedding cake.

    Asked by Mary Dehoff 8/5/2013

    Answer Mary, A Kitchen Aid mixer is not provided.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/7/2013
  34. What is the event capacity for The Dream? I know the house has 18BR, but looking to get a number for total guests allowed at the house for an event hosted at the house? Thanks!

    Asked by tpotcova 8/4/2013

    Answer Great question! The special event capacity for R11487 - The Dream is 125 guests.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/6/2013
  35. Is there anywhere that family members without 4x4 vehicles can park during the week?

    Asked by Jennifer 7/26/2013

    Answer Yes Jennifer, we have satellite parking at our Corolla office, and the fee is $5.00 by the day, or $30.00 for the week

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/28/2013
  36. Are there coffee makers in the kitchen? Is there a sound system/speakers on the deck?

    Asked by Annette 7/20/2013

    Answer Hi again, Annette! Coffee makers are a standard Twiddy amenity found in each home, however we do not require the Owner to provide a specific make or model.To view our standard amenities list, please visit Outdoor speakers are considered a specialty item and not something we require or take inventory of in the home.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/21/2013
  37. Do you know if there are plans in the near future for a walkway to the beach?

    Asked by Annette 7/20/2013

    Answer Hello Annette! The Dream does not have it's own walkway to the beach, however it is conveniently located right beside the access ramp that brings you right to the water!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/21/2013
  38. How big is Pennys hill? Me and my friends would love to bring sleds to sled down it.

    Asked by Austin 5/24/2013

    Answer Great question Austin! Penny’s Hill is approximately 10 acres. For the best sand sledding action, you’ll want to head to the back side of the hill. That’s where it’s the steepest.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/25/2013
  39. Do I need to lower my tire pressure?

    Asked by Joe 11/28/2012

    Answer Tire pressure is the most important aspect of beach driving. For more information, watch the videos on this page,

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/29/2013