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4x4 Beaches, NC
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4x4 Beaches

Things To Do At 4x4 Beach, NC

The wide open spaces of the 4x4 Beaches just north of Corolla provide a sense of solitude and magic to vacationers staying there. If you’re looking for things to do to fill your days during your next Outer Banks’re in luck! Activities, restaurants, and shopping based in the nearby towns of Duck and Corolla are plentiful, allowing you to kick back and relax at your 4x4 vacation home while the paved roads will lead you to the best things to do on the Outer Banks. 

For a peek at the few options of things to do, check out our list and look for the Twiddy Preferred badge to see our favorites.

Need a Pizza Delivered?
Check out Pasquale Pizza for the only place that delivers pizzas to the 4x4 area!
Looking for a Taxi?
Check out Corolla Cab for the only taxi service equipped to navigate the 4x4 area.

The Twiddy Team's Favorites Near 4x4


With access to the unique landscape and rare opportunities to encounter an abundance of native wildlife, vacationing on the 4x4 Beaches is exciting on its own, but if you’re in search of a few things to do in this remote area, look no further. The tour and adventure options on the 4x4 Beaches and are plentiful, as are fishing, exploring, and relaxation opportunities. Here are a few of our team’s favorite things to do while vacationing on the beautiful 4x4 Beaches.

Corolla Wild Horse Tour
Corolla Wild Horse Tour

"Funny tour guides, along with a history of that part of the area. ”

Carova Beach Fire Dept.
Carova Beach Fire Dept.

"Only place to shop in the 4x4 . They don't have much, but they do have Tshirts, ice, and ice cream!”

Corolla Pizza
Corolla Pizza

"Get Corolla Pizza to go and take a drive on the beach!”


Our Local Take On Things To Do In 4x4

Have A Picnic On The Beach

What better way to kick off your vacation than with some good food and beverages directly on the sand. THe 4x4 beaches are some of the most peaceful on the Outer Banks, so you’ll have no distractions as you catch up with friends and family.

Play Beach Games

Whether it’s a game of bocce ball, frisbee or beach volleyball, the expansive white sand beaches in 4x4 provide the perfect backdrop for a day of games with friends or family.

Collect Seashells

An infamous 4x4 pastime, searching for seashells is not difficult as you can easily find beautiful shells scattered along the sand. Since the 4x4 beaches are not commercialized, they are less trafficked and thus are the perfect place to expand your seashell collection.

Catch Some Waves Or A Fish

Whether you’re the adventurous type who wants to fare the waves from a surfboard, or into the more relaxed experience offered by fishing, both are perfect things to do in the 4x4 beaches. Take surfing lessons in a nearby town or catch up with a local fisherman to make your experience truly memorable.

Take A Long Walk On The Beach

The 4x4 Beaches are made up of a 14-mile stretch of sand. If you enjoy taking long walks, watching the surf go in and out, 4x4 is the perfect place for you. Just don’t forget to look out for four-wheel-drive vehicles that are allowed to drive directly on the beach.

Explore Another Town

The 4x4 beaches give visitors the opportunity to be closer to nature, but are extremely limited in their restaurants, shopping, activities, and nightlife offerings. However, the neighboring towns are close by, so we recommend checking out things to do in these areas.