Re-Market Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the re-market and re-rent process.

In the event things change, and vacation plans fall through, the home/week can be re-marketed in an effort to attract a new renter. Click here to see a list of homes currently being re-marketed for specific weeks. Please note the re-market process is not available for Advance Property Holds. 

Who controls the rate when the home is re-marketed?

  • The homeowner or Twiddy may adjust the rental rate with or without notice. In general, lowering the rental rate is done based on market demand and is an attempt to attract additional traffic to help get the property re-rented. If the property re-rents at a lower rate, your refund would be less the difference.

What happens if I do not make my final payment?
  • Your final payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival. If you do not make your final payment, we will attempt to re-market the property.
  • If we are unable to re-rent the property or the property rents for less than your rental rate, you are responsible for the balance owed.
  • The owner can occupy the week without refunding if not re-rented by the arrival date.

Does re-market mean I have canceled my reservation?
  • We do not have a cancellation policy. Our re-market program is the best option if you are not planning to come for your scheduled week. We would place the home back to the market in hopes that another family would rent the week. The re-market request form is available to you via your guest account.

How do I start the re-market process?
  • In the unfortunate event you are not planning to come for your vacation, we make it easy for you. Log in to your guest account, scroll to the bottom, and simply click the purple Re-Market button. Once you accept the terms and submit the request, it will begin the re-market process automatically.

How do I get a refund?
  • If the property re-rents at the same rate that you paid, then you will receive a refund for the total sum you paid, less a $100 administrative fee and the cost of Travel Insurance, if applicable.
  • If the property re-rents at a reduced rental rate, you will receive a refund for the total sum you paid, less any discount in the re-rent rate, less a $100 administrative fee and Travel Insurance, if applicable.
  • Refunds will be returned in the original method of payment and may take 15-30 days to process. After we have submitted the refund, there may be a delay depending on your financial institution. You will be emailed when we have processed your refund. 

How does Travel Insurance work?
  • All questions regarding Travel Insurance coverage and claims should be directed to the travel insurance company directly. You may contact Generali Global Assistance at 866-999-4018 and reference plan code GR334.
  • Travel Insurance is non-refundable after your free look period has elapsed.

If my situation changes, am I able to reinstate my reservation?
  • You may reinstate your reservation at any time as long as the new guest has not signed their lease or remitted payment, please email us to let us know in writing.
  • Once the reservation is reinstated, payment will be due in full if there was an outstanding balance owed.