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Plan ahead and pre-reserve the home of your dreams.

At Twiddy, we have over 1,000 homes to choose from – homes of all sizes and shapes, from Corolla to Nags Head. These OBX homes begin to book up as early as 51 weeks in advance (and some book even earlier!), so it's important to start planning in advance.

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Why should I pre-reserve a home?

Best Selection

Booking early means you have more choices. Get the location, amenities, and view that you want.

Rebook Your Ideal Home

Already staying in the ideal home for your group? Most homes offer the first right of refusal to secure it again for next year by booking early.

Plan Vacation Activities Sooner

Pre-reserving your home allows you extra time to plan fun things to do on your next vacation.

When can I pre-reserve a home?

Current Guests

For most homes, the same home and time frame is held for current-year guests until the Monday following their departure. If you are a current guest, go to your account and look for the button to pre-reserve.

First-Come First-Serve

On the Tuesday following the current-year guest’s departure, most homes are offered on a first come, first served basis for anyone to pre-reserve. 

Time is of the essence when requesting Advance Property Holds!

It's smart to begin planning your trip to the Outer Banks in advance, especially with a large group, for the best change of finding a home that works for everyone. Pre-reserve that home early so you can relax. We're here if you need help planning or narrowing down the options!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Advance Property Hold?

Advance Property Holds are not reservations, but tentative holds that are subject to the following conditions: 1) the availability of the home in Twiddy's rental program; 2) the reserved dates being available; 3) the execution of a lease, including the receipt of all applicable rents and fees, etc. Essentially, Advance Property Holds allow guests to hold a home ahead of time while we prepare the lease agreements for the following year.

What is the cost to book an Advance Property Hold?

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 pre-reserves the home until the lease is available. When the lease is available, the initial payment will be required to confirm the reservation. Please note that this $50.00 fee is not applied to the rental fee.

Select homes have a fee higher than $50.00. This higher Advance Property Hold fee is listed the home's description. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferable. Only the portion of the Advance Property Hold fee over $50.00 is applied to the rental fee. Please contact our office for more details.

If the Advance Property Hold Fee is not applied towards rent, what is it for?

This is a fee to hold the home off the market prior to the lease agreement being available. Pre-reserving a home helps to ensure you do not miss out on the home you want for next year!

Is the Advance Property Hold fee refundable?

In the event that either the home is no longer in Twiddy's rental program for the following year or if the reserved dates are not available, Your Advance Property Hold fee will be refunded. In any other case, the Advance Property Hold fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is NOT applied toward the future rent or fees as the case may be.

Does an Advance Property Hold guarentee me the same rate as this year?

No. Rates do typically increase year to year. If next year's rates are not available yet, you may use the current year's rate to get an idea of what to expect. Again, this does not guarentee it will be the same for next year, this is just a way to get a rough estimate. If you pre-reserve a home and next year's rate ends up being too high, simply contact the office and we'd be happy to help you find another home. Advance Property Hold fees are non-refundable, but the $50 fee is transferable to another home/week should you need to change. Fees over $50 are non-transferable, non-refundable.

How do I book an Advance Property Hold?

For current-year guests interested in holding the same home for the same week(s) next year, it is best to place your hold while still on the Outer Banks - especially while you have the whole family together in one place! For most homes, you will have first right to rebook the same home/week(s) until the Monday following departure. On the Tuesday morning following departure, the home is available to the public on a first come, first served basis. Current-year guests can place their Advance Property hold online via their Twiddy.com account, drop their Advance Property Hold form off at the front desk at check-out, or call the office at (866) 457-1190. Please note, some homes book more than 51 weeks in advance.

If you are not a current year guest, or if you are a curret year guest looking to place an Advance Property Hold on a different home, you may do so as early as the Tuesday following this year's departure. To place an Advance Property Hold, please book online or call our office at (866) 457-1190.

What does it mean if a home books more than 51 weeks in advance?

A handful of our homes, typically larger event homes, allow bookings more than 51 weeks in advance. This means current year guests do not get the first right of refusal on the same home/week for next year. See individual home listings or contact our office for details.

If my reservation falls over a holiday this year, do I get to pre-reserve the same holiday next year?

Current-year guests have first right of refusal on the same calendar dates for next year, which may not always include the same holiday as this year. If a holiday falls during a different week next year, then you can always place a hold for your dates and then try to change to the holiday week if it is available. The $50 Advance Property Hold fee is transferable if you need to change a hold to a new week/house, but the Advance Property Holds greater than $50 are not transferable.

Do I need to let you know if I am holding a wedding in the home that I am pre-reserving?

Weddings are permitted in homes that allow Special Events. Please notify us at the time of booking your Advance Property Hold if you plan to hold a wedding or other special event during your stay. A special event fee may apply, depending on the house, and will be included in your total as shown on your lease.