4 x 4 Beaches

It might not be for everyone – but ask anyone who lives in the 4x4 area and he or she will say that's perfectly alright with them. In fact, that's part of the appeal. If you want the quintessential peace and quiet of living in one of the last truly authentic beaches on the east coast, then Carova may be for you. You won't find a convenience store or a gas station, but you will see wild horses, natural beach foliage and some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable Accessible only by 4 wheel drive vehicles, you'll commute on the beach road, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and dunes on the other -- just minutes away from "the pavement" which offers more conventional conveniences. But while you're "on the sand" you'll be treated to some of the most pleasantly secluded property for the beach's most reasonable prices. It's true – it might not be for everyone – but if it is for you, you will soon be enjoying one of the east coast's last, great, treasures. The time to invest in this paradise is now.