What is an Outer Banks Vacation?

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Why Vacation on the OBX?

Fly a kite atop the largest natural sand dune system on the east coast, witness with your own eyes wild Spanish Mustangs roaming freely along our beaches, or dine in some of the most sought-after local restaurants in the region...all of these things combined and more are what make an Outer Banks vacation so unique and great. This multi-faceted vacation experience brings visitors an endless array of opportunities for adventure, fun, education and relaxation, while Twiddy and Company offers more than 1,000 Outer Banks vacation rentals spread throughout the many emblematic towns that make up the OBX.

Beautiful Rental Homes

Gorgeous homes modeled in iconic Outer Banks architecture of cedar shake and sprawling porches; impressive event homes built large enough to accommodate an entire wedding party and its guests; or smaller, more intimate beach cottages, are some of the types of beautiful homes that make up the wide variety of Twiddy and Company vacation rentals you will find.

Impressive amenities, such as private pools, elevators, and personal movie theaters contrast the more quaint, traditional-style rental home features available making Twiddy vacation rentals the best you will find on the Outer Banks. From oceanfront homes to sunset sanctuaries on the sound side, no matter what, there is a Twiddy and Company vacation rental that is perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking for a couple’s retreat, a weekend getaway with your college buddies, or a family gathering place for the holidays, the Outer Banks is the perfect vacation destination as the beautiful yet diverse catalog of Twiddy rental homes to choose from means you’ll find just what you’re looking for in an OBX vacation rental.

Pristine Beaches and Landscape

The diversity of the landscape on the Outer Banks is one thing that makes it such a great vacation destination. Not only will you find more than 200 miles of beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy, but visitors to the Outer Banks can also explore lush maritime forests and thousands of acres of wildlife and coastal preserves.

The thin design of the barrier islands allows visitors to view both the sunrise and the sunset across the ocean and the sound, in many places from the same vantage point - a rare treat that sets an Outer Banks vacation apart from many other beach destinations. Because of the uniquely thin geographical design, accesses to both the sound and the sea can be found only a short distance away from your Twiddy and Company vacation rental, no matter which town you’re staying in. The unique arrangement of the land also creates exclusive wind patterns, providing watersports enthusiasts and fishermen alike with unparalleled opportunities to take full advantage of the individuality of the environment on the Outer Banks.

Abundance of Great Things to Do, See, Eat and Discover!

Set out on an adventure tour, discover world-renowned landmarks, retrace the steps of significant historical figures, and enjoy fresh, locally caught seafood in some of the region’s best restaurants...all during your next Outer Banks vacation. From the 4x4 Beaches all the way down to Nags Head, there is an unlimited amount of things to do to fill your beach vacation days. Whether it’s during the hustle and bustle of the sunny summer months or the slower paced days of the shoulder season, the abundance of things to do make the Outer Banks a great place for a vacation.

Restaurants along the entire Outer Banks feature eclectic twists on traditional fare, the freshest seafood around, and a mixture of highly-acclaimed dining options with local dives and hidden gems...the Outer Banks knows how to eat and loves to share that passion with visitors from all over the world.

And what vacation would be complete without a little shopping to discover the local trends, stumble upon the work of provincial artisans, and to discover locally-owned and operated shops you won’t find anywhere else in the world?

All of these things and many more make a trip to the Outer Banks a dynamic vacation, full of opportunity to soak up the sights provided by the incredible scenery, to discover historical treasures, and unearth local finds that seem to be hidden around just about every corner, all while staying in a beautiful Twiddy and Company vacation rental suited precisely to your specific needs. What more can you want? Search for yours now!