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Twiddy & Company has been providing true southern hospitality for nearly 40 years on the Outer Banks. Vacation Rentals for all groups, big and small, are available to browse, filter, and search through with ease on our website. Below you will find several options for searching our rental inventory. You can jump straight to all of our vacation rentals, fine tune the results with our 'Search' page or see an alphabetical list of all vacation rentals right on this page. Don't delay, select your option below right now.

Our Top Vacation Rentals

The Mark Twain


4x4   18 BR   17 BA

The Pine Island Lodge


Corolla   28 BR   31 BA

Caribbean Dream


Kill Devil Hills   16 BR   18 BA

Royal Caribbean II-Four Season


Duck   8 BR   12 BA

The Tides


Southern Shores   7 BR   9 BA

The Black Stallion


Corolla   24 BR   31 BA

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Why Twiddy vacation rentals are the Best:

The range of beauty, history, and natural splendor to be found in the vast expanse of the greatest country on earth often seems to be endless; still, the Outer Banks of North Carolina still manage to stand out as a diamond in the rough. Situated just off of the nation’s South-Central East coast, between mainland America and the rest of the Atlantic, the Outer Banks are a treasured getaway for millions of travelers and tourists from all around the country, and the world. In an area so acclimated and attuned to creating an internationally acclaimed tourism industry, there is one option for your vacation rental solutions that remarkably stands out about the rest: Twiddy & Company.

Twiddy & Company's Outer Banks vacation rentals page is an essential resource for anybody who is planning on spending time anywhere within the OBX. 
With over 38 years of successful experience, and a comprehensive reputation for delivering incredible results, we have spent decades breezing past the competition when it comes to finding the right rental for you. Anything less than the best is not accepted in Twiddy’s mission to provide every guest and client with their ideal rental. At Twiddy & Company, we have created an impressive and practical portfolio of rental options that allows us to be flexible to the wants and needs of our entire clientele. To ensure customer satisfaction, we have expanded and grown to the point that we now meticulously manage more than 1000 vacation rental properties. This level of investment continues to provide us with a large scale and dynamic range of accommodation options, and makes pleasing every customer a probability, rather than a possibility!

In a recent, detailed poll, nearly 94% of guests who chose to utilize our services decisively stated that they would happily recommend Twiddy & Company to a friend. Our commitment to providing each and every person who stays in a Twiddy vacation rental with an amazing experience, with memories that will last them a lifetime, is a serious one, which is deeply instilled within the values of our organization. In fact, North Carolina is nestled within the heart of the American South; the attention we invest in staying true to our humble roots, built from a firm foundation of the warmth and grace of Southern hospitality, does not go unnoticed by our guests, and this has been one of our great sources of pride for nearly four full decades.

Among other investments into the Outer Banks community, Twiddy & Company employs more than 150 full-time, qualified employees, and this number doubles during the high season. Not only is this the biggest staff within the entire Outer Banks, but it also contributes to our investment in the area, and our commitment to allowing the Outer Banks to exist a vibrant, year-round locale that is healthy and sustainable.  This is significant, as we believe in constantly working toward cultivating a complete, world class staff of knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic team members. Each member of our team is thoroughly and thoughtfully trained to follow the time-tested customer-service values which have made Twiddy & Company the prime option for vacation rentals in the region. Twiddy has also committed to the Outer Banks by restoring 9 historic structures, and we continue to be a significant source of financial support for other restoration efforts. Not only does this enrich the visitor experience for each and every person who chooses to visit the area, but our contributions have furthered Twiddy & Company’s reputation as a community-minded, respected, and integral institution within the Outer Banks.

At Twiddy & Company, our basic mission statement revolves around cultivating best practices which meet and exceed the expectations of owners, renters, and clients. We do this in order to maximize rentals and sales of the properties that we are responsible for. Also, by taking action towards this goal, we solidify our commitment to providing excellent customer service. We also believe in creating and maintaining a professional, hospitable work environment; one that is based on the values of cooperation, fairness, growth, employee satisfaction and longevity. Our belief in developing this culture and giving back has even led us to create our hospitality scholarship to go along with our intern program. Each of our employees needs to hold high standards and be enthusiastically committed to guest satisfaction, and we are consistent in achieving this level of investment from our staff. We strive to remain relevant and creative in our style of business operations, and we continue to deeply invest in doing so.

At Twiddy & Company, we have no doubt that each and every tourist that makes their way to the Outer Banks will forever cherish their memories of the natural wonder of these splendid islands. We’ve been for over 38 years and we still think fondly and care deeply about the Outer Banks, too! We also believe that hospitality and accommodation make an important contribution to a visitor’s impression of an area, and it is our goal to do our part in ensuring that each of our guests has an unforgettably great experience.  

Each one of our vacation rentals is a reflection on the entire staff and we take that seriously. There is no more precious of a commodity than your time so we want you to spend your time the way you want to, on vacation. We can’t create more time but we can help you maximize your time spent lounging on the beach, swimming in an oceanfront pool, or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars by making sure your vacation rental is exactly the way it needs to be. We’ve also provided the best local content about the Outer Banks but have also compiled all of the staff’s recommendations into our Travel Guide. In addition, our new website provides a clear and logical way for anyone to find all of the info they need, whether it is about the Outer Banks, a rental, or your vacation in general.

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