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The Town of Duck, NC is a modern-day coastal village, delicately situated between the sound and the sea. The atmosphere and attitude in Duck can’t help but slow your pace and encourage you to take in the peaceful attributes of this intriguing Outer Banks vacation town, a place that has worked deliberately to maintain its small, natural character. A Duck, NC vacation rental is going to provide you with access to prestine beaches and all the amentities of a small town.

Vacation Rentals in Duck, NC & Vacation Rentals

  • Four Seasons
  • More than 1000 feet
  • 6 beds (5 MBR)
  • 7 baths (1 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$1,595 – $7,475/wk

  • Four Seasons
  • More than 500 feet
  • 6 beds (5 MBR)
  • 9 baths (2 half)
  • Saturday Check-In

$1,765 – $8,280/wk

  • Four Seasons
  • More than 1000 feet
  • 5 beds (2 MBR)
  • 4 baths
  • Sunday Check-In

$1,175 – $6,100/wk

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Only a few decades ago, Duck’s only visitors were hunters, fishermen, and the occasional adventurer, seeking to explore this isolated treasure hidden in the Northern Outer Banks, bordering the towns of Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, and Corolla. As the NC Highway 12 project moved through the area in the early 1980s, developers took advantage of the easier access and in 1984, Duck was established as a North Carolina Beautification District. Over the next 30 years, the town would grow immensely, but the 3.8 square miles of beautiful beaches, trails, and waterfront views would remain picturesque and void of clutter.

Epitomizing most of the traits that locals and visitors cherish about the Outer Banks, Duck NC is the total package. Duck delivers convenient access to both the sound and the ocean, phenomenal shopping and dining opportunities, and all of the outdoor adventures you can ask for. And while many of these features can be found in a lot of other Outer Banks towns, Duck maintains an unmatched quaintness, wrapped in a beautiful coastal package that you are hard-pressed to come across anywhere else. So much so that it has established its own style, a recognizable charm that distinguishes it from the rest.

Duck Duck

There are no campgrounds, resorts, or hotels in Duck, only charming homes and the occasional inn, making up the lovable, quirky community that it is. Twiddy and Company offers more than 280 vacation rentals in Duck, NC, and one of the best parts about them is that they are all conveniently located within walking distance to all Duck has to offer.

The town park features 11 acres of natural beauty, trails through the maritime forest and willow swamp, open green space, soundside views, and access to the Duck Boardwalk, one of the town’s prized features and also one of the best places on the entire Outer Banks to watch the sunset. Stretching for nearly a mile, The Duck Boardwalk winds along the banks of the Currituck Sound, providing a pathway for photographers, dog walkers, joggers, and anyone else looking to enjoy the peaceful serenity of a soundside stroll.

The Town of Duck lends itself to classic family beach vacations in all communities. Uncomplicated and free of strip malls, busy multi-lane highways, and neon lights, it’s easy to fall into step with this slow-paced environment and to focus on why you’re there and with whom you’re sharing such a special vacation.

Duck communities, such as Schooner Ridge, are conveniently located in close proximity to the town's restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. As you meander up the road through this eccentric locale, you will find lovely private neighborhoods, including the award-winning Four Seasons, and an array of unique shops & restaurants. Visitors often walk or bike into the village for a morning paper, afternoon shopping, or an evening meal.

Our Duck, NC rentals offer beautiful, clean beaches, a bike & walking path, and an impressive catalog of wonderful boutique shops and restaurants, among many other amenities the charming village of Duck, North Carolina has to offer Outer Banks vacationers.

Finding ideal Outer Banks rentals in Duck NC is a breeze, as Twiddy offers visitors a wide array of rental homes spanning the entire town. Many Duck rentals are fine examples of classic Outer Banks architecture, like Sanderling homes, for example, while others are absolute modern marvels. Twiddy & Company rents Duck vacation homes of all shapes & sizes to fit any budget. Whether you’re seeking Duck, NC rentals that are grand or quaint, Twiddy & Company looks forward to helping you find the home in this fantastic town that best suits your needs.

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