Time Out Of Mind Oceanside less than 500ft Home in snow-geese-dunes Duck


Twiddy Traditional Home - bed and bath linens not provided.
Take some time out to enjoy the simple pleasure of a vacation near the ocean. Close, easy beach access and a private hot tub are some of the features that contribute to a restful and restorative stay. Gather family and friends for a getaway in this comfortable Nags Head-style home.


Unit Number
Time Out Of Mind
Snow Geese Dunes
Check in Day
Check-in Office
Distance to Beach
Less than 500 feet
2 Full
Parking for 4




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2016 Rates

4/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,705 $1,895 10 % off [WEEKLY RATE]
6/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,895 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,940 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,745 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,800 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,975 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,975 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,975 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,895 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,575 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,875 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$1,480 [WEEKLY RATE]
9/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
9/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
9/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/1/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/1/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/8/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/8/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/15/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/15/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/22/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/22/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/29/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/29/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/5/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,175 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/3/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,095 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$1,175 [WEEKLY RATE]


Amenities for 2016
Unit Number B641T
Name Time Out Of Mind
Neighborhood Snow Geese Dunes
Check in Day Saturday
Check-in Office Duck
Location Oceanside
Distance to Beach Less than 500 feet
Bedrooms 4
MBRs 0
Baths 2 Full
Parking Parking for 4
No Pets Allowed
Hot Tub
BBQ Charcoal
No Smoking
Twiddy Traditional
Cable TV
Screened Porch
Basketball Goal
Welcome Program
Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Standard Amenities
Street Address 122 N Snow Geese Drive, Duck, NC 27949


Lissa 9/26/2015

Joe 8/8/2015

We really enjoyed our stay. The proximity to the beach was fantastic and the ocean views from the deck were lovely. The home was very clean and nicely decorated.

Kim 7/18/2015

This home was perfect for our four person family. We were able to live on just the first floor with the living area. The house was cozy and the owners had an eclectic decorating style that really made the home interesting. The location from the sound bridge is good, and proximity to downtown Duck is nice. Short walk to the beach was nice as well. Twiddy made check in and check out very easy. Lots of screened porch area to find just the right spot to sit.

James 5/9/2015

Q & A

7 Questions Asked By Guests

  1. Is there a fitness center nearby that offers weekly passes? Is there a DVD player in the home?

    Asked by Nikki 8/18/2015

    Answer Nikki, the Adult Fitness Center, located in Southern Shores, offers the option to purchase daily or weekly memberships. For additional information, please contact the office at 1-800-489-4339.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/20/2015
  2. Can we walk to the beach from the home? or do we have to drive? Wasn't sure if there was boardwalk or beach access from the home.

    Asked by lauren 6/1/2015

    Answer Lauren, the closest beach access is located approximately 390 feet from the home, roughly a 1 minute walk.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/1/2015
  3. What size beds are in this home?

    Asked by Jim 5/9/2015

    Answer Jim, B641T provides 2 queen beds and 4 twin beds.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/9/2015
  4. Is there a community pool and how many TV's are there?

    Asked by Diane brown 4/12/2015

    Answer Great questions, Diane! B641T does not have access to a community pool. Upon our last detailed inspection of the home there were 4 TVs in the home, one in the den area, one in the living room, one in the level 3 twin bedroom and level 3 queen bedroom. Please keep in mind, bedroom TVs are not advertised or guaranteed amenities and are subject to change at any time.

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/13/2015
  5. Does this home have pillows and blankets?

    Asked by Annemarie 7/7/2014

    Answer Yes Annemaire, pillows, blankets, mattress covers, and spreads or comforters are provided; it is just the sheets and towels you would need to bring or rent!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/9/2014
  6. Does this property have a washer and dryer?

    Asked by Jennifer 7/30/2013

    Answer Great question, Jennifer! A washer and dryer is a standard amenity in every Twiddy vacation home. You can find a list of all Twiddy standard amenities here, www.twiddy.com/abbreviations-definitions.aspx#stfurneq.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/30/2013
  7. Is this House available for half a week?

    Asked by Robert White 5/2/2013

    Answer Hello Robert, great question! B641T only offers full week reservations.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/2/2013