Black Pearl Semi-Oceanfront Home in Whalehead Corolla


Updates for 2016 include all new carpets!
This semi-oceanfront vacation retreat captures the unique charm of the Outer Banks and offers ocean views and easy beach access. Relax by the indoor pool and sauna or by the outdoor pool with cabana bar. The elevator makes unloading and navigating from level to level a breeze! Conveniently located within walking distance of shopping and dining at the Timbuck II shopping center.

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Unit Number
Black Pearl
Check in Day
Check-in Office
Distance to Beach
11 Full 1 Half
Parking for 10
Heated Private
Pool Size
Heated Pool
Not Avail July/Aug
Heated Pool Fee
$400 Plus Tax
Private Pool Dates
Fireplace Availability




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2016 Rates

5/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/1/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/1/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/8/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/8/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/15/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/15/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/22/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$3,040 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/22/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/29/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$3,040 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/29/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/5/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
11/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/3/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,990 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$4,490 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$4,490 [WEEKLY RATE]


Amenities for 2016
Unit Number J20802
Name Black Pearl
Neighborhood Whalehead
Check in Day Saturday
Check-in Office Corolla
Location Semi-Oceanfront
Distance to Beach Semi-Oceanfront
Bedrooms 10
MBRs 10
Baths 11 Full 1 Half
Parking Parking for 10
Pool Heated Private
Pool Size 18x36
Heated Pool Not Avail July/Aug
Heated Pool Fee $400 Plus Tax
Private Pool Dates 4/30-10/15
Pool Alarm
No Pets Allowed
Hot Tub
Poolside Cabana
Linens Provided
Towels Provided
Pool Table
Wet Bar
Gas Fireplace
Fireplace Availability 1/1-4/8;10/16-12/31
No Smoking
Whirlpool Tub
Cable TV
Keyless Entry
Municipal Water
Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Standard Amenities
Street Address 802 Lighthouse Drive, Corolla, NC 27927


Ronald 9/12/2015

Gaile 8/8/2015

Nicely designed house VERY close to the beach and stores/restaurants. This home is well outfitted with dinnerware. Not noisy. Beds are comfy. The ice maker and wine chiller are a nice bonus.

Martin 8/1/2015

This house was perfect for my family. We loved the location, the views, the layout of the house, everything! I wish we had another big family trip so I could go to this house again!

Debra 7/4/2015

Beautiful house! Love the large wrap around decks. It was perfect for our needs and size of group. Loved the location! It was close to the Food Lion and shopping. We had a great week! Thank You.

Mary 6/20/2015

Ryan 6/13/2015

Metin 4/4/2015

Q & A

27 Questions Asked By Guests

  1. Hi, we are interested in this house because of the heated pool option. I just want to clarify if it is the indoor or outdoor pool that is heated, or both?

    Asked by Lori 10/13/2015

    Answer Thank you for your interest in J20802, Lori! The indoor pool at J20802 offers the option of being heated for an additional fee. The outdoor pool does not offer the option of being heated. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/15/2015
  2. Is there more than one table in the dining area as I count room enough for 12 at what appears to be the only dining table?

    Asked by Lynn 7/14/2015

    Answer Great question, Lynn! J20802 currently provides 2 dining room tables. You can view a glimpse of the second table on the right side of Image #12. The second table seats 8 guests and there are also 6 bar stools.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/16/2015
  3. Do you have to go outside to enter the indoor pool or is there a sliding door in the game room? Thanks and make it a great day!

    Asked by Jim 3/1/2015

    Answer This is an excellent question, Jim! You do not need to go outside to enter the indoor pool area. There is a slider door entrance straight from the interior of the home.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/2/2015
  4. Is the outdoor fireplace available any time? I think from what I read it is gas.

    Asked by Amy 1/24/2015

    Answer Amy, the indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces are available January 1 - April 9 and October 10 - December 31, 2015.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/24/2015
  5. Are there working tv's in every room bedroom? (ran into issues last year) Is there an ice machine by chance? And do all of the King/Queen bedrooms have an outside access or deck access?

    Asked by Amy 1/21/2015

    Answer Amy, the home currently provides a television in every bedroom. All of the L2 & L3 MBRs have deck access and the home currently provides and ice maker. Please keep in mind that televisions and ice makers are not guaranteed amenities and are subject to change at any time.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/23/2015
  6. Is the indoor pool w/ heat available in Feb/March 2015 and at what cost?

    Asked by Bill 12/21/2014

    Answer Hi Bill, the indoor pool is available year round and the cost to add the optional heat for 2015 is $400 (plus tax). Please fee free to contact our office at 1-800-489-4339 if you have additional questions.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/21/2014
  7. The outside cabana area now states a bar is included in the overview, however, the pictures of the cabana area show 2 tables and seating. Can you confirm a bar is included? I am thinking this may have been a recent addition. Thank you,

    Asked by Jen 7/28/2014

    Answer Jen, the bar area is located in the L1 rec room as seen in photo number 5 of the slideshow.

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/5/2014
  8. Can you tell which bedrooms have the duo/tr. beds in them? Thanks!

    Asked by george 8/6/2014

    Answer Hello, George! Thank you for inquiring. The Duo/Tr are located in 2 of the Master Bedrooms on level 1. The third set is in a Master Bedroom on level 2.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/29/2014
  9. Is there a pack and play at the house or portable crib?

    Asked by GB 8/3/2014

    Answer GB, baby equipment is not a standard amenity for Twiddy homes. If you would like to rent baby equipment for your stay, Just for the Beach, Moneysworth, and Ocean Atlantic Rentals all provide baby equipment rentals. For contact information, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/9/2014
  10. Hello, 3 questions 1st does the top floor bedroom have an ocean view? 2nd any idea roughly what the cost would be to rent the house the weekend of March 28th -April 4th 2015? 3rd will both pools be open at that time?

    Asked by Dana 7/7/2014

    Answer Hi Dana, the L3 MBR does not have an ocean view. The indoor pool is available year round with the option of pool heat for an additional fee. The outdoor pool is available from April 26 - October 11 without the option of pool heat. 2015 rates will be available in the fall. In the meantime, you can use the previous 2014 rates as a ballpark estimate for 2015. You can view previous 2014 rates and 2015 availability on the website, for weeks that have already passed, under the Availability tab. We can search for available homes and book Advance Property Holds 51 weeks in advance of the arrival date. For more information on Advance Property Holds, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/7/2014
  11. Does it have sheets? Do we need to bring hair dryers?

    Asked by Michelle 4/7/2014

    Answer Michelle, this home does provide bath towels and bed linens but hair dryers are not a standard amenity provided within our properties. Please visit for a list of all standard amenities that a provided at each home.

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/8/2014
  12. The room that has duo/tr. Is that a room with a bunk bed and a single bed with a bed under it in the same room? Or is it just a bunk bed only?

    Asked by sue 3/17/2014

    Answer Great question, Sue! All of the rooms advertised as a Duo/Tr have a Duo Bunk (Bunk set with a double bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top) with a Trundle underneath that pulls out.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/17/2014
  13. How does the pool heat work? Will the pool be warm when we get there?

    Asked by Shannon 2/20/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Shannon! Heated pools are generally able to reach a maximum temperature range of 75 to 80 degrees. Please note pool heaters are delicate amenities. Their effectiveness is subject to the climate, weather conditions and ambient air temperature. It takes approximately 48 hours for the pool to reach its maximum temperature.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/20/2014
  14. Do you have more pictures of the house?

    Asked by Sue 1/21/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Sue! Unfortunately, we do not have additional photos of J20802. All available photos are currently provided online.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/23/2014
  15. Can you drive onto the beach there or are the tracks I see in the aerial pic from emergency vehicles?

    Asked by Ron 1/15/2014

    Answer Hi Ron! Great question! Driving on the beaches in the paved area of Corolla is not permitted during the peak season; however the Whalehead area, where J20802 is located, is just a short drive to the 4x4 beach access where 4-wheel driving is permitted year round.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/15/2014
  16. I see a question and answer referring to the pool alarm. Is there an alarm? If so, for both pools or just the indoor or outdoor pool?

    Asked by Mary Ellen 1/15/2014

    Answer Hi Mary Ellen! Excellent question! As a safety feature, both the indoor and outdoor pools have alarms.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/15/2014
  17. Does the pool outside go deeper? How many fits in the hot tub?

    Asked by Sue 12/30/2013

    Answer Good afternoon, Sue! The average depth of our pools are about 5' to 6' and the hot tubs generally fit 4 to 6 people, unless otherwise advertised.

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/30/2013
  18. I was just wondering what the rates are typically for the last week of the year. We are looking to rent from 12/27 or 12/28 for the week.

    Asked by Alyssa 12/26/2013

    Answer Thanks for the inquiry Alyssa! The weekly rental rate for the week you've requested in 2014 is $4490. Please call us at 800-489-4339 if you would like to reserve!

    Answered by Twiddy on 12/28/2013
  19. Are cribs available for rent?

    Asked by Beth 11/17/2013

    Answer Beth, we do not rent baby equipment ourselves at Twiddy, but the Services link on this page of our web site will provide contact information for the equipment rental companies we recommend:

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/17/2013
  20. Is there a rice cooker (if so how many cups)? A bread machine? A Slow Cooker (again how big)? A deep fryer? -Thanks!

    Asked by KJ 10/10/2013

    Answer KJ, rice cookers, bread makers, crock pots, and deep fryers are not standard amenities for our homes. We would recommend bringing these types of items with you if you know you'll need it during your stay. To view our list of standard amenities, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/11/2013
  21. Is there a blu-ray player?

    Asked by CS 10/10/2013

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, CS! J20802 does not currently provide a Blu-ray player, however, it does provide multiple DVD players.

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/10/2013
  22. We were wondering if the kitchen has a double oven?

    Asked by Renee 10/1/2013

    Answer Yes Renee, this home does have a double oven in the kitchen; the cooktop is located in the center island!

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/2/2013
  23. What were the August 18th and 24th rates for this home this year. Thanks

    Asked by Janine 9/2/2013

    Answer Janine, the base rental fee for those weeks of 2013 were $10,470, and $8270, respectively!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/2/2013
  24. Hi TWIDDY! How many cars can park at Black Pearl? Are the grills charcoal or gas?

    Asked by Shas 8/8/2013

    Answer Shas, J20802 advertises parking for up to 10 vehicles and a gas grill.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/10/2013
  25. Does the house have an outdoor shower/bathroom? What is included in the cabana? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Asked by Kas Carey 7/23/2013

    Answer Hello Kas! The Black Pearl does not offer an outdoor bathroom but it does include an outside shower. Outside showers are a standard amenity found in each Twiddy Home. This home does have a nice Cabana area located next to the pool offering guests outdoor seating, shade, and an outdoor fireplace (check amenities for availability).

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/26/2013
  26. We are interested in a July 2014 family reunion - can we discuss availability and rate? Thanks!

    Asked by Chris Gilbert 6/8/2013

    Answer Great question, Chris! We can search for available homes and book Advance Property Holds 51 weeks in advance of the arrival date. Before we can discuss availability for this home we will need your desired week in July to pass this year. For more information on Advance Property Holds, please visit Our 2014 rates should be available in the fall, typically end of October/early November.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/9/2013
  27. How does the pool alarm work?

    Asked by Anthony 5/21/2013

    Answer Anthony, when a pool is alarmed, there is a button or switch on the wall or woodwork near all the doors that have access to the pool area, and high enough to be out of reach of children. An alarm will sound throughout the home if the door is opened without touching the button or switch first.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/23/2013