The Southern Half Semi-Oceanfront Home in swan-beach 4x4


Accessible by 4x4 only. Treat your family to a getaway with many amenities at this beach retreat. The custom-designed kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances is a gourmet’s delight! Look for wild horses and gaze at the ocean from the decks, or just melt into the tranquil setting. Approximately 3.0 miles up the beach.

Pets welcome (2 max., no cats). No additional fee or deposit required.


Unit Number
The Southern Half
Swan Beach
Check in Day
Check-in Office
Distance to Beach
8 Full 1 Half
Parking for 8
Gated Private
Pool Size
Private Pool Dates
4x4 Required




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2016 Rates

2/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
2/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
2/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
2/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
3/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
3/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
4/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]
4/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]
4/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]
4/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
4/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]
4/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,795 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,795 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$3,595 [WEEKLY RATE]
5/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$4,595 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$6,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$6,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
7/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$8,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
8/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$3,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
9/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
9/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/1/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,795 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/1/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/8/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,795 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/8/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/15/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,795 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/15/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/22/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/22/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/29/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/29/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/5/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/3/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,395 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,995 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,995 [WEEKLY RATE]


Amenities for 2016
Unit Number S21596
Name The Southern Half
Neighborhood Swan Beach
Check in Day Saturday
Check-in Office Corolla
Location Semi-Oceanfront
Distance to Beach Semi-Oceanfront
Bedrooms 8
MBRs 7
Baths 8 Full 1 Half
Parking Parking for 8
Pool Gated Private
Pool Size 12x24
Private Pool Dates 4/30-10/15
Pets Allowed
Hot Tub
Linens Provided
Towels Provided
Pool Table
Wet Bar
BBQ Charcoal
Satellite TV
No Smoking
Whirlpool Tub
Private Well
Theatre Room
Keyless Entry
4WheelDr 4x4 Required
Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Standard Amenities
Street Address 1596 Sandpiper Road, 4x4, NC 27927


Kati 9/5/2015

Sheila 8/1/2015

Robin 7/11/2015

William 7/4/2015

Paul 6/20/2015

Stephanie 6/13/2015

This home is well-equipped and easily accommodated our group. It is in extremely close proximity to the beach and its location on the 4 x 4 beach allowed us to segment a portion of the beach to ourselves. Our family never returns to a house that we have vacationed in, solely with the intent of exploring different areas around the US, and after vacationing at this home, there was a suggestion of possibly returning to this house in a few years (if still available). Great experience overall!

Amy 6/6/2015

House has everything you'd need for vacation. Location is great and easy to get to. Furnishings and decor perfect for a casual beach vacation. Not afraid to put your feet up. We have spent the last three years at this house because we love it so much. This year we only needed 4 bedrooms, but still rented this 8 bedroom house.

Susan 5/9/2015

Q & A

17 Questions Asked By Guests

  1. Coming down in July and wondering if there is a place to rent a 4x4 quad runner ( not a truck ) and if they are legal to take to the beach ?

    Asked by Russ 11/15/2015

    Answer That's a great question! Unfortunately, ATVs are strictly prohibited.

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/24/2015
  2. Two questions before we check in in a week. 1) Is there a blender in the kitchen? 2) Do we need to bring our own bath towels?

    Asked by Robin 7/3/2015

    Answer Great questions, Robin! A blender is a standard amenity for every home. To view our list of standard amenities, please visit S21596 provides bed linens and bath towels. Please note beach towels are not provided for any of our homes.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/4/2015
  3. Can you confirm that there are 2 charcoal grills? Do you know the brand and size? Also, do you know how many coffee machines are in the house and the number of cups that the machines can make?

    Asked by Amy 6/3/2015

    Answer Hi Amy! This home does provide 2 park style charcoal grills. Additionally, this home provides 2, 12 cup, standard drip style coffee makers that do require standard filters.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/7/2015
  4. Is there an area to cook and eat outside of the house?

    Asked by Heather Hammock 3/22/2015

    Answer Hi Heather! This home has a charcoal grill outside for you to cook and seating outdoors, but there is no table/formal eating area outdoors.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/22/2015
  5. Is the washing machine high efficiency?

    Asked by Mike 7/1/2014

    Answer Excellent question, Mike! Yes, the washer at S21596 is high efficiency.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/4/2014
  6. there are a bunch of us coming down in June and only one of us has a 4x4 where would the rest of us pary for the week ?

    Asked by Tina 4/27/2014

    Answer Tina, we have satellite parking at the Corolla office for our guests without 4-wheel drive vehicles, and the cars will just need to be registered at check-in to receive a permit for the dashboard; the fee is $30.00 for the week!

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/27/2014
  7. I am wondering how difficult it is to drive to this property? Is the sand deep? Do people generally find themselves getting stuck?

    Asked by Kasandra 3/6/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Kasandra! The 4x4 beach conditions do vary based on the weather and a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended. For more information on driving on the 4x4 beaches, please visit

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/6/2014
  8. Hi~~advertised as 2 charcoal grills would either happen to be able to take a propane tank?

    Asked by Eric 11/23/2013

    Answer Hello Eric! This home advertises two BBQ charcoal grills for your outdoor cooking, not gas grills. If your preference is to cook with Propane you have the option to rent a gas grill for your stay. Here is the contact information for the equipment rental companies we recommend if you would like to look into further. Moneysworth, Just for the Beach, and Ocean Atlantic:

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/23/2013
  9. Is there an iPod docking station in the pool are so that music can be played while everyone is enjoying the pool ?

    Asked by Lindsay 8/20/2013

    Answer No Lindsay, there is no iPod dock advertised at this home!

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/22/2013
  10. Is there a coffee machine? If there is one what type of coffee machine is there (single cup as in a Keurig or multi-cup that requires grounds and a filter)? Thank you.

    Asked by Lindsay 8/20/2013

    Answer LIndsay, most of the coffee pots in our Twiddy homes, are the automatic drip type, with filter; Keurig coffee makers would be advertised as an "extra" amenity if present!

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/22/2013
  11. Evening, Would you be able to tell me how many square feet of living space is in this home?

    Asked by Dawn 7/21/2013

    Answer Hello Dawn! Unfortunately we do not have the exact square footage for The Southern Half. Please give our office a call if we can help to answer any detailed questions!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/22/2013
  12. Do people surf at this beach? I am not sure we should bring our surf boards or not.

    Asked by M. Jones 7/12/2013

    Answer Hi M. Jones! The Outer Banks is a very popular place to ride the waves! If you don't want to pack your surfboards we have local resources who rent surf and paddlboards daily as well as weekly. Give our office a call if you would like their information!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/13/2013
  13. where is the closest boardwalk located?

    Asked by Jamie 6/17/2013

    Answer Hi Jamie! There are no boardwalks along the Outer Banks, but The Southern Half is located semi-oceanfront just two lots back from the waters edge. You can walk right down the same sandy trail that you would drive on to get to the ocean.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/17/2013
  14. What are some of the kid friendly attractions near by?

    Asked by Jamie 6/11/2013

    Answer Jamie, there is nothing commercial in the 4x4 area where this home is located, but in Corolla, which is just about 3.5 miles back down the beach from this home, there is a grass miniature golf course, the Currituck Beach LIghthouse, the Whalehead Club and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education!

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/12/2013

    Asked by JENNY 5/1/2013

    Answer Hello Jenny, movies are not a standard amenity for Twiddy homes. You may want to bring some with you or you can rent movies from any local Red Box.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/1/2013
  16. Do you know if they have garbage pickup ? Is bicycling possible at this location?

    Asked by Jason Crowell 4/28/2013

    Answer Jason, there is garbage pick-up on your check-in/out day and mid-week. There are not roads or paved pathways in the 4X4 area, just sand, so cycling is not easy!

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/28/2013
  17. Can you tell me if this pool is heated ?

    Asked by Jason Crowell 4/15/2013

    Answer Great question Jason! This property does offer a private pool available April 27 - October 12, 2013, however it does not have the heating capability. Please let us know if we can answer any more questions you may have!

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/15/2013