Xanadune Oceanfront Home in north-swan-beach 4x4


Accessible by 4x4 only. "Xanadune" is where you will find a well-appointed beachfront retreat with exceptional ocean views for your coveted beach getaway. It is perfectly situated on a large beach access corner lot which allows an easy drive up or a short walk to the beach.
This 5 bedroom beauty is thoughtfully decorated with vacationers in mind. The lower level den and upper level great room with adjoining open kitchen allow space for everyone to spread out and relax. The screened porch off the kitchen offers additional space to take in the views.
The outside pool and bar area make "Xanadune" a real favorite amongst its vacationing guests. This unique outdoor haven offers an expansive tiki bar with granite countertops perfect for entertaining and the “sports bottom” pool is ideally designed to enjoy hours of fun and games. Approximately 7.2 miles up the beach.

Dogs welcome (2 max.). No additional fee or deposit required.
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Unit Number
North Swan Beach
Check in Day
Check-in Office
Distance to Beach
4 Full 1 Half
Pool Size
Private Pool Dates
Fireplace Availability
4x4 Required




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2016 Rates

5/7/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/14/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/14/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/21/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/21/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
5/28/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
5/28/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$4,595 [WEEKLY RATE]
6/4/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/11/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/11/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/18/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/18/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
6/25/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
6/25/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/2/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/9/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/16/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/16/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/23/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/23/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
7/30/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
7/30/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/6/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/13/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/13/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/20/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/20/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
8/27/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
8/27/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
9/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
9/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/1/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/1/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/8/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/8/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/15/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
10/15/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/22/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,895 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/22/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
10/29/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
10/29/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/5/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/5/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/12/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/12/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/19/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/19/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
11/26/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]
11/26/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/3/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/3/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/10/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/10/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/17/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/17/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/24/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
$1,695 [WEEKLY RATE]
12/24/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
12/31/2016 [DEPARTURE DATE]
12/31/2016 [ARRIVAL DATE]
$2,495 [WEEKLY RATE]



Amenities for 2016
Unit Number T11981
Name Xanadune
Neighborhood North Swan Beach
Check in Day Saturday
Check-in Office Corolla
Location Oceanfront
Distance to Beach Oceanfront
Bedrooms 5
MBRs 3
Baths 4 Full 1 Half
Pool Private
Pool Size 14x35
Private Pool Dates 4/30-10/15
Pets Allowed
Hot Tub
Linens Provided
Towels Provided
Wet Bar
BBQ Charcoal
Gas Fireplace
Fireplace Availability 1/1-4/8;10/16-12/31
Satellite TV
No Smoking
Private Well
Keyless Entry
Screened Porch
4WheelDr 4x4 Required
Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Standard Amenities
Street Address 1981 Sandfiddler Road, 4x4, NC 27927


The owner truly put some thought into this home. Many little comforts that others often don't consider The functionality of the kitchen is amazing, and now with the added refrigerator, it's even better! Everything you could possibly need while away from home has been provided in this home. It seems that no expenses were spared because it's comfortable and cozy and well-maintained. There are usually ten of us who stay here and there's plenty of room to spread out and do our own thing; yet when all together, the layout works just as well to be together yet not feel cramped. They've pretty much made sure that while one is on vacation, everything you could possibly need is there, which makes packing so much easier!! From the incredibly stocked kitchen, to comfortable furniture, extra bedding, and outdoor showers...it's all there!

Kiki 10/3/2015

Marcy 9/26/2015

Tara 8/22/2015

Marcia 8/1/2015

Donna 6/13/2015

Cheryl 6/6/2015

Well equipped home in idyllic setting. Will definitely come again!

Anita 5/9/2015

Justin 4/25/2015

Q & A

22 Questions Asked By Guests

  1. I noticed Xanadune is located next to an empty lot. Is there any construction occurring on this lot now, or planned in the near future?

    Asked by Rachel 3/17/2016

    Answer Rachel, T11981 currently has a neighbor to the north and to the south there is an access ramp. Please visit our "Where's the Beach?" map under the 2016 Availability Calendar for a current aerial view. Please note Twiddy cannot predict construction plans in the area and has no control over construction noise. You may reserve a house at a time when there is no construction in progress nearby, but construction could begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience, but we are not able to facilitate relocations or refunds.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/17/2016
  2. Is there beach access or easy way to walk down to beach from house? Door that leads out from pool or something?

    Asked by Debbie 11/17/2015

    Answer Debbie, T11981 does not have its own private walkway to the beach from the home. However, this home sits next to the access ramp so it is just a short walk (or drive) to the beach.

    Answered by Twiddy on 11/24/2015
  3. What dates will the pool be available for 2016?

    Asked by Chris 8/8/2015

    Answer Great question, Chris! The standard pool availability dates for 2016 will be 4/30 - 10/15/16.

    Answered by Twiddy on 8/17/2015
  4. We will be staying at Xanadune and had a couple of questions. What is the name of the town that it is located in? Also, are there any bike paths nearby? Does the house have beach towels and any sand toys or should we bring our own?

    Asked by Rahila 7/22/2015

    Answer These are great questions, Rahila! The town this home is located in is Corolla for GPS/physical address purposes. However, this home is in North Swan Beach. There are not any bike paths in this area, as it is the 4X4 area and it is only sand roads in this location. The home will provide bed and bath linens and towels, but beach towels are not provided. Beach toys are also not provided at the home, so we do suggest for you to bring your own from home.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/26/2015
  5. Is there an outdoor shower?

    Asked by Tim Symington 6/29/2015

    Answer An outdoor shower is a standard amenity in every Twiddy vacation home. You can find a list of all Twiddy standard amenities here, www.twiddy.com/abbreviations-definitions.aspx#stfurneq.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/30/2015
  6. Does the owner have any plans to build a walkway to the beach?

    Asked by Mary 6/13/2015

    Answer Thank you for your great questions, Mary! The homeowners of T11981 - Xanadune have not informed us of any upcoming plans to add a private walkway to the beach.

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/13/2015
  7. Hi, the house looks beautiful, we are interested in renting the week of 4/18/15, will the hot tub be open for use?

    Asked by Ester 3/16/2015

    Answer We would love the opportunity to host your stay at T11981, Ester! Hots tubs are available for use year-round.

    Answered by Twiddy on 3/17/2015
  8. Are campfires permitted on the beach at this property?

    Asked by Rob 2/8/2015

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Rob! Campfires are strictly prohibited on the beach and at our properties. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/10/2015
  9. Is there direct beach access at this house?

    Asked by lisa 1/18/2015

    Answer Great question, Lisa. This home does not have its own private walkway to the beach from the home. However, this home sits next to the access ramp so it is just a short walk (or drive) to the beach.

    Answered by Twiddy on 1/18/2015
  10. Is the pool heated and is it possible for the pool to remain open for oct 11-18 for an additional charge? Thank you.

    Asked by Candice 7/12/2014

    Answer Hi Candice,the home does not have the option to heat the pool. The available pool dates for the home are from April 26 - October 11, 2014.

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/17/2014
  11. Do we need to bring drinking water or can we drink the water from the tap if we bring something like a Brita?

    Asked by Tara 7/8/2014

    Answer Tara, this home is supplied by well water, which is periodically tested and safe to drink, and there is a water treatment system in the home as well. That being said, the water will probably taste different from what you are used to at home, so bringing some bottled water, just for drinking is something that you may want to do!

    Answered by Twiddy on 7/9/2014
  12. Will the pool be open sept 25 thru oct 1st Is weather still hot & sunny then? Is there central air?

    Asked by Bianca 6/21/2014

    Answer Yes Bianca, the pool for this home is available from April 26 - October 11, 2014. All of our homes have central heat and air; to view a complete list of our standard amenities please visit: www.twiddy.com/abbreviations-definitions.aspx#stfurneq

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/22/2014
  13. Do the horses come down that far and near the house?

    Asked by Mo 5/29/2014

    Answer Hello Mo! The 4x4 area is home to the Corolla Wild Horses. While it is not guaranteed that you will see them from your home, it is possible. They roam the entire area and have been known to hang out in the yards of homes from time to time.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/31/2014
  14. Is there a second refrigerator anywhere in the house or at the outside bar?

    Asked by Tara 5/27/2014

    Answer Tara, there is a second refrigerator in the kitchen; it is a mini-fridge!

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/28/2014
  15. Is the coffee maker a drip, or a keurig type? Also, do we have to provide propane for the gas grill?

    Asked by Tara 5/27/2014

    Answer Thank you for your inquiry, Tara! T11981 currently provides 2 standard drip style coffee makers. Propane is supplied for advertised gas grills.

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/28/2014
  16. When will the pool for Xanadune open up for the season?

    Asked by James Gray 2/25/2014

    Answer Good Morning James! The pool for this home is scheduled to open April 26.

    Answered by Twiddy on 2/26/2014
  17. Floor plan shows an elevator but its not listed in amenities..Is there a working elevator in this house?? Thanks

    Asked by Tim Symington 10/8/2013

    Answer NoTim, there is not an elevator in this home!

    Answered by Twiddy on 10/8/2013
  18. What are the rental fees for mid-August 2014 going to be?

    Asked by Lori 9/16/2013

    Answer Lori, the 2014 rates have not yet been confirmed for this home, but we can tell you, for planning purposes, that the base rental fees for the four weeks of this year were $6295, $5995, $5395, and $4495 respectively!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/18/2013
  19. Does this house now have a gas grill? It did not last year, and the charcoal one was very disappointing.

    Asked by Patty 9/9/2013

    Answer Patty, this home advertises both a charcoal and a gas grill!

    Answered by Twiddy on 9/11/2013
  20. What is the June-July price usually around?

    Asked by Jumar 6/3/2013

    Answer Jumar, the 4 weeks of June this year have a base rental fee of $4095, $5195, $5995, and $6295 respectively, and the July weeks are all $6295!

    Answered by Twiddy on 6/5/2013
  21. Does this house have a washer and dryer?

    Asked by K lee 5/30/2013

    Answer Great question! A washer and dryer is a standard amenity in every Twiddy vacation home. You can find a list of all Twiddy standard amenities here, www.twiddy.com/abbreviations-definitions.aspx#stfurneq

    Answered by Twiddy on 5/31/2013
  22. Does the Pool have a heater?

    Asked by EB 4/28/2013

    Answer No EB, the pool at Xanadune, T11981, does not have the option to be heated!

    Answered by Twiddy on 4/29/2013