May 10, 2022

What to Do in the Outer Banks in May

May we say, what a beautiful month it is!

While the countdown to summer continues, we are finally seeing the sunshine at the end of the tunnel. And May we say, what a beautiful thing that is. Although we love to see summer on the horizon, we savor everything spring has to offer. After all, May on the Outer Banks is filled with fun outdoor activities and events without the sweltering heat! And not only that, but this time of the year brings so many tasty seasonal dishes to the table. Take a look at what we’re doing (and eating) on OBX this month.

what to do in may - surf fishing
what to do in may - surf fishing

Hooked On Surf Fishing

It’s no secret that the Outer Banks is home to world-class fishing year-round. Just check out our Guide to OBX Fishing. Although we boast the best all year, May is when things really start heating up! As the temperatures rise, so do your chances of a successful outing, particularly if you are surf fishing. With migratory fish, like red and black drum, moving along the North Carolina coastline, you have a good shot at bringing home a delicious dinner! But before you head to the beach, make sure you check off all the boxes: do the right research, get the gear, and most importantly, pin down that permit. Do these things, and you’ll be hooked on surf fishing.

Try A Soft Shell Crab

If there can only be one thing you do besides hitting the beach during your stay in May, it is enjoying a true OBX delicacy — the soft shell crab. May marks the beginning of the soft shell season. The warmer weather spawns a growth spurt in blue crabs, causing them to shed their shells. For a very brief time in this process, they are left soft…and delicious. Local crabbers and their families tirelessly work around the clock to harvest this unique fare. To see our behind-the-scenes look into soft shell crabbing and where you can try it yourself, check out Soft Shell Crabbing: A Labor of Love.

what to do in may - lighthouse climb

Go For A Climb

Perhaps you’re looking to step back in time for a glimpse into the rich history of the Outer Banks or maybe you simply want to walk off all that delicious seafood you’ve been eating all week! In any case, we recommend climbing one of our historic lighthouses. While only three out of the five lighthouses allow climbers, many visitors make it a challenge to visit every single one or add a daily climb to their routine. For more information, visit our Guide to OBX Lighthouses: Know Where and When to Go.

star wars - Top 6 Outer Banks Home Theater Rooms

Amazing Amenities

Although we’re one step closer to consistently sunny days, we still have the occasional dreary day…or even a few days. It’s times like these that indoor amenities take center stage, like media and game rooms. Continue celebrating May the Fourth by kicking back in your personal home theater with a Star Wars marathon. Then, top it off by trying your hand at a Star Wars arcade game. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget it was even raining!

Hang Gliding Spectacular

Just like the crabs, this warm weather has us coming out of our shells! May welcomes many exciting events back to the island, including the Hang Gliding Spectacular! Experience the longest-running hang gliding competition in the world. Join professional hang gliders at Jockey’s Ridge State Park on Thursday, May 18, 2023, for this incredible long-standing tradition. Not around for the event but still want to check out hang gliding? Head over to Kitty Hawk Kites for a hang gliding lesson. Or keep your feet on the ground and fly one of their kites!

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Laurel Burgam

Laurel Burgam

May 10, 2022

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