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Announcing a Guest Blog DJ!

Why do people choose one Company over another with their vacations plan?

For more than 40 years, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen us to deliver a place for a wonderful family memory along the Outer Banks. We like to think we know why, but above all, we never stop listening and asking.

Is it the right selection of bedrooms and distance to the warm ocean? Right price at the right time for the kids? Did your neighbors have a great time and mention us to you? Is it because our homeowners set the bar so high in terms of a unique home? How valuable to you is our own hard-earned reputation for getting things right? Or is it your trust in the people who make up the Company?

We believe that the process of making a choice of who to trust your vacation plans with is a combination of all those things. We engage with you to make sure that we represent value to your family in each of those aspects and that you as the customer understand the importance of each one and with the right information make the right decision for you.

This December, in an effort to share our best resources directly with you, we’re doing something different with our Blog–we’re letting our Guest Services team run the whole thing. With the click of a button, they’re live to you with their personal recommendations.

Twiddy Guest Services Front CounterThe entire Company trusts the Guest Services team to deliver great family experiences, great front counter hospitality, great phone engagement, great booking and arrival service, a quick text or tap response, and strong personal relationships with our many repeat guests.

We’re proud to trust them with the Blog this month too. They’re a gifted group, as you may know, and we’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say in terms of what we can learn and how their knowledge can improve your vacations.

We may let other groups “pirate” the Blog as well over time–our Home Maintenance team and Homeowner Services team are always outstanding resources as well.

Thanks in advance to the women and men of our Guest Services team for sharing their ideas, their humor, their experience, and their recommendations directly with our guests. They lent their creativity and opinions for our December blog posts, but they are always available to help you plan your next Outer Banks vacation.

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