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Combining Southern Hospitality with Cutting Edge Data Analytics


Earlier this week, a wonderful article about Twiddy & Company’s use of technology to achieve results for owners and guests popped up on a key Google website. Twiddy’s Marketing Team consults with Analytics Pros, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, to learn how to better utilize data with the goal of creating a more personal relationship with guests and homeowners.


Our collaboration with Analytics Pros and usage of the Google Cloud Platform has been so successful that Google Cloud approached Twiddy & Company for a case study.

Twiddy employees


Better data usage by Twiddy & Company ensures a better overall experience for our guests and homeowners. With newly acquired knowledge of how to harness and use our data, we’re much better equipped in making decisions on how and when to reach out to guests and homeowners. The strong relationship between our Marketing Team and Analytics Pros bridges the gap between the hospitality business and the wide world of data analytics.


We feel that the combination of true Southern hospitality, great service, and a focused approach to data assist us in achieving the goal of helping our guests and owners feel confident that they are making the best decisions. Because when you’re more confident with your decision, you’re more likely to relax. And relaxation is a goal to achieve during any visit to the Outer Banks!


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