Imagine packing your bags and heading to the Outer Banks for a summer-long vacation, living in a house with people that may or may not be complete strangers, and then coming out of it being able to say it was the best summer of your life. Life as a Twiddy intern is just that, nothing less than a surprising and amazing experience. Some of us had met previously at the intern weekend that Twiddy hosts for potential interns, and some of us were heading into the job bravely and blindly. However, to think we hardly knew each other before would come as quite a shock if one were to see us interact now as if we have known each other forever. The Twiddy internship program has done a phenomenal job at making this experience a great one for all of us, inside and outside of the office.

I first ran into Twiddy at a job fair at school. I had heard nothing but amazing things about this internship from various people who have done it or knew people who had done it and was curious to give it a try. Soon enough, I would be heading to Outer Banks for an intern weekend during the school year, into a Twiddy home with eight other potential interns. I remember carpooling with some girls and pulling up to this home full of strangers, our stomachs full of nerves. After spending the weekend with eight total strangers and some full-time Twiddy employees, we were sold. From the start, Twiddy treated us with hospitality and respect, just like their company stands for. After touring offices, homes and the 4×4 beach, we all were in love with the company and their culture. When many of us ended up taking this job opportunity for the summer, we all couldn’t stop talking about it until the time came and we all moved down here!

Twiddy provides housing for the interns, with the eight girls living in Corolla across from the offices here, and the six boys living in Kitty Hawk. There are many other interns who may have their own housing here already, or have worked out another living situation with Twiddy. Having eight girls in the house was something I’m not sure any of us knew what we were getting into, but now we wouldn’t have it any other way. Being thrown into a house with practically strangers turns out to be a fantastic bonding experience. With trips down south to the boys’ house in Kitty Hawk, to group dinners and beach days, we all fell into our places instantly. Twiddy does an amazing job selecting interns, and we all talk about how this group of people just seemed to click right away. What are the odds, within a group of fourteen-plus people, that we would all get along so well? We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to live with, work with, and spend a summer with.

In the office, everyone occupies themselves doing jobs that are a little different. A lot of the boys are out in the field, completing work orders to fix things that go wrong in the houses. Many of the girls work front counter in the offices, assisting guests who come in, sending text messages to guests and answering phone calls. Some are in Marketing, where we take 360-degree virtual tour videos of houses, work with the company’s photo library, as well as the website and social media. On the weekend, it’s all hands on deck for check-in and check-out day, as everyone heads here for their vacation! It can get hectic, but being so busy makes the day go by quickly. Everyone who works at Twiddy is extremely welcoming and accommodating, making you feel comfortable as soon as you begin working. They are always available to help, and always able to answer questions to help you learn and grow in this internship experience.

We all work hard, but we don’t forget to play hard! In the office and out of the office, we are always enjoying ourselves, making the most of the time that we have here at the beach. Although we don’t all have the same days off, the ones who do group together for beach days, spent both in Kitty Hawk and on the 4×4 if we are feeling adventurous. After work one day, everyone got together with a local shop and went paddle boarding and kayaking as a group through the sound. The whole company comes together at two of their annual parties, the Porch Party at the beginning of the summer and the Kickback towards the end. It is amazing to see how much closer everyone gets from the first party to the second, showing us once again that this summer and these people are like no other!

To anyone considering an internship or full-time position with Twiddy, I will always with 100% confidence say to give it a shot. When I think about how I felt first coming down here, I was so nervous and doubtful, having never really spent an entire summer away from home. Now here I am in the office, my second to last day of work, and I never want to leave all of the awesome people I have met and the friends that I’ve made. If I had not taken the leap of faith to move down here with strangers in a new place with a new job, I wouldn’t have met some of my favorite people, both in and out of the office, nor would I have been able to say that I had the best summer of my life here with Twiddy!

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