Florence Dream Team

Hurricane Florence: The Good, the Bad, and the Staged Re-Entry

After forty years, we know the day after a hurricane is a day of many questions and few resources with which to answer them. Home condition updates, vehicle access to the region, guests, homeowners, staff, and simple things too, like lunch, become a matter not of certainty but the unknown.  

Let’s start with what we do know:  As you probably are aware, the Outer Banks is in the process of something called a staged re-entry. In other words, getting to the Outer Banks right now is a bit like boarding an airplane–we do it by zones based on priority. If you’re a guest it might mean a delayed re-entry beginning tomorrow. We know that can be frustrating but please keep in mind a staged re-entry supports our first, second, and third responders in addition to service providers like housekeepers, restaurant teams, cable TV service personnel, HVAC techs, grocery staff, and so on–those are the folks we need in place to make sure you have a great and safe vacation. They’re on the way and it just takes a bit of time to get them here. If that means you have to make other plans, check out The Main hotel in Norfolk or by all means the famous Jefferson Hotel in Richmond–you won’t forget either.

For the record, we’re glad you’re still coming to the Outer Banks.

We know you’re excited and we know we were fortunate to have been spared direct hurricane impacts from Florence. On that note, while we can be relieved we can’t be overly celebratory–what didn’t happen to us did happen to some fellow citizens and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Keep in mind that many of us are having the kind of day that many of them wish they were having. Pause for a moment with that thought in mind as you are tempted by frustration, inconvenience, or delays in travel. We know it’s tough, but let’s keep it in perspective.

That said, we’re excited to get back to our passion which is helping you have a great vacation. We’ll be all set for the most part tomorrow to get you checked in and on your way. Keep an eye on our webpage and social pages for current information. Check NC DOT’s pages, Dare and Currituck’s pages, and check out some regional coverage as well on things like wral.com and witn.com.

Thank you for staying engaged with us and also thank you for coming to the Outer Banks. We look forward to smiles and the stress-free cheer of a vacation. Say a prayer for a moment for our neighbors less fortunate and ask someone in the back seat to research a way to help them. We’ll see you here.

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