Twiddy Corolla Halloween 2019

Halloween Costume Contest, Twiddy Style

Each Halloween, the folks that work at Twiddy & Company challenge each other to come up with the most creative costume. This isn’t just a bunch of hocus pocus, we are serious about Halloween around here! From elaborate homemade costumes to fun characters, Halloween costumes at Twiddy & Company do not disappoint. 


Twiddy Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head

Whether it’s a ghoulish group costume or a charming character, take a look, we have it all! 🎃👻💀


Twiddy Duck Halloween 2019
Duck Office


Twiddy Duck Operations Halloween 2019
Duck Operations Office


Twiddy Logistics Halloween 2019
Logistics Office


Twiddy Corolla Halloween 2019
Corolla Office


Twiddy Halloween Costumes 2019
Creepy and cute


Twiddy Halloween Costumes
Creative and crafty


The official winners of Twiddy & Company’s 2019 Halloween Costume Contest are…


First Place: Twiddy Mario Karts (Members of the North Zone)

Twiddy Mario Karts


Second Place: Jellyfish (Tara in Guest Sales) 

Twiddy jellyfish


Third Place: Bubble Bath (Erin in Guest Services)

Twiddy bathtub costume


That’s a wrap on the 2019 Twiddy & Company Halloween Costume Contest. We wish everyone a fun evening of trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween from Twiddy & Company!


Twiddy Mario Karts

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