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Every Company is Built For Something: Twiddy & Company’s Purpose

Every Company is built for a purpose.  At Twiddy & Company, our team chooses to come to work each and every day around a sense of purpose toward other people and we’ve designed the Company to entirely support that purpose.


As we all watch our nation struggle with the responsibility of our businesses to engage for both economic vibrancy and also a social good, it’s never a bad time to highlight that purpose and share it broadly.


Twiddy & Company is built to do several things and as you learn more about the companies you do business with it’s worth knowing a little bit about why we’re here.


Twiddy intern company purpose

  • First, we’re built to be a great place to work for great people because those great people are the ones who provide great service to our clients and customers.  Even though many of us are working from home right now, that home is overwhelmingly the Outer Banks.  


  • Second, we’re built to deliver a consistently great customer experience that keeps people returning to Twiddy & Company year after year.  Financially, if we do that the numbers will follow.  


  • Third, we’re built upon a strong local footprint that’s designed to make service delivery readily available in-person and make sure our supply chain is fast, available, and effective.  We’re fortunate in that much of our local footprint combines historic preservation and commercial re-use of historic buildings.  In addition, we’ve also designed the composition of the Company as an asset to be nimble and to remain a true family business with a long-term focus.  Most importantly, we’ve designed the working environment within the Company to be collaborative, fast, and agile in the face of our customer–it is the front line that leads us forward.


  • Lastly, we’ve built the Company to sustain a social impact over time that is positive across multiple stakeholder communities.  In short, we simply want both our staff and our customers to be proud of Twiddy & Company as a reputable and dependable partner in their lives.  purpose in people

We are proud to say that while COVID has affected it, it hasn’t in turn defined us–our customer experience has always and will always do that.  Our purpose, in other words, is constant.  


Thank you for your trust in us all these years and we welcome you, as always, to the Outer Banks. 




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