Twiddy Guest Reviews

Twiddy & Company values the opinions of our guests and we make sure we read each Twiddy review you submit to us upon departure. We thrive in hospitality and want to make sure we deliver the best Outer Banks vacation experience that we can to all of our wonderful guests. The following reviews come directly from our guests and are taken from the 2014 Spring, Summer and Fall Departure Surveys we received through email.

You are all wonderful 10/23/2015
Twiddy's service was flawless from the time we reserved the home until we checked out. Please keep doing what you're doing! 10/23/2015
The house field manager (of cleaning services) is always friendly & helpful. She clearly takes pride in maintaining Absolutely Shore 10/30/2015
In my 10 years going to the OBX, this was the best experience I have ever had with a rental company. Kudos to Twiddy for their performance. 10/30/2015
Everyone at the Corolla check in was great. Makes it a pleasure stop in. 10/30/2015
everyone was awesome 11/6/2015
Everyone that I came in contact was wonderful! 11/6/2015
Everyone at Twiddy is super nice 10/30/2015
Every person we talked with before and during our stay was exceptional!! Twiddy went above and beyond to help, 11/23/2015
The two times I have called in over the years the customer service reps were always very courteous, informative and helpful. 11/23/2015
Always friendly and helpful. 9/18/2016
Absolutely the best. Friendly - helpful - courteous - the best! 7/23/2016
Amazing staff 7/9/2016
Front counter staff was, as usual, simply TERRIFIC ! 6/11/2016
After 9 hours in the car there was joking and a welcoming smile. 9/17/2016
Always pleasant, happy, and helpful. 8/14/2016
5 stars, exactly how things should be in your business. Greeted with a smile and an immediate welcome to the OBX/Twiddy.! 9/17/2016
All of the folks I interacted with were really kind and courteous. You really provide great customer service. 8/27/2016
All staff we encountered were polite and helpful! 7/9/2016
Very polite and professional, including outside staff. 7/24/2016
Al the interactions with Twiddy staff were very professional and courteous. 9/3/2016
Always good!! 8/7/2016
Courteous and helpful. 9/18/2016
Always super helpful and friendly. 8/28/2016
Always very friendly and helpful! 6/19/2016
Awesome. It is just so professional and courteous. Your office is very clean and tidy with granite counters and spotless floors, they are dressed very professionally. Just top notch all around. 6/5/2016
As always, the staff at Twiddy is great. They were fast to respond to some difficulties we were experiencing. 9/30/2016
Again, could not ask for better. Greeted in the parking lot, and all of the staff at the counter couldn't have been any nicer. Very helpful crew. 7/9/2016
Again, everyone was kind, professional and made sure that all of my questions were answered. The staff are all very good at what they do. 7/30/2016
As usual, counter staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. They always make a good impression and provide for the start of a great vacation. 8/14/2016
Always very friendly and responsive! 6/5/2016
Check-in on June 18th was also warm, helpful, and gracious. 6/18/2016
Again,very friendly and helpful! 8/7/2016
Always top notch....even though a storm had just passed through, and they were still working with the recovery efforts 9/25/2016
Even with as many people as they are trying to get checked in on a Saturday, the desk staff is always pleasant and offering a sense that they are happy to have us. Even this year, with difficulties from Hermine looming, they still managed to greet us with a smile and as much information as they had available. 9/3/2016
always welcoming and courteous 9/25/2016
Very helpful, even providing wine glasses when our rental home had none. 11/13/2016
All Good 8/13/2016
All good. 8/21/2016
Always a pleasure! 8/20/2016
Always cheerful and happy to see us. 6/11/2016
After driving 2 days to get there, the counter staff was a complete joy to work with! They were so friendly, helpful, funny, and seemed excited that I was there and happy to get me on my way to my new home for the week! What a grand 1st impression! Thank you! 6/26/2016
All staff was courteous and attentive 7/9/2016
All of the Twiddy front counter staff are always very nice and cheerful. 9/17/2016
Awesome awesome awesome!! Becky was amazing! 8/28/2016
Counter staff were great! I was very impressed with Twiddy overall. 7/17/2016
Counter staff was extremely helpful, courteous and friendly especially after a long drive. 8/14/2016
Always cordial, helpful, and pleasant. Equally pleasant on the telephone. 8/13/2016
All staff was super friendly and helpful 7/31/2016
Always have been friendly,helpful and informative. 9/25/2016
Always efficient and pleasant. Moved through a long line of check-ins very quickly! 9/24/2016
Check In was fast and effective. 7/3/2016
Always very helpful and friendly! : ) 9/4/2016
Always friendly and courteous. 9/10/2016
Always exceptionally helpful and friendly! 7/17/2016
Cant say enough good things. Very kind & professional! 9/4/2016
Always cheerful and helpful 7/17/2016
All were very friendly and helpful. 9/17/2016
All of the counter staff interfaced with me in a professional and helpful manner. Cheers to them. 8/28/2016
As always check-in was fast and friendly. 8/27/2016
***** - Five Stars all around, everyone was courteous and very helpful 7/23/2016
Always very helpful! 11/6/2016
All staff were very courteous! 7/24/2016
check in went smoothly and quickly which was great after a long drive. 8/6/2016
Cheerful 9/24/2016
Courteous and friendly! 12/26/2016
By far the best on the outer banks. The ease of the website, registration process and constant full disclosure of all fees and policies makes the planning of ones vacation less stressful. Once there the condition of the rentals is what one expects and anticipates. 6/5/2016
Hannah Sloate was wonderful during check in along with Cherrie and Mary. What a great welcome! 10/30/2016
Customer Service orientated. 6/11/2016
During our stay we stopped in at both the Duck and Corolla office for some general information. The ladies in both offices were very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to chat with. I did not catch the name of the young lady in the duck office on Saturday - but she was SO helpful in discussing the 4x4 area and a potential rental we were interested in. Twiddy has a great staff - and I would gladly rent again from Twiddy because of the wonderful service we received. 11/6/2016
Customer service was excellent both remotely and in person. 6/11/2016
Always friendly and courteous! 9/10/2016
Always friendly & efficient 9/3/2016
Again, I had a very pleasant encounter with the staff. Thank you so very much! An extremely professional organization all around! 9/24/2016
Efficient and friendly! 8/20/2016
Easy check in experience. 9/25/2016
Customer service is excellent. 6/12/2016
Always pleasant and very helpful. 8/27/2016
Easy and informative....great customer service! 9/10/2016
Enjoyed the personal touches at checkin. Also remote keyless entry codes really expedited the process. 7/17/2016
Counter staff did an outstanding job of quickly checking people in even with the high volume of arrivals. 8/14/2016
Check in was a breeze. Staff was personable, and helpful. 7/16/2016
Always so nice, and the guys that put air in our tires we so polite. 7/2/2016
Always very friendly and helpful. We are always so anxious to get in to the house right away and the staff realizes that. They keep you calm and relaxed while we wait. 7/3/2016
Counter staff was very helpful and friendly. 8/27/2016
Courteous, attentive, professional 7/31/2016
Courteous, accommodating as we did arrive a little early for our 1 PM check-in; continued to check on housekeeping services and updated us as services were completed. I observed all of the front counter staff and the same was across the board for all - handing clients dog bowls and treats for pets; sunglasses and earbuds for children, etc. for guests waiting to enter rentals. 7/10/2016
Awesome!! 6/26/2016
Despite the number of people checking in, they were quick and courteous. 9/24/2016
Courteous and professional 8/12/2016
courteous, friendly, efficient 9/24/2016
Counter staff was courteous and helpful. 7/24/2016
Cheerful and helpful 7/23/2016
Always cheerful and friendly! 7/10/2016
Easy, relaxed and very professional 11/13/2016
Counter staff were very helpful when checkig in. 8/27/2016
Counter staff was super helpful!! They also made even pumping up tires fun! 9/18/2016
All of the Twiddy information was accurate and the personnel were always cheerful. 10/15/2016
Cheerful and polite as always 9/4/2016
Check in was quick and easy. Twiddy staff were pleasant and helpful. 9/4/2016
Delightful folks at Twiddy. Great customer service! 5/20/2016
Always delightful! 6/19/2016
Amazingly kind, professional, knowledgeable and helpful! 7/23/2016
Counter staff were courteous and professional upon our arrival. Mid week the Twiddy office personnel were so great to help my wife with an extremely important work issue by accepting a document we forwarded via email so my wife could sign and have it faxed to her office. They were extremely helpful and and git us back to our vacation. 8/27/2016
Could not have been more professional and helpful. 9/24/2016
Checked in and out off hours so did not encounter them 10/8/2016
Always courteous, friendly and very helpful. Love walking in the front door and seeing their smiling and happily greeting faces. 6/5/2016
Did not encounter front counter staff upon arrival as we got to the OB after the office closed. However, I did receive a phone call from one of your staff during the drive down and she was super friendly in providing me with information to get the keys, etc. 7/31/2016
Asked questions, received accurate and helpful andwers 7/10/2016
All very personable 10/29/2016
All staff were friendly. We misplaced a key during the week and went to the office expecting to pay for lost key. Counter staff that day was beyond friendly and understanding. We later found the other key. 9/3/2016
As always very kind and helpful!!!!! 8/28/2016
All Twiddy team members we interacted with over the phone and in person were extremely pleasant and helpful and set such a nice tone for our trip. They were all professional and did all they could to make sure our experience was one to remember. Thanks! 7/23/2016
Always wonderful 7/3/2016
Denise was extremely nice and helpful. 7/23/2016
Always very helpful,polite and upbeat! 6/4/2016
All very friendly and helpful 7/23/2016
As always, everyone at the front desk is courteous, friendly, and helpful! 10/8/2016
As in previous years, the front counter staff were friendly, helpful, courteous - which was appreciated after a long day of driving. 5/29/2016
Communication was excellent! 6/5/2016
Always a pleasure to work with Twiddy staff. Front counter staff was friendly and efficient. 8/13/2016
Efficiency and courtesy noted. 6/25/2016
Always helpful, positive, and efficient. 5/22/2016
Counter staff was extremely helpful and in answering questions. 8/6/2016
check in was super easy, very friendly reception. 8/13/2016
Blair is beyond amazing and patient! She helped with any/all questions I had and was more than willing to go above and beyond! She was friendly and well informed regardless of the question or the number of times I requested information 8/6/2016
Arriving late, I expected the office to be closed. As it turned out, the office was still open when we arrived after 7:00 PM. The man greeting us at the door was extremely friendly and was a great start to our vacation. 6/25/2016
Great Service 8/27/2016
AWESOME! 9/3/2016
Always cheery, friendly and helpful. 6/12/2016
Always a pleasure walking into Twiddy after a 10 hour car ride and seeing all the smiling Twiddy staff :) 9/10/2016
I was greeted outside of the office with a friendly employee. Once in side at the front counter i was immediatley assisted. I was in and out within five minutes. Great customer service! 5/28/2016
All the employees at Twiddy are wonderful! 8/27/2016
as always, the front desk counter staff members are very friendly and helpful. They also had the Cowboys game on, that was nice! 11/20/2016
Always a pleasant experience from start to finish. 6/4/2016
All staff were wonderful, helpful and friendly! 6/11/2016
Awesome and helpful. 8/20/2016
Always super charming and helpful! 8/27/2016
Delightful to deal with and helpful, as usual. 5/29/2016
Always very friendly! 8/20/2016
Ever since we started using Twiddy Realtors for our vacations... we have had excellent service. It's so simple to check in and if we have an issue at the house they have worked with us to get it fixed as soon as possible. I recommend people to Twiddy every chance possible. It's the best place to go! 10/8/2016
Every person I spoke with was wonderful even the day of arrival they helped to guide me in so we didn't get lost. 6/4/2016
Every single staff member was courteous and helpful in a speedy fashion. Exceptional customer service! 6/4/2016
Every time I call the office staff was helpful and very polite excellent! 8/14/2016
Very courteous and knowledgeable. 7/16/2016
Very courteous and plesant. 8/6/2016
Very courteous and simple check in. 6/18/2016
Very courteous! Helpful! Knowledgeable! Greeted in parking lot! 9/18/2016
Very courteous, I always look forward to having vacation start off with the smile and felt eryk g we receive at Twiddy. 8/6/2016
Very friendly - easiest check-in we have had in the OBX. 8/13/2016
Very easy check in / check out, answered all my questions. Great Customer Service 7/9/2016
Very friendly & gave me info about things to do 9/10/2016
You always have exceptional staff from the counter person to the tire guy. We have never had a complaint. You all do a wonderful job. 7/10/2016
Very friendly and accommodating staff! 6/4/2016
Wonderful kind PATIENT people! 10/23/2016
Very friendly and customer oriented. 9/10/2016
Impressive customer service. 7/23/2016
You guys are great. The feeling of arrival at your Duck office was fantastic. It really helps to start your vacation off right. Let me tell you after a long trip on the highway to get to the Outer Banks having someone open the door, say "Hello and Welcome", be helpful and quick at check in, all with a smile and in the AC; that is dong it right. Thanks! 7/17/2016
Front counter staff was very friendly and helpful. 7/9/2016
Very enthusiastic, pleasant, made us feel very welcomed! 9/3/2016
They were extremely helpful and polite. 8/7/2016
WONDERFUL! I think we gave them a little chuckle because we had made a stop at the Corolla Cantina before checking in and we were happy from the delicious food and watermelon margaritas! All the staff were like "don't worry about it, you're on vacation!" They were very informative and through about going over all the information about the 4WD area and have a sweet young man hold the door open for you and telling you to have a wonderful vacation was just the best thing ever! Also the gentlemen assisting with "airing down" were so courteous and incredibly helpful. 7/31/2016
You guys are great!-always cheerful and helpful!!! 6/11/2016
With the few years that we have be dealing in reservations and communicating with me. I can say that from here on out that I will be dealing and making vacations with you. You have made it very easy for me to do so. The front desk staff are always very nice and very helpful. 9/3/2016
Front Counter staff was very friendly. You have a topnotch organization. 8/27/2016
Very friendly and courteous! 7/23/2016
Very friendly and helpful! 7/16/2016
Front counter staff was wonderful, very welcoming, and helped us get out the door quickly which is very important to us! 9/4/2016
They were great! Courteous and friendly and very accommodating. 11/19/2016
They were extremely courteous and walked me through my check-in very efficiently and expeditiously. 8/7/2016
They were friendly and great!! 7/17/2016
They were extremely friendly and welcoming. They definitely lifted my spirits after our long drive. 7/30/2016
They were friendly and courteous, and clarified a few questions that I had quickly and easily. 6/18/2016
They were great! So friendly and accomodating! 8/27/2016
They were extremely helpful and friendly. 7/23/2016
They were great! Very friendly and helpful. My only suggestion would to swap the GatorAid out for Margaritas! 8/13/2016
They were great. Very courteous. 6/25/2016
They are the BEST! I tell everyone to use them. Even checking in they still were kind even though they were going through their own issues with the hurricane. We needed to keep reminding ourselves that we are on vacation they live and work here. They were wonderful! 10/9/2016
They are very helpful and the most friendly I have ever worked with. 8/27/2016
Friendly and informative. 9/17/2016
They were just wonderful. So kind and respectful. And it was very easy and quick to check in and out. Great customer service 8/13/2016
Friendly and quick to check in 9/10/2016
We were greeted with open arms when we got to the office which made the start of vacation even better! 11/20/2016
They were incredibly friendly and quick. 7/31/2016
Staff were friendly and professional. 9/3/2016
Staff were super friendly and courteous and amazingly efficient! 8/7/2016
Very courteous and friendly! 8/13/2016
Staff were very friendly and courteous 9/17/2016
Very courteous and friendly. They even gave me bowls for our 2 dogs and a couple dog treats. 11/12/2016
The staff was extremely helpful and polite. 6/25/2016
Welcoming, prompt, cheerful and very helpful. 6/5/2016
I cannot commend the Corolla office staff enough. We arrived in the midst of Tropical Storm Hermine. We were greeted by staff members in ponchos standing on the front porch, opening doors for us. They welcomed us and apologized for the weather! Our house was not ready yet (as expected) and the staff inside the office was very helpful and apologetic. They gave us a card with our reference number so that we could check on the status as we waited. This was our first time back wth Twiddy after two years with another company. Immediately, the impression was made that we should have never left Twiddy- based solely on how well they were handling this uncontrollable weather event. Major kudos to the team! 9/3/2016
Your staff were super efficient, super friendly, and helpful. I cannot believe we did not have a long line to wait for our keys! I was in and out within five minutes! 7/16/2016
We will not be using any other real estate form other than yours from here on out! Best customer service upon our arrival especially with my kids who just sat in a car for 4.5 hours. 11/19/2016
The Twiddy staff at the Corolla office is always helpful and courteous. 6/11/2016
Twiddy's staff did an excellent job at making the check in an easy process and helping with any needs during our stay. 8/13/2016
Well... We arrived along with Hurricane Matthew, so needless to say it was interesting. When we finally got onto the banks Tuesday morning we were greeted by Clark and Hannah. They were awesome. They went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable while they found us another house to rent since our house was surrounded by about a foot and half of water. They went above and beyond. We were so grateful. 10/9/2016
Your staff at the Corolla office is lovely! I always appreciate their friendliness and desire to help make our stay great. 9/17/2016
The staff was very nice and professional could not have asked for better service. 6/18/2016
Everyone was kind and helpful. 11/5/2016
Girls were very nice & very helpful 6/19/2016
Hannah was superb! 9/18/2016
Your staff was friendly and courteous as always. 10/8/2016
Everyone at arrival was so very friendly and courteous! What a great way to begin! We appreciated being able to check in when we arrived so we would not have to back track through all the traffic to get our packet when the house actually was available! 8/7/2016
Everyone at the front desk is always gracious , friendly and extremely helpful! 9/4/2016
They are always wonderful and considerate. 9/24/2016
Everyone was very friendly and helpful! 7/9/2016
We were running a little late and we received a very nice call regarding our arrival time and what to do if we arrived after hours. This was very nice and helpful! 6/5/2016
They are all professional and courteous. 9/17/2016
They always had a smile on their faces and were very helpful and eager to be of assistance with whatever questions I had. They are very professional and friendly. Couldn't be better. 8/14/2016
Friendly and smiling 10/8/2016
Hannah was a great help to me and my family. 10/10/2016
Staff was friendly, efficient and thorough. All staff encountered on check in day was friendly. 6/25/2016
Excellent---have always gone above and beyond. Brought us a huge cooler full of ice for our party when the ice maker went kaput. 11/6/2016
Very nice and efficient! 7/30/2016
Hannah Sloate was wonderful and helped make our first experience in OBX a great one. 8/6/2016
The staff were all amazing, from the guys holding the door to the desk workers inside. We drove for seven hours and arriving to such an energetic staff, really kicked off our vacation to a great start. 7/16/2016
I cannot remember the name of the young lady who checked us in but she was very friendly and explained everything well. I really appreciated the highlighted map to our rental. 9/24/2016
The Twiddy front counter staff is friendly, professional and VERY patient. 9/18/2016
Everyone at the front desk was very helpful! 7/10/2016
There was even an employee on the porch who was all smiles and welcoming when I got there. 9/18/2016
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. 11/19/2016
Welcoming, professional, courteous,. I can't say enough about the Twiddy staff. The entire experience was top notch. 7/9/2016
Everyone at Twiddy is friendly and helpful, it's a pleasure to visit and check in. 9/10/2016
Everyone was very friendly and helpful and welcoming. 6/26/2016
Everyone at the office, and the people on the porch, were incredibly friendly and helpful. After 8 hours in the car (including 2 in heavy traffic), it was an absolute joy to arrive at the Twiddy office. The ease of checking in and out, and the kindness of Twiddy employees, has made our decision to rent with Twiddy every year we visit the OBX! 7/2/2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE your staff!! 8/27/2016
The ladies at the front counter are always ready to give you a smile and friendly advise. Great crew all around. We will only use Twiddy. 9/11/2016
Loved that they said "Welcome back!" 7/24/2016
They are always courteous and helpful. Would not rent from at other company on the outer banks.. 10/16/2016
They are always so cheerful and pleasant. Cant say anything bad about them!!! They are wonderful!!! 9/17/2016
They always have proved to be helpful and courteous over the 7 years we have dealt with Twiddy. 6/11/2016
Staff was friendly and helpful 7/31/2016
Kristina is very warm and welcoming! Loved the friendliness of the front desk. 9/3/2016
Loved the front desk greeting and atmosphere!! 7/31/2016
Exceptional customer service 7/23/2016
Twiddy's front counter staff has always been friendly with questions answered quickly and satisfactorily. They were particularly helpful this year as we were getting married and had friends sending packages. 7/23/2016
Very courteous and helpful. 7/9/2016
Twiddy's front counter staff is absolutely the BEST. The friendliness and enthusiasm with which we were greeted was amazing. The fact that Twiddy is so dog-friendly is one of the main reasons why we rent through the company. We were greeted with smiles, clear instructions, and lots of treats, attention, and a beautiful bowl for our little puggie. 10/29/2016
The gals welcoming us were excellent. One staff went above and beyond to talk and play with our one year old. She was great suggesting things to do until our house was ready! 9/3/2016
Very friendly and customer service oriented. 7/30/2016
There were plenty of specialists ready to help us check-in. Even though it was the day after the tropical storm blew through everyone could not have been more helpful or pleasant. 9/4/2016
Staff was great! Friendly and knowledgeable 6/11/2016
Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, as usual. 10/9/2016
Exceptional front counter staff. Office was packed with guests checking in. Staff was courteous, pleasant and efficient. Kudos to all of them! 9/11/2016
When we arrived in Duck, I called the front desk to find out the process for checking in. Everything was explained about the texting process to let us know our house was ready. We loved the keyless entry process. Wonderful idea. When we renewed our reservation for next year, the staff were very cooperative in helping me insure our place, Ocean Journey, was secured for next year. Once again, I am very impressed with the Twiddy operation as a whole. Very professional. 8/6/2016
Exceptional staff with incredible knowledge! 7/10/2016
Everyone we interacted with was really pleasant and helpful. 9/10/2016
Very friendly. Look forward to seeing them again next year. 7/10/2016
When I arrived to checkin, the front desk staff was absolutely amazing. It was very refreshing to deal with happy people and could tell they enjoyed their jobs. 7/30/2016
The front counter staff was extremely polite and welcoming. It started our week off on the right foot! 7/24/2016
I found - and always have- that the staff at both the Duck and Corolla Twiddy offices have gone above and beyond to make all accommodations for me... They are courteous, professional, and always friendly! 6/25/2016
From the greeter (a young man) who was so friendly to all of the people at the reception desk, everyone was very gracious, friendly and helpful. 7/17/2016
I called front desk, and easily arranged for my daughter to pick-up keys, as I was 2 hours travel time behind them. Smooth. 9/18/2016
Twiddy's employees are Awesome to deal with, very professional with an added southern hospitality. 8/27/2016
Front counter staff is always courteous and accomandating. The gentlemen outside the Corolla office are very friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. 7/30/2016
Front counter staff and greeters were extremely friendly. It was a pleasure dealing with them! 6/26/2016
Pleasant, courteous, extremely helpful! 9/4/2016
The front counter staff lived up to the expectation that had been set by the reservation staff. 7/17/2016
Front counter staff was awesome!!! 6/11/2016
The front counter staff made my family and I felt extremely welcomed. 8/21/2016
front counter staff was courteous and professional 6/25/2016
Front counter staff was very courteous and accommodating 7/2/2016
Front counter staff was super helpful 7/10/2016
Pleasant and knowledgeable. 6/26/2016
Pleasant, as always! 6/18/2016
The front counter staff was courteous answering my few questions and wishing me a nice stay. 5/28/2016
Front counter staff was extremely helpful and pleasent upon arrival. The reminder to let air out of my tires and the tire pressure gauge was a nice touch. 9/11/2016
Pleasant, courteous and helpful. 7/17/2016
The front counter staff was easy to work with and made the procees quite simple. 6/18/2016
The front counter staff was exceptional! The staff was pleasant and welcoming and the office was similar to a 5-star hotel. 8/6/2016
The front counter staff was excellent! We are arriving at the Outer Banks ready to enjoy a week of fun and the front counter staff had a perfect mix of professionalism, and made us feel like we were about to start a weeks vacation with politeness, humor and provided us with all the information we needed for the week. 6/18/2016
The front counter staff was exceptional; very helpful! 8/20/2016
The front counter staff was fantastic--very friendly, helpful and went out of their way to answer questions and give us all needed information. We have dealt with Twiddy for I believe four years now and the three ladies who were at the front desk on Sunday, June 26, when we checked in were just outstanding. 6/26/2016
The front counter staff was friendly and extremely helpful. 8/14/2016
The front counter staff was great. We went by after we arrived to let them know about pool sticks and lounge chairs by the pool and both were taken care of within 24 hours. 8/6/2016
The front counter staff was great. Everything was quick, easy, and painless when we arrived. We even got to check in a few minutes early! 6/5/2016
Excellent. 8/13/2016
The front counter staff was super-friendly. They processed our check-in quickly and efficiently, as well as providing all the necessary information to ensure that we had a smooth vacation. 10/9/2016
The front counter staff was so welcoming and helpful. They even replaced our dog's bowl when we lost ours. 7/16/2016
Excellent. Very polite and professional (and efficient). I appreciate that Twiddy is well-staffed upon arrival so there is not a lengthy process at check-in. 8/20/2016
Explained everything clearly. 6/11/2016
Extremely courteous upon arrival and departure! 9/24/2016
Staff is better then ever! Keep up the good work! 6/11/2016
Extremely friendly & sweet 7/2/2016
Picking up the keys and welcome information was incredibly smooth and fast. Staff was very polite. 6/25/2016
Extremely friendly and courteous. A great greeting for a long-anticipated vacation. 6/4/2016
Pleasant and cheerful. 7/3/2016
Staff is extremely helpful and friendly and greatly appreciated quick help on house issues. 5/28/2016
Personnel helping with tire pressure at the office were very helpful. 8/27/2016
Plenty of staff at check-in to help out so even though a line process was very fast. Everyone very pleasant, and happy to see you. 8/13/2016
Polite - Knowledgeable - Welcoming 6/25/2016
Polite and courteous! And made the process pleasant in getting us in our vacation home in a timely manner! 6/19/2016
Professional and helpful. I felt that they wanted to help me. 7/16/2016
Polite and helpful. 9/17/2016
Professional and courteous 8/21/2016
Professional and friendly! 6/26/2016
professional and efficient 7/23/2016
Quick and efficient. The check in process couldn't have been easier. Everything was ready for us at check in which after a 5 1/2 hour drive is greatly appreciated. Having a bottle of cold water waiting for me was a nice touch. 7/10/2016
Service was great and our house was wonderful and very clean! 6/4/2016
So energetic and pleasant! 6/18/2016
Excellent communication and customer service. 6/4/2016
I appreciate the emails/reminders including lists of things to bring and places to visit. 6/11/2016
I arrived close to closing time and the front desk person was cheerful and helpful. 6/19/2016
Very nice & very efficient! 9/3/2016
Excellent customer service! 9/10/2016
Very nice, tons of employees in parking lot, porch, and inside checking people in 7/2/2016
Friendly with no complaints. 7/2/2016
Very nice and explained things perfectly. 6/12/2016
Friendly staff. 6/18/2016
Your front counter staff is outstanding. In fact, all the staff both inside and outside was helpful, polite, and all around impressive! 7/23/2016
Helpful and gracious, as always! 9/3/2016
Your online service is easy to navigate. All questions sent via email were answered promptly. From the moment we parked our vehicle on check in day to when we left we were greeted with a friendly face. 6/5/2016
I always find the staff in the office very friendly and helpful. Always feel welcomed and comfortable. Our first visit to OBX we rented w/Twiddy. That was in 1986 and we have tried different realtors but have come back. Our first year was in Corolla Light when it was brand new! 8/7/2016
Have always been friendly since the first year we started coming. 8/13/2016
Helpful and responsive. 8/21/2016
Helpful, friendly and seemed genuinely glad we were there. 8/27/2016
Helpful, pleasant, and welcoming as always. Gave our pup a present! 10/8/2016
Twiddy has always met our expectations... and very friendly and hospitable. 7/9/2016
Twiddy's front counter staff offered exceptional service. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. 5/14/2016
Everyone was very nice and competent. 6/19/2016
Everyone was very nice and helpful. 7/30/2016
Everyone was very nice and easy to deal with. 7/31/2016
Everyone was very personable 6/18/2016
Everything was handled professionally and smoothly. Easy process. 6/18/2016
I always love arriving at the check-in office because your staff is always extremely friendly and happy to help. It was no exception during the storm. Everyone showed the same enthusiasm as as they usually do. Kudos to you and your staff for that! 9/3/2016
Excellent - very healpful and polite. 7/2/2016
Excellent and Friendly 8/13/2016
Excellent as always 9/4/2016
Twiddy made the process simple and efficient. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. 6/5/2016
Twiddy staff is always very polite and helpful. Great people! 8/27/2016
Twiddy staff was great as ALWAYS. 12/24/2016
Excellent customer service. Quick and efficient. 6/11/2016
Very friendly, courteous and helpful. 6/25/2016
Excellent service! 7/23/2016
Twiddy's staff as usual is always welcoming when we arrive and courteous. 8/21/2016
Very friendly, efficient, highly customer service oriented. 9/18/2016
Very friendly, great smiles! 6/19/2016
I love Twiddy! They make the vacation a true vacation and take care of all the booking! Very easy to plan my vacation with Twiddy. 7/24/2016
I received a phone message while I was on my way to the Outer Banks explaining in detail how to check-in once the office was closed. It was very effective and helpful. 6/4/2016
I love Twiddy's staff - they are incredibly efficient & helpful. 6/12/2016
Everyone was lovely. 7/31/2016
I often gauge customer service not by how I am handled, but by how the yellers and the elderly are being handled while I am there. Your office had some of each. Your staff was responsive to all, and my entire check in took about 6 minutes. Probably 3 of those minutes were giving me updated info regarding where to go eat that night in light of hurricane closings. 10/15/2016
Everyone was professional and helpful! 6/4/2016
Everyone was so helpful 7/16/2016
Everyone was nice and helpful when I arrived. 8/5/2016
Everyone was super helpful and great to work with. 6/11/2016
Everyone was very courteous and helpful at the Duck office. 7/16/2016
Everyone was pleasant, helpful, and very nice. 9/4/2016
Everyone was very helpful and informative and friendly. 7/17/2016
Everyone was very helpful,thank you. 9/3/2016
Friendly and very efficient! 7/16/2016
Everyone was very friendly and upbeat. 6/11/2016
The staff were awesome and VERY pleasant. 7/17/2016
Friendly check-in staff. 7/24/2016
Everyone was friendly and helpful. Very impressive customer service 6/4/2016
Office staff was exceptional! 10/30/2016
Everyone was great when we arrived! The gentlemen out front were helpful as was the staff at the check in desk! It was a smooth process. 6/26/2016
Very friendly and informative with what we needed to know for our vacation 7/10/2016
Hannah was very professional and informative. 9/17/2016
One of the best expereinces I have ever had in renting a vacation home. Friendly, outgoing, helpful, cant say enough. Almost want to come back for the service regardless. One of the reasons we left previous vacation spot was lack of service from rental company and homeowner Can't say enough about both here... 8/6/2016
Once again the entire process went very smoothly! Everyone is always so helpful and courteous! 5/28/2016
Very friendly and responsive to our needs 7/9/2016
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Wonderful staff! 6/11/2016
Everyone was very helpful in dealing with this year's reservation and in making plans for next year. You have a friendly and efficient staff. 10/15/2016
Everyone was very helpful 7/2/2016
Love the look of "uniformity" and the sense one is welcome and appreciated! 8/20/2016
our family was greeted by wonderful staff with great attitudes and friendly personalities 7/2/2016
Super good. Mary greeted me upon arrival. Our house wasn't quite ready so I went to freshen up; as soon as I came out of the restroom Mary found me and told me the house was ready. She was also very warm and friendly when I turned in my keys at the end of the week. 7/17/2016
People we dealt with by phone and in person were uniformly courteous and helpful. 10/22/2016
Friendly and welcoming!! 8/7/2016
Everyone was very helpful. 6/3/2016
Outstanding! 8/7/2016
So nice after a long drive in to have check in go so quickly and smoothly! 6/25/2016
The front counter staff was, as always, cheerful and helpful. 9/17/2016
So nice!!!!! The sweetest people. I love how everyone is dressed to impress. Really sets a high standard for the service. You are always greeted when you walking. The staff checks to make sure you have everything you need. They walked me through the steps of lowering your tire pressure and even provided tire pressure gauges! Loved this experience. 9/17/2016
Staff at check in location are always great!! Very friendly, quick and efficient! 7/17/2016
The staff has always been polite, professional, and accomodating. 8/28/2016
The staff was absolutely wonderful when we arrived. We felt like we were staying at a 5 start resort. Twiddy runs an excellent operation. 9/17/2016
So very nice would recommend. 9/17/2016
The staff members who greeted us were courteous, welcoming and well organized. As always, from the moment we stepped out of our SUV we were greeted like family, the door was opened for us and our keys were ready. Everyone had a smile and made us feel at home on the island. 7/10/2016
The staff, front desk, phone, etc. are always pleasant, informative, detailed and professional. Each and everyone truly understands the value of customers, and the image of Twiddy they present to each and every person they deal with...LOVE Twiddy! 9/11/2016
Had multiple contacts with front counter staff during my 2 week stay and they were ALWAYS extremely helpful and I rarely had to wait to get answers or assistance 9/4/2016
The front counter staff were friendly and efficient. Check in time was short and sweet! 8/27/2016
The staff at your front counter in Corolla were a model for their politeness and efficiency. 8/6/2016
The staff has been most patient and helpful in making arrangements for my family to return in 2017. 8/28/2016
Very impressed with greeting team on the steps of office. Haven't been to OBX in over ten years and Corolla has sure grown up! Never greeted by a committee before. 6/4/2016
Twiddy's staff in the Duck NC office were relaxed, friendly and a great way to start our vacation. 12/24/2016
Our blender was broken. Called and the girl at the front desk told me to come pick up new one. It was that easy 8/13/2016
Front Counter staff was fantastic, courtesy and efficient. Had my reservation package and explain all the particulars including the community pool/tennis facility information. 9/18/2016
Front counter staff was very friendly and handled large crowds fast and efficient. 7/9/2016
Our check-in day was Christmas Day, and the staff that had to be there were friendly and helpful. 12/25/2016
Staff at the front desk was very welcoming upon our arrival with above and beyond customer service skills! 7/3/2016
Great staff. Excellent job 6/26/2016
Perfect. Could not have been better! 6/26/2016
Great people very helpful, very nice to talk to 6/25/2016
Perfect! 7/16/2016
Great! 9/4/2016
Professional and friendly as always. We really appreciate how quickly and smoothly the check-in process goes. 6/25/2016
Twiddy staff has always been most helpful and friendly. 10/15/2016
Staff at twiddy is great and always friendly!! 8/13/2016
Great staff... smiling faces and helpful. 6/25/2016
Twiddy staff is always friendly, efficient, and welcoming. 10/2/2016
So helpful and nice! After driving for 8-hrs overnight it was wonderful to see a smile! 8/6/2016
Personable, quick and efficient. 6/4/2016
Staff handled our questions quickly earlier this year when we were in the process of selecting a home. 7/16/2016
Staff was able to answer all of my questions and were very friendly. 9/4/2016
Staff is always friendly and helpful. 9/4/2016
Staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. 6/4/2016
They were very kind & knowledgable. 6/11/2016
Twiddy continues to impress with customer service. Such friendly warm welcomes upon arrival. My daughter loves the first stop at the office to grab the keys!! Definitely one reason why we keep coming back to Twiddy 6/4/2016
They handled everything quickly and explained everything clearly. 6/18/2016
Friendly staff! You all have to deal with so much on turnover day, but every staff member I encountered had a smile and greeted me. 8/6/2016
It was a nice experience - very quick an efficient. I had my 13 month old son with me, and they were so nice to him - made his day by giving him a beach ball. We really appreciated the gesture. 6/19/2016
They were very pleasant and we loved the personalized information! Nice touch! 6/18/2016
They have always been extremely helpful 9/18/2016
So friendly and helpful. 8/6/2016
They had great customer service! 6/11/2016
They greet us with a smile and make the kids feel welcome, too. After a long car ride, it's fun to have the staff toss a beach ball to the kids! 9/4/2016
They are wonderful! 6/12/2016
Twiddy has always made us feel welcome and respond to all of our questions. We recommend them on a regular basis. 9/18/2016
They were all friendly, efficient & helpful. 7/30/2016
They were all very nice, gave us our book and keys and explained the check out process. 7/16/2016
They were always welcoming and very friendly. 6/5/2016
They were all very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. 6/17/2016
They were always helpful and positive! 6/19/2016
They were exceptionally friendly and helpful! I WILL rent with Twiddy again!!! 6/18/2016
They were so helpful and courteous very pleasant and organized. 6/4/2016
They were professional, helpful, & very kind/welcoming. Outstanding to see people smiling/happy 8/28/2016
They were very friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic, especially about the bagels and the Duck Donuts 8/7/2016
They were very helpful and seemed genuinely happy for us. 6/5/2016
They were very friendly; not only to my husband and me but to everyone that walked in while I was waiting. 10/8/2016
They were wonderful. Friendly and very quick. 8/27/2016
They were very helpful, polite, and friendly. Great job! 8/27/2016
They're awesome and gave me dog a bone and a water dish which we're still using in the yard! 8/6/2016
This year I had some health problems, the staff at Twiddy, was so helpful Kind, and considerate. Our family is truly grateful. 5/29/2016
Unbelievable staff! Your a lucky company to have such knowledgeable and friendly people. 9/10/2016
Front counter staff were great although I gave my phone number at check in and never received an alert when my vacation home was ready. It wasn't until I went up to the desk at 405pm and picked up the keys that I knew it was ready. Hopefully it wasn't ready at 2 or 3 and the keys were just sitting there. 6/12/2016
Twiddy always has the best counter staff. So upbeat and nice. This trip our toddler was so over being in the car and one of the ladies gave him a beach ball. Cheered him up immediately! 8/26/2016
Front counter staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Delightful experience 6/25/2016
We were greeted out front with smiles and doors held open for us to walk into more smiles. Wonderful staff! 7/31/2016
We stopped by the office a couple of times for various reasons, and everyone was super-helpful and nice. Such a pleasure dealing with you all! 8/5/2016
We only spent a few minutes at the counter, due to the speed and efficiency of your operation. The woman who assisted me was professional and charismatic. It addition to the counter staff, it was a nice gesture to have someone out front to greet guests and open the door! 9/18/2016
We were greeted personally with a warm welcome & smile at the front door that continued with our check-in assistant! All questions were answered & helpful local information was great! 6/5/2016
Front Counter Staff were very friendly, courteous and helpful. 6/4/2016
You guys really have your act together - very impressed!!!! 7/9/2016
Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. If they're not naturally like that, they fake it very well. 7/24/2016
Everyone has always been consistently nice and pleasant every year when we check in 8/27/2016
Everyone I had spoken to over the year of planning and payment collection was AWESOME! Kudos to everyone! So very helpful and nice! 10/8/2016
Your customer service is and always has been top notch! Very impressed and always recommend Twiddy. 7/2/2016
Everyone from the greeters @ the door to the check-in staff was wonderful! 7/2/2016
Everyone I spoke to was great and kind (esp Courtney) 8/21/2016
Everyone is always extremely friendly and knowledgeable. 10/15/2016
Everyone most courteous and friendly--felt like Southern Hospitality! 6/25/2016
Everyone is extremely friendly and eager to help 9/4/2016
I really would not be able to find nicer, sweeter, and more helpful people!! They're great!! Those who work at Twiddy, could and SHOULD give any people who work with the public, lessons on how to treat customers and how to handle ANY situation in a kind and respectful manner! 10/22/2016
I got a text that we could check into our house early because it was ready for us. I didn't know that was going to be an option, so it was a very pleasant surprise. We were an hour out, so your staff let me add my mom to rental so she could pick up keys which was also appreciated. 6/11/2016
Everyone on phone and in person was very friendly and helpful. 6/11/2016
Everyone so pleasant and friendly 7/3/2016
I talked to the counter staff twice. Once to pick up keys and once to exchange a propane tank. Both times they were helpful, pleasant and courteous. Sorry I did not get their names but good job to all! 8/6/2016
Very hospitable and welcoming. Efficient and professional. 7/1/2016
Unfortunately we ran into some flooding issues on the road our house was on due to Tropical Storm Julia. I thought the staff at Twiddy did the best that they could to ensure our checkin process still went smoothly. Very professional given the circumstances. 9/24/2016
They were smiling, approachable and friendly upon arrival which rates highly for customer service and keeps me coming back! 6/11/2016
The staff is wonderful! 7/9/2016
Excellent in every way 6/18/2016
Staff was very friendly upon checking in 9/25/2016
Excellent Service!! 10/8/2016
Excellent upon arrival and during our visit. 8/21/2016
Very accommodating and very organized. 8/7/2016
Excellent service and personable 7/17/2016
Very friendly, courteous and cooperative. Warm welcome received. 7/2/2016
Staff was very pleasant and welcoming. Appreciate the playground/picnic area at the office in Corolla!! 6/18/2016
Extremely pleasant and showed genuine concern to see we were having the most relaxed vacation. Quick service and even the tech was pleasant. 6/18/2016
Very friendly. I was treated like a friend 10/8/2016
Staff was very polite and professional, very informative about all aspects of the rental. 9/24/2016
Very friendly, courteous and efficient. 9/17/2016
Fantastic I had a friend stay with you the week prior and he left two fishing poles and tackle box for me and when I checked in the girl behind the counter I believe her name was Abby recognize my name and mention that they were fishing rods in the tacklebox for me could not have been happier 8/20/2016
Extremely professional and helpful. 7/30/2016
Front staff was very helpful and pleasant. A welcoming experience. 9/18/2016
Met at the door by a very friendly young man....nice!! 6/12/2016
Front desk staff was very pleasant and helpful 9/4/2016
Fantastic! 6/18/2016
Front counter was very helpful, courteous, and professional. They answered all our questions and the process was quick. 9/24/2016
Mary was great. 6/12/2016
Great customer service! 8/14/2016
Most pleasant check in experience I have ever had. 6/25/2016
The front counter staff were very courteous and helpful, as always. 7/9/2016
The front counter staff were very friendly and welcoming. 6/26/2016
My family has been vacationing in the Outer Banks for 30 years and we have NEVER used anyone besides Twiddy! -The staff are ALWAYS so friendly and so helpful!! :) 6/26/2016
The front desk associate that checked me in was warm, friendly and energetic. It was a great start to an even greater vacation. 9/18/2016
The front desk staff was friendly and professional. 11/19/2016
The front desk greeted me as soon as I entered the room, they were wonderful! You have fabulous employee's. 9/10/2016
no complaints at all. Very happy with Twiddy and all of their staff! 7/16/2016
The front desk staff and anyone we spoke to or emailed was very polite professional and pleasant. 6/5/2016
Nice people. Great experience. 7/30/2016
The front desk staff was so friendly and helpful! What a pleasure! 9/17/2016
Friendly and efficient. 9/3/2016
Was concerned about having to go through a check- in process for a keyless entry home (never did with other rentals) However office was well staffed with helpful and friendly people which made the process fast, smooth and worry free... 9/3/2016
Very professional and courteous. Everything was ready and we were able to start our vacation in minutes from arrival. Stress free. 6/18/2016
The air station for our tires was wonderful! The staff at the desk were lovely as well. 6/26/2016
Super Friendly and very helpful!!!! 7/2/2016
Super staff---couldn't be a nicer group of folks. 9/18/2016
Super friendly and welcoming! 6/26/2016
The check in was very nice. Easiest time we have ever had at a check in. Thank you for having plenty of staff available. 7/31/2016
The check in line was long but the ladies at the desk were efficient and moved everything along smoothly and quickly. They were all pleasant and made check in quick and painless. 9/11/2016
The front counter staff were, as always, extremely courteous, helpful and efficient. 6/4/2016
Front staff were very friendly and welcoming. Process very quick and easy. 6/11/2016
Front counter staff was efficient and quick!! 8/21/2016
Very friendly and welcoming! Efficient process. 7/2/2016
Very friendly and easy to deal with. 8/20/2016
Front staff were very warm and welcoming. Helpful with any questions and concerns. 8/28/2016
They are some of the friendliest people!! 9/10/2016
Very friendly and efficient! 8/27/2016
Everyone was friendly and helpful. 8/6/2016
The front counter and staff deflating and inflating our tires were friendly, courteous, and delightful. 7/23/2016
The entire staff at check in, and check out, were exceptionally friendly and welcoming. 7/3/2016
The counter staff was exceptionally helpful and made me feel comfortable and made sure I knew of all the amenities that came with out rental. 6/25/2016
Excellent! Very Friendly and helpful!! 7/3/2016
Excellent, helpful and pleasant. 9/10/2016
Everyone was very friendly. 7/17/2016
The counter staff were great, as always. 10/16/2016
The counter staff is AWESOME!!! Always a welcoming smile! 8/20/2016
Staff is always friendly and very helpful. They respond and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We wouldn't book with anyone else. 9/23/2016
Excellent, friendly, helpful 6/25/2016
Extremely friendly and helpful!! 9/11/2016
Extremely impressed with the staff at check in - the entire experience was top notch. been renting with several companies over the years in the OBX and this was by far the best, start to finish! Will definitely be renting with and recommending Twiddy going forward 6/11/2016
Fast, efficient and always courteous. 7/24/2016
Fast. Friendly. Informative. 9/3/2016
Extremely pleasant and professional. 7/23/2016
The front counter staff in the Corolla office are ALWAYS friendly and gracious! 11/5/2016
Friendliest in the business at OBX. 7/17/2016
Frieda helped me with some e-mail and scanning issues that I needed to do to resolve an important business matter during our stay in Pine Island. She was great. 6/4/2016
First year booking with Twiddy's everyone was great. 6/5/2016
In spite of arriving on 9/4, the day after the tropical storm moved away from the Outer Banks, the check-in took only a few minutes and the staff was cheerful and helpful. 9/4/2016
I was very impressed and pleased on how courteous and quick the experience was to check in and out. 6/5/2016
It was a difficult day with many guests upset with housing issues due to the flooding from TS Julia, but all the staff was pleasant and friendly. They were helpful with driving suggestions to avoid flooded roads and never got inappropriate with guests. Even when the guests were quite nasty. Plus, I know it seems small, but having the door opened for you upon arrival is very nice and chivalrous. 9/24/2016
Incredibly friendly and helpful 8/20/2016
In/out very quick and everything was so easy! 6/18/2016
Everyone is always very nice. 8/27/2016
We had family issues on the day of arrival that were separating our caravan causing my daughter to arrive earliest and me afterhours.. the staff was very helpful in working this out with minimal impact to us. thank you! 6/11/2016
Everyone is greeted with a smile and is extremely courteous and respectful. I had some new first time OBX visitors with me this time and they were very impressed by the welcome at Twiddy and that you actually had someone opening the door for guests! 9/17/2016
It was amazing. Our reserved house flooded. Hannah called me and I cannot say enough good things about her level of customer service and the overall experience. It basically was barely a blip to out plans. She worked with Brianna?? In Corolla gave us 2 options and we were in the new one by 4:30. I found the experience to be even more amazing as they realized from conversation that we were moving away from other family there same week. They arranged for us to use some amenities that would allow us to still have time together. Their overall caring attitude and willingness to make the change as painless as possible was impressive. Kudos to both of them. They checked in with us until they were sure all was well. They are examples of the reason I have used Twiddy all these years. I cannot thank them enough and we had a great week !! 6/19/2016
Its is great that I was able to meet one of your BEST customer Service Reps, Ms. Lauren Wells. My sister was afraid since she had a different last name that she would have trouble obtaining the key. fortunately Lauren was in the Duck rental office and let me sister have the keys. She has been working with us the last 2 years and she is great. So great in fact everyone I hear that wants to go to OBX I tell them to contact Twiddy and ask for Lauren. 8/7/2016
We needed a new coffee pot and can opener. I went to the Twiddy office and within seconds was handed both!!! That's the Twiddy Experience! 7/2/2016
Everyone is very professional and knowledge. 6/26/2016
While it looked packed upon arrival to Twiddy - I was greeted at front door, and immediately taken care of. A very positive experience 7/3/2016
Everyone was extremely courtesy and helpful. 7/23/2016
Everyone was friendly and helpful. 8/6/2016
Everyone was very enthusiastic and courteous. 10/9/2016
everyone was very friendly and helpful 6/25/2016
Staff were amazing! Very welcoming and helpful. 6/25/2016
Staff were excellent, kind, and very quick with the check in process. 10/15/2016
Incredibly welcoming and friendly! 6/26/2016
Lovely people and so very helpful with local questions. 6/12/2016
Incredibly warm, welcoming, fast and efficient 11/20/2016
Staff were very friendly and helpful! 7/3/2016
Staff is always very helpful and friendly! 9/4/2016
Lovely. Door holding -all three times- in and out - was a nice touch, too. 8/20/2016
I've always found the front desk staff at the Duck office to be very courteous and helpful. It's a pleasure to rent a vacation home @ OBX thru Twiddy. 6/12/2016
Loved the text messaging when the house was ready!! 6/5/2016
Everyone was smiling and happy. 9/10/2016
Staff was wonderful. 9/11/2016
Everyone was EXTREMELY pleasant and helpful. Your customer service was exceptional. 6/12/2016
Staff was great, very pleasant. 6/18/2016
Staff was very friendly and helpful. 9/18/2016
Staff was kind and helpful. 11/6/2016
Staff were very friendly. 8/6/2016
The check in process was very efficient and thorough. All staff we encountered were very polite and friendly. A very gracious and warm start to our week! 6/25/2016
The check in was quick and the staff was very friendly and excited for my vacation. 7/9/2016
The check-in system was efficient and everyone was, as usual, very accommodating and patiently provided information and answered questions to those folks that may be experiencing the area for the first time. 9/10/2016
They are always pleasant and helpful. 9/11/2016
Mary at the front desk was INCREDIBLE. So cheerful, sassy, and a great way for us to begin our vacation. 8/27/2016
Very friendly and efficient. Check-in was very easy as well. The packet from Twiddy was very helpful, especially the places to eat in Corolla. That was perfect, in that we had a large group and sometimes it's hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate. And the places recommended were great, the food was awesome. 6/18/2016
Very friendly and helpful. Really appreciate being greeted at the door by helpful staff 6/11/2016
Very friendly and helpful staff! 6/11/2016
Very friendly and helpful. Always a pleasant experience. 10/30/2016
Very friendly. A very positive experience with the Duck office. 9/10/2016
Very friendly. Very helpful. 7/24/2016
Very friendly, nice personalities 7/2/2016
Very nice, friendly and helpful Just a great experience. 8/13/2016
Very kind, helpful, friendly, professional. All of them, always 9/25/2016
Very friendly staff. They make you feel welcome and explain everything. 6/12/2016
The front counter staff was amazing. They truly go out of their way to make sure we were happy. 9/11/2016
The front counter staff was very helpful to me. I had purchased a cake at Northern Lights that was meant to be a surprise. I needed to store it in a cool place until 4 when we could check in. They gladly helped me with this and kept it safe and sound until I could retrieve it. Thanks! 7/9/2016
The front counter staff was very helpful and welcoming. No need to change anything. 8/20/2016
Friendly, helpful. No issues at all. 6/4/2016
The friendliness of everyone I had any interaction with was excellent. 7/23/2016
Extremely kind, polite, and courteous. 6/25/2016
The front desk staff was very pleasant and helpful. 7/10/2016
Extremely nice and professional 7/3/2016
The counter staff has ALWAYS been great to deal with upon arrival, during our stay and at check-out. I love seeing their smiling faces each time we visit! 9/4/2016
The folks at check in were absolutely professional and helped me after 2 days in my car in a hurricane!! 10/9/2016
Friendly 6/18/2016
friendly 6/11/2016
Friendly & helpful staff 8/28/2016
Everyone with whom we spoke were nice and as helpful as could be. 11/6/2016
Friendly and courteous! 7/16/2016
We had the pleasure of visiting rental offices in Duck and Corolla. Both experiences were amazing. We were greeted with smiles, welcomed, and then supplied with all material needed to check-in and begin out weeks! EACH employee we engaged was extremely professional at the offices and were a truly welcoming group! 6/18/2016
Friendly and energetic. 6/12/2016
Friendly staff was a welcome sight after a long drive 6/25/2016
Excellent! 6/11/2016
Excellent and very helpful. 8/6/2016
Excellent experience!!! 6/26/2016
Excellent staff took care of us. 9/11/2016
Friendly and efficient. Can't ask for more than that. 6/18/2016
Friendly and helpful. 8/21/2016
Friendly, fast, professional 8/6/2016
Fast and professional. A pleasure doing business with you after a long car ride. 8/21/2016
Friendly, professional and efficient! 6/12/2016
The staff at the twiddy office were friendly and informative. Check in was quick even considering the holiday weekend. 7/2/2016
Extremely friendly and helpful. Could not have asked for a better welcome. 6/25/2016
They are always friendly and very helpful. 9/11/2016
Very friendly and helpful with all questions. We had a problem with a TV and Twiddy sent someone right away who resolved the issue. 7/23/2016
The staff at Twiddy's has been outstandingly professional, courteous and highly efficient. 10/9/2016
The staff at the office was awesome!!!! 7/10/2016
Very helpful in all regards. 8/21/2016
We arrived on 10/11/2016 right after Hurricane Matthew. I know that the staff had to be exhausted but all 3 ladies greeted us with smiles and a warm welcome. I think that says a lot for them 10/9/2016
Everyone was professional and knowledge. 6/26/2016
We had a very nice experience! Staff was friendly and helpful!!! Thank you! 9/24/2016
Very pleasant to speak with. Excellent customer service! 5/22/2016
Very friendly. Got us in and out quickly. 8/20/2016
we arrived the week of Hurricane Matthew, on Tuesday, In spite of what your employees went thru that weekend and the challenges your team faced they were very friendly and welcoming 10/9/2016
Excellent and attentive 7/30/2016
Excellent, having someone out front greet you was really cool. 6/19/2016
Fast, professional and pleasant! 8/20/2016
Friendly young man greeted us at the door. Lovely, friendly young lady helped with our checkin. Very impressed with staff. 6/25/2016
Friendly, efficient. Loved check out. Just handed the keys to one of the guys on the front steps. You made it so easy. 6/4/2016
Hannah and Katy were great in assisting in finding us another rental home during Hurricane Matthew aftermath. 10/9/2016
Gracious and accommodating 10/29/2016
Great job. We were running late and they called to check in with us and explanation the after hours check-in process as well as others reminders :) 9/18/2016
Great people and service! 8/21/2016
I couldn't believe that we walked right up... it was like they were waiting just for us. They were kind, friendly and very welcoming especially after a long drive. 7/31/2016
I contacted your office twice before arrival & your staff responded quickly & professionally to my issue. They were very helpful & pleasant. 6/11/2016
I found the front counter staff to be very polite and efficient. 9/18/2016
I didn't get to the office before check-in but called and was given directions on where to find my check-in info in the after-hours box. That took a lot of stress out of my trip to OBX. 8/21/2016
The front of office staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. 10/16/2016
I found the Twiddy app helpful. It notified us that the property was ready for check in earlier than the 4PM check in time which was a helpful notification. 6/5/2016
The front counter staff are awesome, extremely helpful and patient with questions. Great job! 9/18/2016
The front office staff are terrific. They were most cordial and helpful. 10/16/2016
Friendly, professional & courteous!!! 8/28/2016
The ladies at the front counter were very friendly and pleasant upon our check in. They made us feel like very special guests. 11/20/2016
The people when we checked in were wonderful, friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, happy, helpful and a delight! Thank you to a great start to our vacation! 6/4/2016
The staff at the front desk in Duck was pleasant and helpful as always. 9/3/2016
The staff are ALWAYS friendly and helpful! 10/8/2016
Very friendly. Very quick. Everything handled to our utmost satisfaction 6/19/2016
The staff at the front counter was awesome! They were so friendly, professional and the entire check in process was a pleasurable experience. Every single person behind the counter had a big, warm smile on their face. 8/6/2016
I love stopping into Twiddy on my way in. Everyone is so friendly and you bathrooms are so clean. 7/16/2016
Very friendly, quick and efficient. Was in and out of the office in less than 5 minutes when checking in. 6/5/2016
I was greeted with a smile and my check in experience was extremely pleasant and very efficient. 11/20/2016
If we ever need things during our stay, you all are extremely responsive. We really appreciate it. This year our house BFS 65 was ready a little early...what an appreciated treat! 7/10/2016
No matter if it's on the phone or at the counter in the Corolla office, customer service from all is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!! 5/28/2016
I've always loved how fast Twiddy gets us in and out when picking up the check-in packet. 9/18/2016
The counter and phone staff was great. 6/5/2016
I was amazed at how fast I was in and out. They were very friendly and helpful. 7/9/2016
Lovely people! 6/19/2016
The most efficient and courteous check in staff I have ever experienced. You should run a training seminar for the entire travel industry. 7/30/2016
The check-in was smooth and easy and the staff was excellent. 9/18/2016
Very pleasant. Much happier with Twiddy than other rental agencies we've dealt with in the past. 6/4/2016
The counter staff at the office was very friendly and courteous. They had plenty of staff working at check in time so I was in and out very quickly. 6/18/2016
We arrived earlier than anticipated and our home was ready prior to normal check-in time. The people behind the counter were very pleasant and helpful 11/19/2016
We arrived alittle early, 30 minutes and she was extremely helpful in finding out if our rental was ready. Extremely courteous and helpful with all the information I needed to begin our vacation. 7/24/2016
We arrived just ahead of the hurricane. All the front desk staff was excellent. We were checked in swiftly and were able to get settled for a couple hours before the storm closed in around us. 10/8/2016
Friendly, very welcoming. 7/9/2016
We arrived in Duck on Saturday, September 3rd in high winds and rain. We were greeted by a young man who held the door open for us, with a big smile on his face, welcoming us on our vacation. Mary at the front desk was warm, friendly and extremely helpful with our questions. Everyone at Twiddy was wonderful and we appreciate and they should be commended on the fine job they all do. 9/3/2016
Great staff - friendly and helpful! 11/6/2016
Great people to deal with. All smiles and friendly attitudes. 8/7/2016
Was very professional and helpful during our interaction. 9/25/2016