Twiddy Guest Reviews

Twiddy & Company values the opinions of our guests and we make sure we read each Twiddy review you submit to us upon departure. We thrive in hospitality and want to make sure we deliver the best Outer Banks vacation experience that we can to all of our wonderful guests. The following reviews come directly from our guests and are taken from the 2014 Spring, Summer and Fall Departure Surveys we received through email.

Twiddy's employees were able to let us in our vacation home early. The cleaning crew and follow up were excellent too 9/5/2015
The office staff was very friendly upon arrival, and helpful when we had a package delivered! 9/5/2015
I didn't get names, but everyone was especially helpful and accommodating. 9/5/2015
We felt very welcome at the reception. I was hugely impressed 9/5/2015
We appreciated the welcome at Twiddy office when we arrived and the quick check out procedures. 9/5/2015
Everyone we dealt with was helpful, courteous, and pleasant. 9/5/2015
You all were great. Staff was friendly and responsive. Best company I have rented from in the OBX. Kudos. 9/5/2015
Everyone was great!!! 9/16/2015
Your staff was accommodating with a genuine heart! 9/16/2015
Twiddy always ensures that our stay in OBX is the best. 9/25/2015
EVERYONE on the Twiddy Team was great. 9/25/2015
We thought the service we received from office personnel was veryfriendly and accomodating 9/25/2015
The Twiddy Staff are great, always helpful and happy! 10/2/2015
Every person I have been in contact with for the past 2 rentals have been above and beyond. Keep up the great customer service. 10/2/2015
A special thank you to the person cl-eaning the house after we left who found my niece's wallet and contacted the Twiddy office! 9/2/2015
Each interaction was courteous and positive. 10/7/2015
Everyone we encountered in Twiddy office was terrific. Couldn't be happier with the service. 10/2/2015
Everyone we interacted with deserves recognition. All were helpful and pleasant 10/2/2015
Very friendly and courteous at check in!! 10/2/2015
Everybody at the office was great! 10/2/2015
Twiddy has a fabulous system in place for customer service - impressive 10/2/2015
Twiddy is a top notch agency. You have the best people working for you. Your staff is very customer oriented and always gracious and helpful! Twiddy is the only company to do business with when renting a home at the OBX. 10/7/2015
front desk staff was great 10/7/2015
The Duck staff are always so welcoming, smiling & courteous after the long drive . I appreciate their enthusiasm! 10/7/2015
Twiddy staff were friendly and helpful, and did an excellent job keeping us informed of 4x4 beach access conditions during high tide conditions. 10/7/2015
After 23 years of being in that area, you get to know what to look for in a good value and a what a well run, well maintained home looks like. Twiddy has never missed a beat in all that time ! Kudos to Twiddy. We'll be back for 24 :) 10/7/2015
The service from Twiddy was great 10/16/2015
Everyone we had contact with provided outstanding service. 10/16/2015
The entire team was awesome 10/16/2015
Wonderful Service all around!! 10/16/2015
Everyone at Twiddy is amazing! Pleasant, courteous, helpful and always a pleasure to deal with! Thank you for everything!!! 10/16/2015
Everyone was extremely helpful and very nice during all of my questions. They were answered promptly and made me feel at ease due to the uncertain weather conditions. Love love Twiddy, our family has been using them for 20 plus years and always recommend them. 10/16/2015
All of the staff that I dealt with were professional and courtious. They were friendly, had a smile and were helpful. 10/16/2015
We have rented with Twiddy for over 30 years because the houses are always clean and ready for us. and the staff is always responsive to any needs that occur. Twiddy staff is the best! We would not rent from anyone else. Thank you for making our vacations so wonderful. 10/16/2015
You are all wonderful 10/23/2015
Twiddy's service was flawless from the time we reserved the home until we checked out. Please keep doing what you're doing! 10/23/2015
I love the house and the folks at Twiddy were terrific! 10/23/2015
Maintenance was prompt and helpful 10/23/2015
The gentlemen at check in were so nice and helpful. Everything went so smoothly for our first time in the outer banks. Thanks Twiddy, we will be seeing you again. 10/23/2015
The house field manager (of cleaning services) is always friendly & helpful. She clearly takes pride in maintaining Absolutely Shore 10/30/2015
In my 10 years going to the OBX, this was the best experience I have ever had with a rental company. Kudos to Twiddy for their performance. 10/30/2015
Everyone at the Corolla check in was great. Makes it a pleasure stop in. 10/30/2015
everyone was awesome 11/6/2015
Everyone that I came in contact was wonderful! 11/6/2015
Everyone at Twiddy is super nice 10/30/2015
Every person we talked with before and during our stay was exceptional!! Twiddy went above and beyond to help, 11/23/2015
The two times I have called in over the years the customer service reps were always very courteous, informative and helpful. 11/23/2015
All customer agents were polite and helpful 8/25/2015
All the services provided by Twiddy were exceptional. Your company's phone service provides helpful and pleasant responses each time. 8/25/2015
Everyone was very helpful and friendly 8/25/2015
Overall Twiddy does the best job of any realtor we've worked with. 8/25/2015
The team was great, thank you 8/25/2015
Excellent people skills ! 8/25/2015
Everyone was great 8/25/2015
Check in and out staff is amazing! Very friendly and well staffed to get people on their way. 8/25/2015
Everyone at the Corrolla office is always very helpful and lovely. 8/25/2015
Your service people were professional, courteous and prompt. We appreciated the many updates about our vacation and tips from Twiddy. Thank you. 8/25/2015
All Twiddy reps are so nice during the arrival process. Twiddy is wonderful 8/19/2015
Everyone we have encountered at Twiddy has been exceptional. 8/19/2015
We were impressed with everyone we dealt wih. All were professional and courteous. I will definitely plan to rent through Twiddy again in the future. 8/19/2015
I think Twiddy was terrific! I really enjoyed working with them. 8/19/2015
Everyone I dealt with at Twiddy was polite, professional and knowledgeable. 8/19/2015
The people at the check-in were very friendly. 8/19/2015
Twiddy personnel were very courteous and responsive each and every time we contacted them. 8/19/2015
I don't have. Names,but from check in to customer service, all were great! 8/19/2015
Check in service was outstanding as we the help with refilling the tires in Corolla 8/16/2015
The entire staff was extremely helpful 8/16/2015
Ladies at the duck check in were so friendly! 8/16/2015
The team member Tracey S. who checked us in could not have been nicer! Made for an amazing start to our vacation. We love Twiddy and are impressed year to year of the great level of service we receive. 8/16/2015
All staff at check in was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for another amazing vacation Twiddy. 8/16/2015
Couldn't say enough nice things about Twiddy. 8/15/2015
Everyone at the Corolla Office is very friendly, welcoming and helpful. 8/14/2015
You ALL were just terrific! I LOVE Twiddy! Your employees are unfailingly friendly, polite, efficient and very helpful! 8/9/2015
I spoke to 4 different Twiddy employees and they we all extremely courteous and helpful. 8/8/2015
Twiddy did a wonderful job. No complaints at all. The ladies at the check in desk were fantastic! 8/8/2015
Everyone was so positive and helpful. We felt really welcome. 8/7/2015
All staff were great! 8/7/2015
Twiddy, the word professional belongs to you. I talked to various agents and they all were friendly and helpful. While we were there,we visited Twiddy to book for 2016 and were greeted by a fine young man. He was very competent and professional. Can't recall his name. Can't wait for 2016!!!!!! 8/7/2015
Nice to meet pleasant and helpful folks as we embarked on our vacation. 8/7/2015
Twiddy was most efficient and helped in every way. They even located a diamond necklace that accidentally fell down the drain in a bathroom. We were most grateful to have this recovered!!! A big sincere thanks to you. 8/7/2015
Your reservation staff was wonderful 8/7/2015
All employees are very helpful 8/7/2015
Every single employee was helpful and attentive. 8/7/2015
Everyone I spoke with was extremely helpful and polite 8/7/2015
I have already recommended Twiddy to friends! What a great customer service organization! 8/7/2015
Everyone at the Twiddy office was friendly and very helpful. You were made to feel that your visit was important to them. 8/7/2015
Twiddy was the best company Ive dealt with. 8/7/2015
It was a pleasure meeting staff at the Twiddy receptions. 8/7/2015
Entire staff very nice and very helpful 8/7/2015
All associates at Corolla offce were great. customer service and southern hospitality! 8/7/2015
Twiddy is/was wonderful. Best rental company we have experienced, and we went through a lot of them before finding ACC with Twiddy. We regularly tell friends to use Twiddy - best service on the Outer Banks. Very organized. Very friendly. Very helpful. 8/7/2015
Everyone was SOO Friendly and helpful. GREAT STAFF! 8/7/2015
The check in staff were so nice! 8/7/2015
Check in team was very friendly, nice touch after long drive! 8/7/2015
Jason from Maintenance came out to fix a broken kitchen drawer during our stay. Super friendly, helpful, and expedient. 8/5/2015
We felt that the customer service staff was very courteous, helpful and responsive to any concerns. 7/22/2015
Everyone we dealt with was very professional & curteous 7/22/2015
Anyone that I ever encounter at Twiddy is so helpful and courteous 7/22/2015
I didn't even need to speak with anoyone because it was so easy to do online. Twiddy was wonderful and I loved getting the emails as vacation was approaching. Thank you so much! 7/22/2015
We have used several realities on the Outer Banks. Twiddy was by far the best. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I know it is not always easy to keep that smile on your face especially on check-in day. They are wonderful!! 7/22/2015
We have used other rental companies in the past and Twiddy has by far been the best. Very responsive and accommodating. 7/22/2015
Exceptional customer service from everyone that I have ever dealt with at Twiddy. Top-notch customer service! 7/22/2015
Everyone I talked with or met in person were very friendly and professional. 7/22/2015
Twiddy was responsive to a service call we made and during the process of actually booking the home. That is why we have used Twiddy during the seven times we have been to the Outer Banks. If we return we will definitely use Twiddy to book our home and have referred you to others. 7/22/2015
Brendon helped me with early check in and linen issues. Did exactly what he said he was going to do. Thank you Brendon 7/22/2015
Alex did a wonderful job introducing us to our home upon our arrival and showing us around! 7/22/2015
Every one of individuals I have spoken to over the course of our reservations has been professional, courteous and friendly. 7/15/2015
Twiddy was and always has been very customer friendly. The little bathroom soaps, etc. were a nice touch. I would recommend Twiddy to anyone I knew that wanted to rent at the Outer Banks. Thank you for another good year! 7/15/2015
Blair was helpful and responsive. Very clear and concise email back to me in a timely fashion. Much appreciated. 7/15/2015
Each person I spoke with was very helpful! 7/12/2015
We really enjoyed working with Twiddy and will definitely use Twiddy again when renting in the Outer Banks! 7/8/2015
Ian did an exceptional job! We were booked in a gross hotel and were looking for a different place to stay. We stopped into the office and with in an hour, Ian had a CLEAN house ready to go for us. 7/2/2015
Julie listened to my ranting about 2014 house, called to make sure our 2015 was all we hoped for...great follow-up 7/2/2015
We'd like to thank Ally - a bag of our clothing ended up in a trash bin instead of our car; Ally was responsible for our getting them back!! 7/2/2015
Twiddy folks were AMAZING. We've used various rental agents in Hatteras/Frisco/Salvo for 35 years. None compare to Twiddys customer service from the initial reservation to walking in to your Corolla office on check-in day & having those wonderful gentlemen greeting us at the door so friendly & helpful. The young lady Abbey who checked us in was so sweet & gracious. Everyone was smiling & laughing. It felt like a party was going on in there. SO different than what we've experienced. 7/2/2015
I just want to thank the associates for being patient with us because I know all the couples were amped to get to the house and they kept bugging the office about early check-in. 6/26/2015
Was very pleased with location and amenities . One of our dogs got out and we were very thankful that Twiddy got hold of us and took care of the situation. Thank you. Everyone on your staff was very pleasant and helpful. 6/26/2015
Each person I encountered from the desk to the phone to maintenance could not have been nicer. 6/26/2015
The trip was everyting and more than expected, especially not being in the area before. Another week would have been over the top ! The experience with Twiddy from the start of searching for a beach house through the entire process was very professional and gives you a feeling that they want to see you come back ! 6/26/2015
The 4 generations had an absolutely superb vacation. We couldn't have asked for more and very much appreciated this home and all of it's amenities. We used the user-friendly website to locate and book this home and the staff was extremely polite and helpful during the whole process. We are looking forward to doing business with Twiddy in the future. 6/26/2015
Nothing. Twiddy staff and organization was great, polite, and so helpful. Felt like I was a resident of the OBX. Thank you!! 6/26/2015
Twiddy makes planning a beach week a breeze! We have rented Twiddy homes for many years and love having everything ready when we arrive. Effortless vacationing at its best! 6/26/2015
I interacted face to face and over the phone with many employees and each one was exemplary in every way 6/26/2015
We have vacationed on the Outer Banks for many years, and this is the first time we used Twiddy as our realty company. We were very pleased with the house and the responsiveness of the staff to any requests we had during our stay. We will rent from Twiddy again for sure. 6/26/2015
Julie took care of a customer service issue for us. She was wonderful to work with! Everyone we came in contact with was great 6/18/2015
Twiddy makes you feel like they care about you having a good vacation. 6/12/2015
Twiddy did a fabulous job from start to finish. For our family's first OBX experience, it was wonderfu 6/12/2015
I do not remember individual names but each and every person that helped along the way made a difference and did so with a smile. 6/12/2015
Twiddy thought of everything, and we were very happy with our rental, we would definitely rent through Twiddy again. 6/11/2015
Edward was AWESOME! He checked in on me to make sure I made it to the house and that all was good. He is great! 6/11/2015
Mary and Raymond both went above and beyond for us when the wifi at the house wasn't working. Both were so nice and willing to help in any way they could. Raymond came to the house on his way home after hours to get everything up and running! Having 3 teenagers in the house, we greatly appreciated them going the extra mile!!! Thanks so much Mary and Raymond!!! 6/11/2015
Denise provided exemplary service in helping to arrange our reservation for 2016. Just outstanding customer service. 6/11/2015
The house was beautiful and Twiddy did an excellent job in cleaning and making sure the home was ready for us for the week! 6/4/2015
Twiddy was awesome I don't think you guys could have made this easier that what you did. I will definitely be back next yea 6/4/2015
I always try to book through Twiddy if I can. There is nothing you could do to make it better! I have no complaints. 6/4/2015
Twiddy has been an excellent company. You are courteous and prompt to respond to any concerns we have had. 6/4/2015
We had a great experience with Twiddy - all questions were answered quickly. The check in process was quite easy.  6/4/2015
Your service, the condition of the home, and the service you gave to our family was excellent. I don't know of anything that your company could have done better. 6/4/2015
The service with Twiddy has been great. Everyone I came into contact with was very friendly and helpful. From my call in to make a payment, to checking in and out at your help desk. Customer service was great. Keep up the good work. 6/4/2015
As usual, you guys provided our family with a wonderful week in paradise. 6/4/2015
I can't imagine a more enjoyable vacation. The home was perfect and beautiful. The location was great and Twiddy staff were friendly and welcoming! 6/4/2015
Twiddy is by far the best! They are helpful, kind and a pleasure to work with when staying in Corolla. 6/4/2015
Vacation experience was very enjoyable. Staff at check-in was very friendly, courteous and helpful. We really appreciated being able to check-in when we first arrived to the area and then receive a call for when the home was ready and available. 6/4/2015
 From booking the house to checking in and the entire week, everything was exceptional. 6/4/2015
Great job on Twiddy's part. Great company model and seamless experience. 6/4/2015
Twiddly was excellent & we will definitely rent through them for our next OBX trip. Twiddy by far have the best inventory of homes & provides an easy rental process. 6/4/2015
Everyone at the Twiddy office was wonderful when we arrived. Very pleasant, upbeat & friendly. Great Job!!!! 6/4/2015
You are a very good company. I loved the friendly service and the smiling faces at the desk. 6/4/2015
Everyone was wonderful, I don't want to work with another company. 6/4/2015
 Twiddy has got to have the nicest group of vacation specialists we have seen in the OBX 6/3/2015
I worked with Courtney W who was great - prompt in getting back to me and was always helpful. 'Would love to work with her again! 6/3/2015
Matt went above and beyond and is still in contact with us. 6/3/2015
Blair went above and beyond for me and my sister whose older dog recently passed away. My sister was given a special gift which brought happy (and sad) tears for her special dog. Thank you! 6/3/2015 V12271 6/3/2015
Renee and Blair were exceptionally helpful and kind. 6/3/2015
Brooke has always been available over the years to talk and meet whenever we had any concerns 6/3/2015
We were very happy with Twiddy. Received a warm greeting when we picked up the key. 5/22/2015
All Twiddy associates who I communicated with before and during our stay were extremely pleasant, kind, and eager to help. I also greatly appreciated the quick response time on emails and phone calls. We will definitely be using Twiddy again. 5/22/2015
Everyone was wonderful ... my personal thanks to Nate for communicating with me about the contest and details relative to the "perks" for my win! 5/22/2015
Nate checked us in! He addressed me by name which was a nice touch and was extremely friendly and helpful! 5/22/2015
 Brendan was extremely helpful and responsive and certainly deserves recognition for his superior customer service skills. 5/22/2015
We were very happy with Twiddy. Received a warm greeting when we picked up the key. 5/22/2015
Garett went out of his way to show us a house that we are renting for next year. Very polite and professional 5/22/2015
Mike and Ron responded to our service needs. They were very pleasant and took care to repair everything on our list. Everyone in the front office was extremely pleasant and helpful. 5/22/2015
Everyone I came in contact with was welcoming, kind and took care of my needs. I have worked with other realty companies & have not been this satisfied with their encounters. Twiddy's staff really does a terrific job! 5/18/2015
Casey was extremely helpful and even followed up with an email to let us know about a listing we asked about. 5/14/2015
Kerry was at my door ten minutes after calling regarding a cable issue that he fixed in less time than that. 4/30/2015
I was extremely impress with our Twiddy experience. I literally cannot think of anything I'd want done differently in terms of rental agency responsibilities. 4/30/2015
Pam's communication was above and beyond when it came to questions being answered and getting things done for us before our arrival. 4/30/2015
Twiddy was great before, during & after this vacation. Very professional & courteous. 4/23/2015
Tracey made my stay not only an enjoyable one, but went above and beyond when a situation arose. Casey assisted me throughout the process, which was far from an easy one to coordinate when dealing with 15 adults all living in different areas, and was also extremely pleasant to work with. 4/18/2015
Each year we return to the OBX; it is the professional team at Twiddy that greets our arrival with continued professionalism, valuable knowledge and sincere smiles! 4/18/2015
We would never use anyone else but Twiddy. They answered all of my e-mails promptly even alerting us, 2 days before our trip, to possible traffic/roadwork in certain areas. The staff is always friendly and they have everything ready and organized when you arrive. 4/18/2015
Ian was great. We connected via Twitter. Everyone with whom we spoke though is very service oriented and friendly. 4/15/2015
Twiddy is the exemplar for how a vacation home rental service should run! From the incredible website to the ease of checking in/out -- PERFECT! 4/15/2015
Chris came out to the house to make some minor adjustments to our cable input. He left a very courteous note explaining the problem and the corrections he had made. 4/10/2015
Casey at check in was wonderful. Very upbeat. 4/10/2015
Kathy did an exceptional job helping me to choose the home with the features we were looking for. She was patient, explained everything thoroughly, had invaluable input and did an overall great job. 4/10/2015
Blair was extremely prompt in her replies to my inquiries. Renee and Courtney also were very helpful. 4/10/2015
The manager, Pam, who helped me to rearrange our rental property due to the water damage on the original rental property was extremely courteous and helpful. 4/10/2015
I could not think of anything more that Twiddy could have done better to make our vacation more enjoyable, we were very satisfied with the service. 4/10/2015
Your customer service is top notch. 4/10/2015
The gentleman that came and promptly fixed the microwave was great!! I think his name was Otto. 4/3/2015
Everyone we spoke to was amazing. Seriously. I spoke to probably 6 different people and each one was so helpful. 3/24/2015
The staff and team @ Twiddy is wonderful. Best of all your website ease and information is by far the best out there - makes choices in vacation rental options a breeze. 3/24/2015
Tracey was courteous welcomed us and checked to see the earliest that we could. Start our vacation in the home. Got us a key code and offered that if we needed anything to call. A much appreciated comment 3/5/2015
Not sure his name, but when we arrived TV was not hooked up correctly. We called and they sent someone out quickly, he resolved the problem and went above and beyond to try and help. 3/5/2015
Twiddy has always been a pleasure to rent with. Everyone is always very friendly on the phone or at their office. 11/6/2014
From the moment we entered the "Twiddy Corolla Rental Office" until we departed, we were treated with the upmost courtesy! "Twiddy & Company" has an excellent "front desk" demeanor as well as a "behind the scenes" one as well! Everyone that was involved with the "wonderful experience" we had during this week should be highly commended! Our accommodations were of the highest standards in cleanliness, conveniences and amenities! 11/6/2014
We continue to be impressed with the service that Twiddy offers. Everyone we encountered was very nice, and everything was so clean. 11/6/2014
We switched to Twiddy for Outer Banks rentals several years ago and wish we had done it sooner. Everyone is wonderful! All our questions/concerns are addressed immediately. 11/6/2014
We have been coming to OBX for more than 40 years and use only 2 realtors normally. However after searching and finding the Twiddy website we decided to try them. We will NOT be using anyone else in our future reservations. The house was exactly as described and more than we had hoped at the value that we received. The staff was helpful, courteous, friendly and professional. Very positive experience. 11/6/2014
The entire experience was a pleasure. The moment I started to research the houses available, the Twiddy staff was pleasant and very helpful. Anytime I called with questions, I was treated with respect and was always completely satisfied with the answers. Check-in was a nice experience as well. They were extremely helpful and courteous. I was nervous about driving in the 4x4 area for the first time, and they assured me everything would be okay. They helped me lower my air pressure and gave me helpful hints and eased my stress. 11/6/2014
Everything was exceptional. Every time I contacted customer service they were helpful and friendly 11/6/2014
Twiddy does an excellent job of making it easy to book and enjoy vacations. The ease of use of the website was of utmost convenience. 10/15/2014
Twiddy was extremely helpful and easy to work with. We will definitely be using Twiddy again in the future! 10/15/2014
Our vacation was as smooth as it always is. We have been using Twiddy for years and will continue to do so. Thanks for your great customer service. 10/15/2014
From my first inquiry about a vacation home to dropping off of the key and the end of a spectacular week, everything was completed with professionalism and hospitality. Thank you to each Twiddy representative that answered phone calls and emails. 10/15/2014
I love working with Twiddy. All the staff are always so welcoming and genuinely friendly and helpful. Service calls are handled and resolved 10/15/2014
I believe in the team concept and I felt like the entire Twiddy family took care of us. This includes from the beginning of the process through the end of the vacation. 10/15/2014
Your company is the only one we will rent from. The staff is professional and friendly and quick to answer questions and send staff to help if needed. Love your company. 10/15/2014
Everyone I've dealt with over the years has been nothing but friendly, helpful and appears to truly enjoy their job. Thank you for your support and help over the years with renting. 10/15/2014
 Twiddy is excellent! I have recommended the company to several people already. 10/8/2014
Twiddy did a wonderful job as usual to make our stay pleasant 10/8/2014
Twiddy does it right! They could have not done anything better. It is easy to deal with the team and even the Twiddy technology. That is why we come back year after year and recommend our friends use Twiddy as well. The Duck office was great at check-in! It took less than 5 minutes and that included me waiting for a person ahead of me. They were warm, friendly and made me feel like a friend of the team 10/4/2014
From the moment we stepped on the porch at Twiddy, we felt welcome. Info received during the booking process and the days leading up to arrival was welcome info, especially the warning about possible traffic delays. Thanks to that email, we were able to arrive early and relax until our house was ready. We loved the ability to receive the message from Twiddy that our house was ready and that fact that the Four Seasons clubhouse was so welcoming to our family until the house was ready. ONE of the many reasons that keep us coming back to Twiddy year after year. 10/4/2014
I would like to thank all the employees, everyone was welcoming and very professional. I’ve worked in the rental business for 12 years, and I'm always impressed with the customer service. 10/4/2014
The associates were exceptionally professional, polite, warm and friendly.  9/24/2014
Always very accommodating and great customer service whenever we call with something that needs to be done at the house. Thank you! 9/24/2014
Twiddy was sheer perfection...Start to finish...Best in class. 9/24/2014
The people at the Twiddy office were extremely friendly and helpful upon our arrival and during our stay when we had to contact the Twiddy office we were assisted in a very timely manner. 9/24/2014
From check in to check out everyone was very helpful and pleasant. Also did a great job welcoming everyone. That was great to see. 9/24/2014
We were very happy, everything was explained well, even before we got there. 9/24/2014
We once again enjoyed booking our vacation through Twiddy. Every year we are wowed by the hospitality and helpfulness your company provides. 9/24/2014
It was a great experience making reservations with Twiddy and also meeting and talking with Twiddy reps at the Corolla location. Very pleased. 9/24/2014
All of your associates are stars! That's why we keep coming back. Everyone we encountered, whether in person behind the desk or on the phone with maintenance, was top notch 9/19/2014
I just would like you all to know that ~ I phoned Twiddy quite a few times before my stay and they honestly could not have been any nicer. I love renting from you all ~ Great job Twiddy employees :) 9/19/2014
from the day we booked till the day we left the entire experience was awesome. having done this several times before in different locals and with several different companies I would have to say Twiddy ranks among the very best. 9/19/2014
We are amazed at how convenient Twiddy makes renting a home for the week. The process is easy, information is given to us that helps get us settled in and the home has amenities and conveniences that seem encouraged or assisted by Twiddy. We are very satisfied with our vacation experience. 9/19/2014
 I've worked with many management companies on the OBX over the past 15 years. This is the third time that I have worked with Twiddy over that period. Twiddy is, by far, the best. 9/19/2014
Everyone was great! From the gentleman opening the door to Twiddy for us, to the girls behind the desk and the girls who answered my service calls, everyone did a great job to ensure we had a great week! 9/19/2014
This is the third year we have used Twiddy and I have no desire to use anyone else. Your website is phenomenal and I love the contact and communication. Not to mention the check in is so easy! 9/19/2014
The entire reservation experience with Twiddy is exceptional. From the online booking, payment, confirmation to check-in..... top notch. 9/19/2014
Twiddy was great- No complaints with your service. professional, prompt and understood that this was vacation and fun. 9/19/2014
The desk people at the Corolla office were outstanding. They knew the answers to all of my questions and went extra mile to help with next year’s reserve. 9/19/2014
I must compliment everyone in the Twiddy family for the responsive and friendly manner that each and every one has treated me and my extended family who have vacationed in Duck, this, and in past years. Your caring and efficient service has been outstanding and every maintenance or informational request we made was quickly attended to. I give you all 5 Stars! 9/19/2014
We have been vacationing through Twiddy for about 4 years and have no complaints. We will be continuing using them every time we decide to come to the outer banks. Thanks for another great year. 9/19/2014
Twiddy was wonderful . Any problems or issues we had were answered quickly and resolved that day . They were very informative and their customer service was excellent. We will definitely use them again . 8/26/2014
We had a wonderful week and really appreciated the Twiddy Welcome package that the owners provide. We also appreciated being able to leave the linens on the beds and loading the dishwasher and starting without having to be responsible for emptying prior to leaving. These small conveniences really make a difference from other rental companies. The process is so streamlined and we did not have any issues with the property so we really didn't talk to anyone person more than once. Everyone we did talk to was very polite and helpful. 8/26/2014
The Rental Agency was exceptional from start to finish. The booking was simple and straight forward, the check in was the fastest that my family has ever had and checkout was great. We enjoyed having the starter pack that allowed us to have time to get settled, it was very helpful. 8/26/2014
Our vacation turned out to be a huge success because of the support we received from the knowledgeable Twiddy staff before, during and after our time there. We all were extremely pleased. 8/26/2014
As always the service provided by Twiddy was exceptional. From the moment we arrived until the minute we departed every contact we had with Twiddy was amazing. We commend the company and would not even think of renting from anyone else 8/26/2014
The process was easy and painless. I liked the email reminder with details prior to the vacation 8/26/2014
Twiddy is the best. Even if there is ever is an issue, you guys take care of it immediately. 8/26/2014
I have nothing but compliments for the highly efficient, friendly staff. Our report of a safety concern was taken care of immediately. Excellent service and caring company. 8/26/2014
We had a great vacation experience during our stay and really Twiddy did everything we needed to make are stay enjoyable. From our initial website reservation to check-in/checkout everything was smooth with no hassles. The house included everything we needed....Thanks Twiddy. 8/26/2014
Twiddy quickly responded to maintenance issues in the house. Impressed by their quick response as compared to other years with other management companies. 8/20/2014
Twiddy is always our first choice when planning our OBX vacation. We always recommend Twiddy to our friends and family. When they see how much we enjoyed vacation they all want to go with us the next year. 8/20/2014
Twiddy has always been really great and helpful. In years past while renting with you we have had various problems arise with the houses we've rented and you've always been quick to fix them. That's why we're most comfortable renting through you. Of course, this year we didn't have any problems and that was great! 8/20/2014
Our experience with Twiddy staff on the phone or through emails was exceptional . Making reservations online was easy. 8/20/2014
Twiddy is the only company we will use for OBX vacation. 8/20/2014
We were so very pleased with Twiddy's staff, it was a tough ride down but were greeted so wonderfully that the road trip didn't matter as much. We will defiantly recommend Twiddy !! 8/20/2014
Twiddy associates were exceptional, their customer service skills were top notch. From the greeting to the assistance at the air pump and a thank you at the end of our week. Great job! 8/15/2014
Twiddy was fantastic as usual! The excellent customer service goes above and beyond and is much appreciated. 8/15/2014
For the past 4 years I think Twiddy has done an outstanding job! You do it all! Great in ease of making a reservation! Great service! All check in employees are outstanding! 8/15/2014
Your staff was very professional. We have been renting a vacation home for past 14 years, this was our first experience with Twiddy. We found your staff, service and offices by far the best 8/6/2014
We were very happy with the service and support we received from Twiddy Realty. Everyone was helpful, from the first phone call to the rental office, till check out! 8/6/2014
There's no one better on the Outer Banks, doing what you do, than YOU! 8/6/2014
We have rented from Twiddy for as long as I can remember. Twiddy does everything to make our stay in Duck a perfect vacation. 8/6/2014
Twiddy does a great job and we without hesitation and with preference we'd use your company again to make reservations. We'd highly recommend you to others. 8/6/2014
excellent service - check-in stayed open after 6:00pm on Saturday due to lots of traffic and rain - and check-out they were waiting outside of the office to pick up the keys outside the Duck office - THANK YOU TWIDDY! 8/6/2014
 You guys are the best!!! I refer your company to anyone looking to go to the OBX! 8/6/2014
We have been coming to OBX for the last 17 years. Since 2006 we have rented exclusively with Twiddy. Everyone at Twiddy from reservations, check-in and check-out, maintenance, to the kids who put air in my tires at the end of my stay are wonderful. Twiddy employees are friendly,knowledgible,pleasant,helpful, and efficient. I will never use any other realtor at the OBX. I look forward to my OBX vacation from the time I leave the beach. You guys are the best!! Thank-you so much for some of my families best memories. 8/6/2014
I was very pleased with Twiddy. Our vacation was a very special family reunion and being I was the one in charge, when I opened the front door all my concerns were satisfied. 8/6/2014
Twiddy did everything right, and we had a wonderful family vacation at a beautiful house. We've rented many beach houses from Twiddy over the years at the Outer Banks, and we've enjoyed everyone. I would recommend Twiddy to anyone for a vacation house. had wonderful vacations in them at the Outer Banks. 7/31/2014
Twiddy was an awesome company to work with. Very friendly and helpful with tips ideas and suggestions. Upon arrival from the person that opened the door the young lady handing me keys excellent service. 7/31/2014
Check-in was quick and easy, checkout was the same. Everyone was friendly and professional and knew exactly what they were doing. 7/31/2014
My 12 year old son was impressed (as was I) with the customer service provided. 7/31/2014
 As always, Twiddy has made our vacations perfect and effortless 7/31/2014
Twiddy was very helpful and efficient. Check-in was a snap and employees very friendly, Great job. 7/31/2014
We had issues with our gas grill and one toilet. Your service people were prompt and friendly and had things repaired within 24 hours of each phone call. I thought that was outstanding service 7/31/2014
Good job with selection, reservation, booking, confirmation and check-in/out process. Customer service was positive. 7/31/2014
I had never been to the Outer Banks. I feel very fortunate to have found Twiddy on an online search. The people at Twiddy were so friendly and helpful and the house we rented was perfect for my family! I can't think of any way to improve. We had a great experience! 7/25/2014
My family has been coming to the Outer Banks each summer for more than 35 years and has used numerous rental companies. By far Twiddy has provided the best service. In fact if we wanted to change from the cottage we had recently (which we don't want to change) I can assure you we would only look for a cottage that Twiddy has 7/25/2014
From my first call to Twiddy to the last, I can't begin to express my gratitude for REAL customer service. Every person I talked to was exceptional and knew how to communicate with their customers. In the world we live in, this is so rare. 7/25/2014
As always renting with Twiddy was pure pleasure! It is so nice to know that we can count on the friendly welcome and exceptional customer service when we rent our vacation property through Twiddy. We wouldn't consider renting from any other company. This was our fourth year and Twiddy has earned our loyalty with consistent quality service and homes. We recommend you to everyone we know traveling to the Outer Banks. 7/25/2014
The whole process was so well organized, especially check-in. We were very impressed. 7/25/2014
Everyone I came in contact with (phone, personal, email) did an outstanding job. Always with a smile, always professional, always answered my question or resolved my issue satisfactorily. They are all gems. 7/17/2014
Twiddy could not have been nicer. Always pleasant to deal with, extremely efficient. Amazed that we got a call, while we were stuck in traffic, advising us on how to handle check in if we were late. 7/17/2014
Everyone I spoke to could not have been nicer. Best customer service I have experienced 7/17/2014
My check in and check out associates were all super friendly and courteous! Was so appreciative that the office had stayed open late on arrival Saturday. 7/17/2014
Our vacation was fabulous! We are completely satisfied with Twiddy and our whole experience in Duck. The people in the Twiddy office were friendly and helpful and gave us several good suggestions for places to go in Duck. 7/17/2014
 The warm and competent greeting upon our arrival took my stress level (which was through the roof after our 12 hour drive) way down. Thank you to all of your staff 7/17/2014
We all thought Twiddy did a great job providing hurricane updates as well as simplifying the arrival and departure processes. We also had service calls during our stay and the service was good. I can't think of a thing. 7/17/2014
 Very impressed with Twiddy prompt response to questions and easy access to information. 7/17/2014
Very welcoming on arrival...door opened for us and lots of smiles from those at the desk. Nice to experience after a long drive. 7/9/2014
Twiddy is an outstanding company with impressive employees who make you feel welcome immediately. They are knowledgeable and courteous. I have already recommended Twiddy to several friends. 7/9/2014
Twiddy made everything about our vacation easy, from the info on the internet to the pleasant & helpful associates that I spoke to on the phone it was a pleasure dealing with you. 7/3/2014
We vacationed with you almost 20 years ago and had you asked me that question then I probably could've come up with something. The changes that you've made over the years have been great. From the moment we stepped into your office (your rep was very welcoming) till the time we left we couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation experience 7/3/2014
Twiddy was the best realty company we have used thus far in our annual trips to North Carolina, and we have been making the trip for close to 20 years. We will definitely be using Twiddy again. Staying in the 4x4 Carova Beach area was new to us and they made our trip as easy as possible. 7/3/2014
We have always been very happy with the Twiddy service and attention to detail that we receive As 10+ years as Twiddy guests, we will not rent from anyone else when vacationing in OBX. 7/3/2014
We are very happy with Twiddy and will continue to use them for our vacation needs! Everything is always handled quickly and the people that work at Twiddy are so very friendly!! 7/3/2014
Honestly, the only thing Twiddy could have done this year to make it better was to pick up the tab. This was our 28th trip to Corolla Light, and was as good as any we have had in the past. No surprises, met expectations, and the way your crew handled our check-in and check-out made me personally feel like I was much more important than I am. 7/3/2014
Twiddy is wonderful. Everyone is very friendly and professional. I have worked with other reality companies and they often make you feel like you are burdening them when you call or come into the office. Twiddy makes you feel like you're a friend! 7/3/2014
 We have stayed in Pine Island every summer for 20 years, and have had experience with many rental agencies. I was really struck by the pleasant and speedy response to our needs. Made the entire experience so much better. 7/3/2014
Checking in was so easy! Several years ago, there was a crowd and checking in was arduous because the lines were so long. I really appreciated just being able to walk right in and take care of business. Thanks for making it so easy! 7/3/2014
Don't change anything. It is always refreshing to be greeted at the front porch and check in in a matter of seconds. Everyone within the Twiddy company is always so pleasant. 7/3/2014
Twiddy did just great. We appreciate the friendly, helpful staff, responsiveness to calls, and attention to details. Thanks for another great week! 7/3/2014
This was our first experience with Twiddy and we very pleased with their service. Cleanliness is always our top priority with renting a home and they were spot on. 7/3/2014
I felt that this vacation went better than we could have hoped for! Twiddy is a wonderful company and we felt that everything was as advertised. 6/26/2014
 Everything was perfect from the time we arrived at your office to the minute we left the driveway. I never saw a real estate company so welcoming and informative. Your staff was wonderful. 6/26/2014
Yes, my daughter left an important bag at the house and the person she talked to was extremely kind and helpful. She got her bag back yesterday (Tuesday) His name was Bobby. She says he was fantastic. 6/26/2014
Everyone we dealt with at Twiddy was exceptional. Check-in, maintenance and even the young men who inflated our tires Sunday morning as we left the OBX. 6/26/2014
Any encounters with Twiddy employees over the years have always been positive. This was our 5th year. Twiddy web site has been easy to use and informative. 6/26/2014
My fiancée left her laptop at the house and the Twiddy associates her and I worked with were extremely accommodating and did everything in their power to ensure the laptop was collected from the house. These are the types of actions that will stick with me when I began to search for my next vacation. I cannot thank the Twiddy Associates more for what they did to help us out. Again, those actions have ensured Twiddy will be the realty company I choose to work with upon my return to Duck. 6/26/2014
Twiddy is always responsive to our needs We have used just about all other companies over the 20+ years that we have been coming to the outer banks. Twiddy has been the best. , not only in the quality of their homes, but also in their response if there is a concern 6/19/2014
The entire experience was perfect - from reservation process to home amenities and cleanliness. We couldn't have had a better experience and greatly appreciated Twiddy and the home owner for their diligence in ensuring a wonderful vacation! 6/19/2014
From the gentleman who held my door open, to the folks who answered my emails and to the young lady who checked me in. All employees were courteous, prompt and professional. 6/18/2014
I can't remember anybody in particular by name but I was greeted both coming and leaving with such genuine friendliness by all the staff. It was really refreshing. 6/18/2014
Twiddy always goes above and, check-in and response to any questions/issues was excellent, as always. 6/18/2014
Twiddy is always excellent. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We always book through you because of the great service. 6/18/2014
All your employees were exceptional when we interacted with them. They were extremely helpful and very polite. 6/18/2014
Twiddy is always excellent. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We always book through you because of the great service. 6/18/2014
I was very pleased with the customer service at Twiddy. Every person I spoke with was friendly and made planning our vacation a pleasant experience. I have no complaints and will definitely use Twiddy again in the future. 6/18/2014
We were very pleased with your service from booking the vacation to picking up the keys to returning them to the office. The experience was hassle free! 6/18/2014
This house was in terrific condition when we arrived. The pool and Hot Tub were serviced perfectly. Everyone at Twiddy from the reservations team to check-in/-out made our family trip one of the best ever! 6/12/2014
We have been using Twiddy for rentals for over 20 years and have always been pleased with their service (and quick response to any issues with the home that we were renting). The staff continues to be friendly, professional and efficient! What an asset to the Outer Banks business commumity! 6/12/2014
Twiddy has such great people...they all went out of their way to make everything right. We rent from Twiddy and always are very pleased. We have been coming to the Outer banks for 19 years. Life at the beach is great and renting from Twiddy puts the sunshine in our day. 6/12/2014
I thought Twiddy did a perfect job getting our house ready for our arrival and everything was written out for what we needed to do while there! It was very easy to rent from you guys. 6/12/2014
Twiddy did everything perfect. Twiddy Is a company that you can really rely on. 6/12/2014
With out a doubt, your service is Bar none the Best EVER, and we have rented several outerbanks homes. 6/12/2014
We found Twiddy's services to once again be great! Check in and check out was smooth, the house as perfect for our family, and questions were always answered promptly. 6/12/2014
Twiddy made my vacation very relaxing with everything ready to go when I arrived 6/6/2014
All of the associates I had contact with, from checking in, stopping to ask a question, filling tires and contacting your office after realizing we left something behind, could not have been more helpful. All with big smiles and all willing to jump in and help us out 6/6/2014
Twiddy was very responsive to questions prior to our arrival & to maintenance issues once we arrived; they were cordial, caring, helpful. 6/6/2014
I can not think of one thing that Twiddy could do to make our trip better. The business front is so open and inviting and every year the staff stand out as exceptionally fast,friendly,welcoming,and helpful.The little things like lollipops for the kids after a 9 hour drive or not having to get out of your car to hand in your keys and survey are really a big deal.  6/6/2014
Twiddy customer service exceeded all expecations. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The check in process was efficient and fastter than i would have every guessed. I did not get the names of the staff member that checked me in or out. As an example, when my wife and I were leaving she was going to go into the office to check us out while I put air back into the tires. When i went to drop her off at the front office, a Twiddy employee ran out to the car as we were stopping and said, there is no need for her to come into the office and that he would take our keys and we were good to go. When I went to fill up my 4 tires with air, there were two twiddy staff members who did that task for me. I did not expect that level of service but it was very much appreicated! 6/6/2014
We feel that you had all the proverbial bases covered, from the initial greetings to all services provided while we were at the Outer Banks. 6/6/2014
We like renting from Twiddy and will continue to rent from Twiddy in the future. The company is professional and overall the properties are of good quality. 6/6/2014
All the technicians that came to do repairs or adjustments were thorough, professional and friendly. The office staff, both on the phone and in person were helpful and eager to see that our requests were dealt with quickly. 5/29/2014
I believe Twiddy did a tremendous job. My vacation experience was excellent. 5/29/2014
Great experience! From the tire pressure gauges to free air to a detailed map of how to get to our "home" in 4x4 we couldn't have asked for better customer service! 5/29/2014
Could not have asked for a better more relaxing place for me and my family. We even invited my in laws down for a couple days and they even loved it. And they are the hardest people on the face of this earth to please. So a big thank you for that! 5/29/2014
No complaints here, Twiddy has always made the experience of check in and check out fast, painless and easy. 5/29/2014
You folks are top notch and leave no stone unturned to insure that the property is clean, in good repair and ready for the next "vacationer". In the time or two that we have had to call in regards to any issue, no matter how minor, your people are dispatched in a timely manner, are properly trained and do their utmost to make sure that all guests are happy. 5/29/2014
You folks are top notch and leave no stone unturned to insure that the property is clean, in good repair and ready for the next "vacationer". In the time or two that we have had to call in regards to any issue, no matter how minor, your people are dispatched in a timely manner, are properly trained and do their utmost to make sure that all guests are happy. 5/29/2014
Wonderful house & wonderful people at Twiddy. We loved everything about it & have already booked it for next year! 5/23/2014
Our experience was wonderful. We arrived a little early and were able to get into the house. Everyone at the Twiddy office in Duck was extremely nice and helpful. I used to use a different realty company, but now will stick with Twiddy. 5/23/2014
This is the second time we have used Twiddy, and both experiences were very good. 5/23/2014
Every associate that I've dealt with over the past several years has been extremely helpful and accommodating. 5/23/2014
Twiddy is great. Keep it up. 5/23/2014
Twiddy did an excellent job from the time we booked our trip to the moment we unhappily headed for home after our getaway was over. 5/23/2014
Everything from check in to check out was great. Very helpful on the phone prior to arrival and quick response when we had an issue at the house. 5/23/2014
We have stayed in the OBX 8 years in a row now and have rented from Twiddy 7 times now. The Twiddy management team and associates continue to impress me with their professional demeanor and our family will schedule our vacation rentals through Twiddy in the future. A job well done to all the staff! 5/23/2014
The people from Twiddy made our first Outer Banks stay a pleasure. The entire process, from search, registration, to check-out was easy and clear. 5/23/2014
Everything was great! The Twiddy personnel from the front desk were great. It's nice to know that you can get great service while visiting and call for help! Great job by all at Twiddy! 5/23/2014
Everything was perfect, we had everything we could have needed. We had to call maintance, they were there in 15 minutes. 5/23/2014
This was our sixth visit to OBX and our first time renting through Twiddy. We were impressed with Twiddy associates and would, without hesitation recommend to our family and friends. We will definitely use Twiddy for future visits to OBX. You assisted us in making this trip to OBX seamless and a memorable experience for our family. 5/23/2014
From the time we checked in until we checked out, Twiddy staff was wonderful! We simply don't use any other realtor on our trips to OBX! We've been coming for 15 years and have used Twiddy for at least 10 of those years because of your attention to the quality of the homes you represent. Thank you for making our vacations so great! 5/23/2014
Twiddy was awesome. I have already referred your company to several people 5/23/2014
In late 2013, I began another search for a semi-oceanfront house without the pool and hot tub... I wanted to make my week a simple and relaxing one. It was wonderful. There is nothing that Twiddy could have done..from the website to the incredibly nice staff at the rental desk.. Twiddy is a class act! 5/23/2014
Everyone I came in contact with, was professional, and very nice. I didn't spend alot of time with anyone person, as everything was handled so efficiently and quickly. 5/23/2014
The front desk people working were amazing! They were so upbeat and kind, and were sweet with my kids (we used the restroom to change them into swimsuits since we arrived 5 hours before check-in. 5/23/2014
We were greeted with a smile upon arrival and the Twiddy team assisted with all of our needs on check on! 5/23/2014
I have never met a "Twiddy associate" who wasn't extrodinarily polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. We always feel confident knowing Twiddy and our home owners are working together. 5/23/2014
Twiddy did an excellent job to insure that we had a lovely vacation. When we left last year I left a list of items that needed attention, and all of them were addressed. We were so pleased that you paid attention to our observations. From the service people to those behind the desk, all were polite, prompt, and helpful. 5/23/2014
Everyone I had contact with was helpful and pleasant. It made our first trip to the Outer Banks effortless. 5/23/2014
You made my vacation and stay effortless. Even after our original rental had a problem, you worked fast and found us another one! Thank you again 5/11/2014
We love coming to Twiddy homes - awesome homes, locations & thrilled we can bring our dog. This time I especially enjoyed the ready made beds - the beds always sleep great too. Thanks 5/11/2014
We had an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. Twiddy vacation rentals are the best. 5/11/2014
Upon returning the keys to the Twiddy office in Corolla, the staff met me on the porch. They were friendly, outgoing and wanted to know how we enjoyed our stay. They made us feel very welcome. 5/11/2014
We feel that this was one of the easiest processes for vacation rentals that we have used ever. All information was up forward and prompt. If we had questions they were answered in a timely manner. I can't think of what could be changed to make it any better. 5/10/2014
Twiddy was great - always kind and helpful. 5/9/2014
Our experience with the website, the after hours keyless entry pickup, clear directions on check-in and check-out procedures and all the FAQs were all impeccable. 5/9/2014
Twiddy was and always is, wonderful to rent from. 5/2/2014
EVERYTHING was great--but the most important piece was the excellent staff support :SMART-HELPFUL-ANSWERED EVERY LITTLE QUESTION---wonderful people! 5/2/2014
I rented three houses and worked with a variety of staff--they were all--each person--- fantastic--the team and the quality of that notch. BIG THANKS. I rented for business purposes...and the Twiddy staff helped me take care of my clients in a way that made my event perfect. I will be back again. 5/2/2014
Every Twiddy associate I have worked with within the past 3years have been exemplary 5/2/2014
Everything was awesome! Could not have had a better company to deal with. 4/24/2014
Everything was to our expectations. The property was as advertised, and we found it comfortable, and exceptional 4/24/2014
Twiddy did a great job as always. Staff is very friendly and efficient. Your online searches and reservation system is very good. 4/24/2014
This is the best trip we've ever had with Twiddy. The house was perfect in every way and the service was excellent. 4/24/2014
Everyone that I talked to were VERY friendly. Your employee service is exceptional. We were made to feel welcomed right from the start. 4/24/2014
Twiddy staff was very friendly, hospitable. Couldn't ask for nicer staff 4/24/2014
I think your whole organization should be recognized. I've never met a bad associate-from the people behind the desk to the people that come to the houses for service calls. 4/24/2014
Twiddy staff went out of their way to make our vacation special. 4/24/2014
All of the Twiddy staff were very nice and helpful! Your customer service makes you stand out. We will definitely use Twiddy the next time we are in the Outer Banks. 4/24/2014
All associates we dealt with were extremely courteous and helpful. 4/17/2014
As always you are wonderful to work with. Any needs were taken care of promptly and courteously. 4/17/2014
Twiddy and its staff and contractors were perfect. The contractors in particular were very polite, knocked on the door before starting work, and kept us informed about their progress. The staff too was perfect, particularly at checkout--gave us lots of good information and ideas, in addition to being very very efficient and friendly. 4/17/2014
This was by far our very best vacation to the Outer Banks. We have been several times but never stayed on the 4 x 4 beach. The home was much too big for us, but the view, the amenities it offers when it's rainy, and the adventure will draw us back to the same home again. 4/17/2014
The Twiddy staff was friendly & helpful at check in and with any questions we had during our wonderful stay. 4/17/2014
Twiddy was wonderful .. as usual! 4/11/2014
...wouldn't rent from anyone else! 4/11/2014
Twiddy receives an A+ for easy of rental and resolving issues. this is my 2nd rental with your agency and will not be my last. 4/11/2014
Everything was fabulous! The house exceeded our expectations! And as always the Twiddy Realty associates were friendly, knowledgeable and great to deal with! 4/11/2014
Everyone we can in contact with was very helpful and professional. 4/11/2014
Nothing - we had a perfect vacation! We will be back in 2016...wish it could be sooner. We rented from a different company last time we came..BIG mistake! - Twiddy offered such peace of mind...thank you for being such a wonderful company! 4/4/2014
Working with Twiddy has been a great experience. The staff is very friendly and attentive. 4/4/2014
Everything was great during our stay! We loved the house and customer service provided by the company, and I definitely appreciate your efforts as a company to be energy efficient and kind to the environment. 3/27/2014
Our vacation was absolutely the best vacation we have had in a very long time. Thank you all so very much. We will definitely do this again in the near future. All of the family enjoyed the time together creating memories that will last forever. 3/24/2014
My family and I enjoyed our stay. We will contact Twiddy on our next visit to the Outer Banks. The House and Company was AWESOME!!!!!!!! 3/6/2014
Twiddy was great, off season is nice, they accommodated us asking for an extra day with the homeowner...which was really nice and understanding of them, in lieu of the snowstorm in Duck. :-) 2/21/2014
The house was in fantastic shape and everything was exactly as advertised. We arrived a little early, but the house was all ready and we were told that we didn't have to wait until 4 to check in -- go right ahead and enjoy your vacation. And we did! 1/28/2014
I can't think of one thing that Twiddy could have been done better. The staff at check-in were friendly and welcoming. The house was clean and inviting. Everything was perfect. 1/11/2014
I would like to take a moment and thank you all for a wonderful experience. This is the second time I personally have booked with you, but have been part of a group booked by another person many more times. The whole process from booking to checking out has always been smooth and personable. You will always be my choice for choosing a vacation rental on the Outer Banks. 1/10/2014
We like every staff member we talked to. Everybody has been very friendly and professional. Excellent customer service. 1/5/2014
Twiddy was great to work with and very quick to help with any issues. 1/4/2014
Our trip was great! All instructions were clear and the staff had our keys ready when we arrived. Great staff! 1/4/2014
ALL the associates should be recognized, as every single one we have dealt with has been outstanding!!! 1/4/2014
Twiddy always makes our stay great!!! No problems whatsoever. Any problems are promptly addressed. 1/1/2014