What Employees Say about Twiddy & Company

Family Beach Fun

Twiddy is a great place to work because they care about us and they treat us like family. Guests like us because we have great hospitality, we go the extra mile, and we have the best website that is easy to follow. I like the fact that the name on the front door at Duck and Corolla office is TWIDDY!

~ Terri C. - 22 Years of Service - Operations

I've lived in Corolla since 1982 and Twiddy & Company has always had the best reputation of all of the rental companies. I came to work at Twiddy & Company in 1996. There have been many changes throughout the years - Twiddy & Company is always one step ahead of something new and innovative. Everyone here has a "talent" which is what makes the company the best. I'm proud to be a part of the "Twiddy Family".

~ Annie P. - 14 Years of Service - Housekeeping


At Twiddy and Co. there is a true caring for the employees, Cottage Owners and Guests alike. It’s important that we all have a good experience. The personality of this company is like what you hope your best friend would be like - encouraging, supportive, refreshing and friendly.

~ Donna B. - 13 Years of Service - Owner Services

I started my relationship with Twiddy and Company as a guest. For two years we rented our vacation home with Twiddy. We purchased our home through Martha Springer (also of Twiddy) Our Lakeside home was in the rental program for 6 years with all good experiences. We had great rentals. As we were deciding to make Corolla our home when we retired, I inquired about employment at Twiddy. Once we were in our home, I started working for Twiddy in Nov 1999 doing inspections and then in Jan 2000 a full time position opened up and I accepted the position. It's just a great company on all 3 sides - guest, owner and employee.

~ Linda F. - 10 Years of Service - Reservations

Mother and Daughter

Even as a vacationer I can remember saying to my wife while planning our next vacation on the Outer Banks, “I’m staying with Twiddy because at least you know what you’re going to get”, meaning the level of quality of the home you’ll rent. I said this to her after switching rental companies and having only good experiences using Twiddy. I always took pride working for the best and though I ended up working for a competitor after moving here, I knew I wanted to work for the best again. I wanted to work for the company that showed me the most professionalism out of all the others when I was the guest.

~ John K - 8 Years of Service - Operations

Twiddy sets the example!

~ Sarah P. - 7 Years of Service - Operations

I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to work each day. Working at Twiddy & Co. is like having a second family. Not only are my fellow co-workers wonderful, respectful and a joy to be around but so are the Twiddy owners. This company truly is exceptional in every way!

~ Jennie H. - 6 Years of Service - Owner Services

Love Beach Life

I feel very fortunate that I love coming to work everyday. I don’t think there are many people that can honestly say that about their jobs.

~ Deb K. - 5 Years of Service - Marketing